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Bengals Trade Block (2019)

Discussion in 'Team Management' started by CTfromDC, Mar 27, 2014.

  1. CTfromDC

    CTfromDC Where my money?

    Mar 15, 2012
    Isiah Pead - http://www.daddyleagues.com/qsf/player/376745/attributes
    *LOOKING FOR (2) 3rds or (1) 2nd (2019 Draft)
    Rhett Lucas - http://www.daddyleagues.com/qsf/player/376681/attributes
    *LOOKING FOR (2) 3rds or (1) 2nd (2019 Draft)
    Chandler Jones - http://www.daddyleagues.com/qsf/player/376650/attributes
    *LOOKING FOR (2) 2nds or (1) 1st (2019 Draft)
    Kyle Wilson - http://www.daddyleagues.com/qsf/player/375642/attributes
    *LOOKING FOR (1) early 2nd or late 1st (2019 or 2020 draft is fine)

    PM if anyone interests you...only looking for draft picks no players, thanks.
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