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Best and Worst Sporting Event You've Attended

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by AndyVanSlyke, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. AndyVanSlyke

    AndyVanSlyke Walk On

    Jul 29, 2010
    Go ahead and list your best and worst that you have seen in person.

    BEST: Red Sox @ Rangers, August 2010.

    I was at this game and it happened to be the day that Nolan Ryan took over as part of the ownership group. This added electricity in the stands. Place was packed.
    Final score was 10-9. Nelson Cruz hit a walk off in the 11th. There were nine homeruns total hit. David Ortiz , Adrian Beltre and JD Drew went back to back to back. Michael Young and Josh Hamilton went back to back.

    Just a fun fun game to be at. The picture is a shot from our seats after a Hamilton bomb.

    WORST: Michigan State @ UVA (played at Richmond Coliseum). Basketball. November 28, 2001. It was an unseasonably warm day and the ice underneath the floor for the hockey team started melting and the condensation starting collecting on the floor. This caused players to slip all over the place. After 5,000 travelling calls and no one being able to run or score, the game was cancelled with about 15 minutes remaining.

    Other finalists...Best: LSU @ VT. Watching Heath this particular weekend was well worth it. He was arguing and picking fights with LSU fans the night before the game and during the game. It was pretty awesome.

    Worst: Miami @ UVA football 2008. UVa had the game locked up, Jacory Harris led a ridiculous 90 some yard drive to tie it at the end of regulation. Miami scored a TD on their first OT drive. UVa fumbled the ball on their first play in OT. Game over.
  2. TJM

    TJM Walk On

    Jul 4, 2011
    Another good question. Keep it up, really makes me reflect and think.

    Best: Its real close between PSU-Nebraska in 2002 (the "dark years" of Penn State football) and OSU-PSU in 2005. I'm gonna go with OSU-PSU 2005. This was before I was a student at Penn State and managed to get tickets, the only thing was, they were dead center in the heart of OSU's visitors section. This was the game that started the infamous White Out as only the student section was dressed in all white, it was a really awesome thing to look at. The fans were pumped up for this game as this was the first year during the reemerging of the Nittany Lions from the "Dark years." Considered the team to beat in the NCAA in #7 OSU, lead by AJ Hawk, Troy Smith, Santonio Holmes, and Ted Ginn Jr came in against the #16 ranked Nittany Lions, lead by Michael Robinson and a core of talented freshmen (this was the first year that Joe ever really started playing true freshmen). After plenty of drinking during the day, it was on for the primetime (and college gameday) spot for CFB.

    Paul Poz, Tamba Hali, and Dan Connor lead the talented Nittany Lions while AJ Hawk led the OSU defense. It was a true defensive game, a true Big Ten game. The Nittany Lions defense shut down the talented OSU receivers, holding OSU to 10 points. The stadium was literally shaking up and down, and the OSU fans around me were all commenting on how insame the atmosphere was. Talented Freshmen and the #1 recruit in the country, Derrick Williams, took a sweep for the first touchdown of the the night. Not long after that Calvin Lowry picked it just about in front of the OSU visitor section for a pick 6, and this was possibly the loudest Beaver Stadium has ever been, along with what happened later in the game, putting the Nittany Lions up 14-3. OSU responded with a TD right before halftime to cut the lead to 14-10. It was a battle of defenses in the 2nd half, with the only points coming off of Penn State points scoring leader all-time Kevin Kelly. Finally, to put the ball game to rest and to let the world know PSU was back, future star NFL-er, who grew up in war torn Liberia, sacked Troy Smith, knocked the ball lose, for Scott Paxon to jump on. This might've also been the loudest the stadium has ever been. Being in the OSU visitor section during this big win was extremely satisfying as experiences with OSU fans are very poor. After much talking shit and names during the game, a couple of OSU guys right beside us complimented us on our team and Beaver Stadium and what not, and I thanked them for a great game and will look forward to next year.

    After the game, some people managed to jump onto the field (not really a rush), from the excited of the first big PSU win in years and the excitement to know PSU is finally back. Since no cops were really guarding the OSU section from getting on the field, I jumped onto the pristine Beaver Stadium grass, and ran around until some State Cops came out with swat gear and batons to drive the fans off the field, meanwhile pepper spraying everyone. One guy that owned a bar in State College came up to us, his face sweating and red as hell, he was basically in tears from the pepper spray asked us to help direct him, he'd hook us up for the night if so. While leading him out of the field, I spotted something shiny on the field, it was a Kennedy half dollar. I picked it up and it has since been my lucky souveneir charm.

    The State College area and downtown were insane...Parties on the streets, everyone happy, cops on horseback everywhere, it was a giant party across Happy Valley.

    This was the game where the OSU alum, Kirk Herbstreit, commented that "this is the best student section in the country, their crazy!" This was the game where Paternoville was founded 6 days before. The Student Section was as loud as it ever been, and those in the crowd were also extremely loud and were on their feet for a large portion of the game. There was literally electricity in the air. This game and Nebraska 2002 are known as the loudest games in Beaver Stadium history (and both night games). This was the game that the nation knew that JoePa still had it in him and that Penn State was back to competing.


    Honorable Mentions: JoePa is looking to surpass Bear Bryan just a week after 9/11 (scary thinking how much damage someone could do to kill people if they flew a jet into a place like Beaver Stadium, killing a large amount of people, from the impact, flying debris, the chaos after, etc..). OSU vs. PSU. PSU gets behind 27-9. Freshmen Zack Mills come into the game, and gets on a 69 yard touchdown scamper (he is not the fastest white person) with a completed 2 point conversion to make it 27-15. Mills leads the Nittany Lions in a shocking come from behind, beating the Buckeyes for JoePa's 324. Then the celebration goes on after the game while JoePa is lifted on the shoulders of his players. To be able to see a legend win a milestone game was awesome. A real awesome game I will never forget.

    JoePa is looking for win #400 this past season against another very talented PA quarterback, Dan Persa, and as some believe, the future coach of the Nittany Lions, Pat Fitzgerald. PSU goes down 21-0 early late in the half. PSU ran and dinked little passes on a solid drive down the field for a TD right before halftime, and they never looked back. PSU rips of 35 points unanswered points for their head coach. PSUs defense shuts out Northwestern in the second half leading the victory for JoePa's #400, 35-21. Once against Joe is lifted on the shoulders of his players while his family joins him on the fan for an interview...It was a very special moment for JoePa, his family, PSU fans, and all those who respect JoePa and what he has done for the University and College Football.

    There were also some other great games I was at such as the Steelers-Jets AFC Division playoff game at Heinz, where Jets Kicker, Doug Brien missed a few game winning field goals, while the Steelers went on to win it in overtime, eventually losing to the Patriots in the AFC Conference Championship. However, Heinz Field and the atmosphere at Steelers games are quite a site, it is nothing like a beautiful fall Saturday in Happy Valley.
  3. vatechhokie01

    vatechhokie01 Anglican Priest and Beer-snob

    Jul 17, 2010
    TJM: you like to write... I'll give you that. And I love being a VT homer.

    Best game: VT-Miami 31-7. One of the first seasons in many where were expected to do very little. Beat #2 undefeated Miami running away in a blowout. I have been to a billion games. And without a doubt, our place is plain nuts. But that night I have never experienced anything like that: literal pandemonium. You couldnt hear yourself think and were scared the stadium was gonna come down. When Deangelo ripped the ball out of Roscoe's hands for a "fumble" TD at the beginning of the 1st, all I remember was all of a sudden I was in a bear hug with a guy with the most impressive mullet you have ever seen and me and my friend Johnny were drinking bourbon and cokes from every stranger around us. I literally thought I was on a different planet. My friend Johnny, a Scottish boy with little college fball knowledge, to this day will tell you that that was one of the greatest nights of his life... ever.

    Honorable Mention Best: Every single game Michael Vick every played at home. Inexplicable domination on that level. You found yourself just laughing throughout the entirety of every game of the 1999 season... like... wtf?!

    Worst game:
    Being up on Pitt by like 3 TDs at halftime and watching Larry Fitzgerald single-handedly destroy us in the 2nd half with his literally unstoppable fade route after fade route after fade route. The best single game performance I have ever seen live... minus some of Vick's of course :)

    Honorable Mention Worst: Losing to Temple in '98. Whoa.
  4. TJM

    TJM Walk On

    Jul 4, 2011
    Larry Fitz was one of the best college football players I have ever watched. My dad is Pitt fan, so he has season tix to their games and I used to go to some of them when the Big lEast was respectable with VT, the U, and Boston College. He was a man among boys. Though I remember VT and UM stomping Pitt a good bit. Its good to see the Pitt PSU game come back for 2 years starting in 2016.

    My life bucket list consists of going to all kinds of different college gameday experiences and atmospheres. VT is high up on the list along with Neyland at Tennessee, LSU, Florida, possibly Autzen. Maybe PSU and VT can get each other on the schedule sometime.

    Forgot my worst game. That could plenty of Pittsburgh Pirates games but I expect nothing more most of the time, so its not heartbreaking.

    Worst: I did not see this one in person, but Michigan 2005, when Lloyd Carr got some favorable Michigan calls and the infamous 2 seconds that were put back on the clock for no reason, which led to a touchdown pass to Manningham from Henne (another PA QB who spurned PSU, though we got Morelli :eek:) to win the game. Knocked PSU out of the National Championship and spoiled another JoePa undefeated season. Which leads me to games I've seen, the year after that PSU-Michigan, white out...it was another prime time game and we wanted pay back from the year before. We were all pumped up but quickly were deflated by Henne and Morelli (yes, our own QB). It turned out it wasnt gonna be PSU-OSU 2005 all over again but with the hated scUM. It was not so happy valley that night as Penn State went onto a 9-4 record with a Outback Bowl win against Tennesee (yes PSU can beat SEC teams unlike OSU).
  5. Goose

    Goose Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    Best: Game 5 ALCS Cleveland vs. Boston. Watching Kenny Lofton hit a homer and rob Varitek of one totally rocked.

    Worst: OSU @ Michigan 2003 sitting 11 rows for the field in the OSU student section for the last time Michigan has beaten the Buckeyes on the field.

    Honorable Mention: 2006 Cleveland vs. Washington Wizards Watching LeLoser win the game in OT with less than a second left was awesome.

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