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Best of the Best - Year 2

Discussion in 'The Trifecta' started by bravejaf, Aug 26, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2009
    Best of the Best - Year 2

    Best of the Best returns for another exciting year of recruiting. This week the article will focus on the top 15 recruits. Next week we will dig deeper into their top schools and the offers these players receive.

    #1 - Curtis Garrett (ATH #1) 6'2 182 - WV
    Garrett is a monster with a devastating mix of speed and strength. In high school he has played some offense and defense, but he looks to be a defensive back in college. With a 4.32 40-yard dash he is tied for the second fastest player in this group. His coverage skills are very solid (B- zone and man cover) and he also can take down ball carriers (B- tackle).

    #2 - Sean Jenkins (QB #1) 6'1 220 - TX
    My rankings vastly differ from the ESPN 150. Jenkins looks mediocre in every area and I don't see him being an outstanding prospect. He has a B grade in throw power and accuracy but his speed numbers are very bad for a balanced QB. He graded as a C in speed and acceleration, and a D in agility.

    #3 - Zach Harrison (HB #1) 5'10 193 - OH
    Zach isn't a burner with a 4.52 speed but he can break tackles (B-), make people miss (B elusiveness) and run people over (B- trucking). I'm not sure I'd rank him as the top back in the class but he could be a very productive player.

    #4 - Andre Vaughn (HB #2) 6'4 227 - NY
    Vaughn is a big boy and he has strength to match. He benched 450 lbs. in his workout, the second highest among all running backs in this class. He uses his strength in the run game, grading a B+ in trucking according to ESPN. He also has a much quicker burst than Harrison, A+ for Vaughn and B for Harrison. His greatest weakness is elusiveness, which he scored a D+ according to the scout's grades.

    #5 - Ryan Horn (QB #2) 6'1 189 - TN
    I would rate Horn far above Jenkins in my QB list. He has a better arm (B+ vs. B) and graded a B- in speed, acceleration and agility. Horn has the look a very good option QB with B- break tackle and a decent carry rating at C+. Horn also is a hard nosed player who plays through pain (A injury) and rarely comes off the field (A- stamina). I expect him to be a 3-year starter at the college level.

    #6 - D'Juan Nash (WR #1) 6'3 195 - CA
    The California kid has good size for his position and he plays taller with a B grade in jumping. He also has great speed (A-) and a solid burst (B+ acceleration). He is not a tremendous route runner (C) and has an average release on press coverage (C). He won't drop many passes at the next level (C+) catching but he is far from elite in that area.

    #7 Chris Bush (DE #1) 6'0 246 - FL
    Chris's numbers do not jump off the page but he is a solid player with good intangibles. He has good speed at 4.52 and also possesses solid strength. He graded a B- in that area thanks to his results in bench press and squat. His high school film shows he is a solid tackle (B) and can track down players (A- pursuit). He does need to work on his finesse moves (D) but he can power past most offensive lineman (B power moves). Chris may benefit a year on sidelines so he can learn playbook (D- awareness).

    #8 - Adam Bryant (DT #1) 6'4 283 - KY
    Adam has spent the past 3 years doing 2 things: terrorizing opposing quarterbacks and securing championships. He doesn't have great burst off the line (C) but he has moves to get past lineman. He graded a B+ in block shedding, power moves and finesse moves. He also can track down evading players, evident in his A- pursuit grade. He could probably start as a true freshman and at worst should be a rotation player.

    #9 - Adam Adams (T #1) 6'4 294 - AZ
    People used to pick on Adam for his name when he was younger but not any longer. He grew up and also put a lot of effort into getting stronger. His hard work shows in his grade at strength (B). He also is excellent as a pulling blocker on running plays since he gets off the line very quick (A acceleration). His one area of concern is stamina (C-) and this will need to improve at the next level.

    #10 - John Lacey (WR #2) 6'3 168 - WY
    Lacey is a little leaner than Nash and does not possess the same strength. Where Lacey bests Nash is speed with a 4.32 40 yard dash time compared to Nash's solid 4.38. Scouts gave Lacey an A grade in speed and acceleration and this is reflected in his high school film. Lacey scored 20 TD his junior season and most were simply due to his speed. He also has better catch ability than Nash (B- vs C+) and better route running (B- to C). Nash could play some special teams next season and serve as a 4th or 5th WR for most D-1 teams.

    #11 - Kevin Lester (HB #3) 6'0 214 - GA
    Kevin is the third back in this class and he has shown solid all-around skills at that position. He isn't blazing fast with a 4.46 40-yard dash but he does make quick cuts (B+ agility). His high school film shows that he can make people miss (B- break tackle and elusiveness) and he isn't afraid to take on defenders (C+ trucking). One area he will need to work on is strength, he graded a D according to ESPN's scouting services. Of the top 5 backs he posted the lowest bench press total at 354 lbs.

    #12 - Kyle Goss (HB #4) 5'11 204 - OH
    The Buckeye state produces another top tier HB. Goss is similar to Lester in speed (B+) and agility (B+) but is even more balanced across the board. In terms of strength he bested Lester 420 to 354 in the bench press and this is reflected in Kyle's C+ grade in strength. Kyle also has excellent vision (B-) so he can find holes in defense. Concern with Ryan is centered around his other abilities such as catching (D) and pass protection (D-). These areas may keep him off the field on third down and long conversions.

    #13 - Mike Meyers (DT #2) 6'2 249 - NJ
    Not related to the actor or the villian in Halloween. The Jersey kid is a bit undersized for a defensive tackle at 249 so he would be a terrible fit in a 3-4 scheme. In general Meyers seems like a solid prospect but it is difficult to find one area where he excels. Looking at this film he did show some ability to get off blocks (C+) and he is a solid tackler (B-). In terms of growth, he will need to add some muscle (C+ strength). He also will likely redshirt his first season on campus so he can get up to speed with playbook (D awareness).

    #14 - Adam Brown (HB #5) 6'0 184 - MN
    The burner of the top tier running backs. He posted a remarkable 4.30 40-yard dash in front of scouts but Brown has many areas he needs to improve. His top end speed is among best at his position (A speed) but he has average acceleration (B) and slightly below average agility (C). The other big concern is protecting the ball (D carrying). His film shows some highlight runs but it also shows a lot of fumbles. He also could benefit from sitting out first season to learn the offense (D- awareness).

    #15 - Matt Williams (C #1) 6'1 298 - PA
    Matt looks to be very well balanced in his skill set but doesn't grade as elite in any one area. He showed off a solid bench press of 444 lbs. in his workout, second highest among centers in ESPN 150. In terms of blocking he graded as a B- in run blocking and pass blocking. Another strength was his quick burst at line (B+ acceleration), which allows him to get first step on opposing defenders. Stamina is his biggest concern as he graded a D in that area.


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