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Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by Diddy81, Mar 16, 2012.

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    Jul 11, 2009
    AWWW Ya'll thought I gave it up. Well i might but here we go.

    - What can Brown do for you? well they can beat the Bengals 30-27 in OT with a Case Hancock walk off.

    - Cody Hoppes where have youuuuuuuuuuuu beeen with a 133 yard a 1 performance

    - Newly Acquired Mike Vick threw 2 TD's and 3 picks in the win

    - Andy Dalton threw for 320 and 3 in the loss.

    - Gatorbait, Joe Haden had 1 pick off Dalton and Reggie Nelson had 2 picks for the Bengals

    - Raiders beat the CHEFS 33-0

    - Sophomore sensation- 2nd year back Gary Frederick had 148 and 1 in the win

    - Darveon Jordan the new starter for the chiefs threw 5 picks and 0 TD's on 3/24 passing ouch

    -Giants smash Eagles 49-14

    - Matt Ryan replaces Mike Vick with a 6 Int performance

    - Corey Mays the Giants HB hit paydirt 3 times

    - Snap into a Slim Jim. Jimmy Price #1 overall pick had a pick in the contest. KP and Curry had 2 each

    - Mo' Picks Mo' Problems. Marquiste Culliver throws 1 TD and 5 picks and finds a pink slip in his locker after the game Lions lose 29-13

    - Lions will Ben Roethlisberger. DETROIT HIDE YOUR DAUGHTERS HIDE YOUR WIFE!

    - NaQuan Boyd had 3 sacks in this one is still screaming out to CA aka Todd McShay tell me how my a$$ tastes

    - CJJR had 99 yards and a TD snatch in the loss

    - Panthers beat Falcons 28-21

    - Cam Newton 337 yards in the air 4 TD's 0 Picks M V P

    - GATORBAIT Aaron Hernandez makes it rain twice on the Panthers for two tds

    - Montrell simmons with 4 sacks for the Falcons

    - Patriots grill the Dolphins 37-9

    -Ben Brennan debuted with a 1 pick 0 TD day for the Pats

    - HB Anthony rushed for 212 and 4 for the Pats

    - Rams win 30-6 over Hawks Bradford stumbles out the gate 1 TD 3 picks

    - Hawks QB AC Jackson found the wrong set of hands 3 times in this one

    - Mikel Leshoure rushed for over 100 in the loss. Rams 2nd yr back Lorrel Hammond rushed for over 100 and 1 in the win

    - Geno Hayes fantasy man 2 sacks a pick and a forced fumble for the Rams newly acquired DT Suh had a sack also

    - Texans beat Titans in a classic rivalry game 30-24

    - More picks than TD's - Dozier had 2 and 1 Locker 4 and 3

    -Dozier finds his favorite dude Andre Johnson for the overtime decider

    - Kembrell Cooper stand up the Texans safety had 10 tackles a sack an INT and 2 FF

    -MG gives the Bills fan base hope and a win 30-9 over Steelers

    - Kian Jordan FA acquisition had 2 Tds and rookie RB Conley had over 100 in his debut

    - Lloyd gets it done for Colts beats Ravens in OT 27-24

    - New Weapon??? Durham WR out of the Notre Dame has over 100 and a score

    -Mark Ingram had 145 and 1 on the ground in the win

    - Cards beat Skins 31-24

    - Ryan Williams 150 yards and 3 Larry Fitzgerald 103 and 1 for the Cards

    - PP gets a pick in the 4th quarter and Richard Marshall gets one to ice the game

    - AC Powe big day for skins with over 120 yard receiving

    - Saints outlast 9ers 38-31

    - Jeremy Riggs says trade me if you want to 3 td's 0 picks in the loss

    - MCoy throws for over 3 bills and 3 tds with 2 picks

    - Sterlin Freeman had over 100 and scored the game winner with 13 ticks left

    - Jags beat Bucs in CPU BOWL 15-12

    - Cowboys best Jets 36-21

    - Stafford throws 5 picks in the loss

    - Gatorbait Demond Holsey 1st ed draft pick OLB had 2 picks including a pick 6 but was loss for 10 weeks due to injury

    - Broncos beast Bears 42-12

    - icing on the cake some late by Moreno gave him 190 and 3 on the day

    - new Bears wideout Brandon Lloyd had a big day with over 100 and 1

    - Chargers sim win Vikes 13-7
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  2. DC

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    Jul 22, 2009
    My favorite piece
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  3. Diddy81

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    Jul 11, 2009
    Appreciate and good luck man!
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  4. NDCOLTS1979

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    Oct 17, 2009
    Love this and really love Durham great 2nd rd pick
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  5. thegman2.0

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    Jan 30, 2012
    favortie content for hk
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