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BFR Recruiting Central: S2 Week 3

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    BFR Recruiting Central: S2 Week 3

    Welcome to Bowlin' for Roses Recruiting Central! This is your one stop for all things related to recruiting in our league. We'll be tracking committed recruits for all user teams throughout the season, and we will also be spotlighting one team per week to break down their recruiting efforts further.

    SPOTLIGHT: The Wisconsin Badgers, and specifically Head Coach Radio, have shown that they are power players on the recruiting trail. With what many consider the best user recruting class last year, he again start off this year with a bang. The badgers already have signed two future stars and cornerback and still have a lot of resources to spare. The Badgers are one of the favorites for the national championship this season. The way they have been out recruiting their Big Ten rivals at Penn State, Iowa, and Michigan state you get the feeling that The Badgers are set for a long run of success.

    1) Wisconsin Badgers - 3 Commits

    CB- Keith Robinson (#41): Robinson has all the tools: Speed (4.32/40); Size (6'1"); Great Coverage Skills (21 INTS in high school). He also is able to read the receivers well and recognize plays at the snap, and he shows the rare ability to lock down nearly any receiver he plays. Robinson is a star in the making, and Badgers get a steal here from the Northeast.

    CB- Steve McCrae (#100): Another big, physical corner comes to Madison. McCrae has the skills to go with his swagger as he has shown lock down ability in both man and zone schemes, and can come up to the line and play press on undersized receivers. McCrae will team with Robinson for four years to made one heck of a tandem on the defensive outside.

    QB- Kevin Hall (#112): The Badgers get their quarterback of the future with Hall, who has above average passing skillsets across the board. We'd like to see Hall improve his speed and multi-threat ability which is always a big plus in the Big Ten, but Hall should be a good one in Madison.

    2) USC Trojans - 1 Commits

    WR- Rob May (#49): Your prototypical Trojans receiver is tall, super fast, and has some bulk behind the agility. Well May doesn't fit the bill. He is only 6'0" and is very undersized at only 165 pounds. His catch ratings also leave something be be desired from a receiver who will likely have to use all of his skills in order to make up for physical deficiencies. RC sees this as a signing that will rate out far below May's #49 overall rankings.

    3) BYU Cougars - 2 Commits

    QB- Ralph Jackson (#99): Those in Provo have been waiting for next season for many years. Jackson has been a large talent for many years, and he hasn't hid the fact that he would attend BYU, verbally committing his Freshman year of high school. He will immediately compete the starting spot next year as he boast a good arm and good accuracy. This is the kind of recruit that starts to turn a program from above average to contender.

    WR-Tim Bennett (#261): Bennett has a lot of maturing to do, and will likely redshirt his first year at BYU. He got decent speed but he needs to develop catchig skills to compliment his big physical stature.

    4) Michigan State Spartans - 3 Commits

    HB- Darren Bolden (#102): Boudlen is build like a brick: 5'9" 210 lbs. He runs with a bit of vengance, not showing any fear when lowering his shoulders into defensive lineman and linebackers. The naysayers cite Boulden's lack of flash and relatively slow plodding gait as negatives, but we at RC think he will fit nicely in the Spartan's system.

    TE-Travis Mitchell (#236): Mitchell is huge, at 6'7" and will provide a big target for Spartan's quarterbacks. . .that is if he ever gets open. He has speed that are worse than some offensive lineman (4.90/40). That makes us wonder if Mitchell isn't destined to be converted to an offensive tackle in Coach CA's system.

    CB-Jerrell Armstrong (#358): Another recruit for the Spartans from nearby Ohio, Armstrong might end up playing a lot better than his three star ranking. He has very good man and zone coverage skills and decent size a speed. Nice find by Michigan State.

    5) Utah Utes - 2 Committs

    HB-Shaun Martin (#146): Utah last year was stuck in a big rut of signing ho hum recruits, albeit a ton of them. This year they make a splash immediately by landing one of the nations most sought after halfbacks. Martin is a blazer with 4.39/40 speed. If he can improve in other areas he will be a star.

    WR-Keith Cutler (#322): Cutler is a smart kid, and could have gone to one of the more prestigious acedemic instituions in this country. However, his love of football carried on and Cutler will play his college football at Utah. He needs to use those smarts to find out how to become a theat at WR, because right now he won't scare many cornerbacks in the MWC.

    6) Texas Christian Horned Frogs - 2 Committs

    HB-Trey Garrison (#177): Garison is an imposing figure at the tailback position, standing an even six feet tall and weighing in at 214 pounds. However don't let looks fool you, he is a back who uses his speed and agility to make him successful. If he can ever put his size to use, he could be a big, strong, quick, multi-talented halfback.

    K-Roger Bain (#1221): The Horned Frogs fill a need early with Bain that will allow them to free up resources to persue other recruits. That alone makes this an excellent signing.

    7) Boise State Broncos - 1 Committs

    ATH- Cody Meyers (#197): Although officially listed as an 'Athlete', there's little doubt Meyer's will be in the Broncos backfield for the next four years. He's got good balance, and can run over defenders or by then depending on the situation.

    8) Iowa Hawkeyes - 1 Committs

    ATH- Hunter Phillips (#125): While versatility is always nice, at the college level you have to have the ability to play a position and play it well. This is something that Phillips hasn't shown. Iowa is taking a gamble here, thinking that Phillips can eventually turn into a nice linebacker or maybe defensive lineman. That remains to be seen.
  2. nrg_qbz-_-

    nrg_qbz-_- Walk On

    Jul 23, 2010
    very nice dunlap!

    oregon hasn't had any commits yet, but we're close(y)
  3. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    Good Write up dun, I like Cutler's speed and Size!
  4. onaradio34

    onaradio34 Tryin not to show how little I know bout anything

    Sep 24, 2009
    Wisconsin getting some love!!! We got our work cut out for us. 19 available schollies and we lose EVERYONE next season...alot of holes to fill.
  5. H22APWRD94

    H22APWRD94 RG3 Bandwagon

    Jul 11, 2009
    This guy looks to be a bright spot at QB in a few years. While not equipped with a cannon, we are gambling on him having great accuracy to go with his high awareness.


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