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BFR Recruiting Central: Week 6

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    BFR Recruiting Central: Week 6

    Truly only one new recruit on the board, a CB for TCU makes this a quiet week. However, with Michigan State now being usered by ControllerAbuser we see them leap to #2 on our rankings with a very nice class already signed. It's easy to see why CA made the switch to Mighican State.



    CB- Justin Washington (#28): The Ducks have landed themselves one of the best 4 Star recruits in the nation. Washington has blazing speed (4.32/40) and good acceleration at the corner spot. His raw speed coupled with good man and zone coverage ratings, and above average press rating means that Washington has the potential to turn into a true lock down cover corner. Now don't be fooled, that is what Washington will be. . .a cover corner. He lacks the strength and awareness skills to be effective as a combo corner who can help in run defense. This deficiency was the reason for 4 Stars instead of 5.


    *NEW RECRUIT*HB- Evan Wise (#142): An interesting prospect that lacks the flash and flair of other highly recruited halfbacks, Wise makes up for it with a very balanced skillset and solid fundamentals. He was above average speed and quickness, and has shown the ability to run over undersized linebackers and safeties at the second level. It would be 'wise' for the Spartans to use a redshirt on Evan to give him the most time to develop into a well rounded back. If he does progress, he could be the prototypical every down Big Ten tailback Mighigan State is looking for.

    *NEW RECRUIT*HB- Jeffrey Scott (#363): Undersized with below average speed. Not the characteristics that garner you a lot of attention at the next level. However, Scott has wowed scouts on film with some utterly bruising runs mixed in with ankle breaking open field moves. Scott will eventually be a great compliment to Wise in the Spartan backfield, and there's a chance that he progresses even better than Wise and ends up the starter in East Lansing.

    *NEW RECRUIT*C- Chris Coleman (#662): This signing leaves a lot to be desired for MSU. Coleman was one of the top rated Centers in the county before his senior year, but an injury set him back. He has seemed slow and weak at times on film, and scouts have sadi watching his footwork in person leaves a lot to be desired. The 3 star #662 rating looks to be too high for Coleman.

    *NEW RECRUIT*T- Akim Woods (#667): Woods has good speed for a tackle (5.0/40) and above average strength. Those intangibles are always a positive as the other areas of the game game be coached and worked during 5 years on campus. That's exactly what Woods will need because horrendous footwork at times in pass protection makes it a long shot that Woods will be a starting caliber tackle in the Big Ten.

    *NEW RECRUIT*MLB- Nick Smith (#995): Smith is one of those prospects you watch on film and nothing jumps out at you. Average speed and strengh, and no light 'em up hits on ballcarriers. However when you keep watching you will see that Smith is always in the right spot on the field, commands and leads his defense, and is very solid fundamentally in every aspect that matters for a middle linebacker. We expect Smith to run into a very nice linebacker for Michigan State.


    SS- Robert Vaughn (#223): A 4 Star recruit for the Badgers didn't wow scouts on video and in person, but he is another one of those players that has a solid skill set throughout. He will be more than capable in run support but does lack the raw speed (4.63/40) to chase down backs in the second level. His coverage skills are above average for the SS position and he has shown the ability for some jaw dropping hits on receivers. This is a good signing for Wisconsin, and you'll see Vaughan a staple of Coach Radio's defense for the next few years.

    HB- Xavier Newell (#307): Newell is an interesting specimen. He has breakaway speed and fills up his high school highlight reel with some spectacular runs. However he is a completely different back than current Badger runner Clay. With all of the flash and glamor, it's hard to see Newell as an every down back in the Big Ten. Look for this signee to see lots of third down and passing game action by his junior and senior years.

    #4) USC (DOWN 1 SPOT)

    C- Derek Yates (#153): The Trojans fill a need with Yates, but this is not a marquee signing. Derek has tested out average on most scouts report cards on all the key attributes. That isn't a completely bad thing, as that means Yates doesn't have any glaring holes. The Trojans wanted a sure thing at Center and Yates gives them that. He will be solid at the college level, but he won't turn any heads. Look for Yates to Redshirt and then capably fill the middle of the offensive line for 2-3 years. Perhaps the best news about this signing was that Yates chose USC over the rival Oregon Ducks.

    K- Matt Davis (#949): USC grabs one of the top kickers on the board in Davis, who has great accuracy and good power. Davis kicked at one of the biggest high schools in the state in Irvine, CA so pressure kicking in the Pac-10 shouldn't be much of an issue.


    FS- Darryl Ferwerda (#281): While the Beavers certainly filled a need with Ferwerda, this signing leaves a lot of fans in Corvalis a bit anxious. The Free Safety position is usually the last line of defense on broken plays and in pass coverage and Ferwerda's poor speed (4.64/40) doesn't bode well for him being a long term starter. He does seem to have the awareness and skills to be a very good in run support, and his strength, block shedding, and hit power ratings all indicate Coach Cimmy may have ideas for him at the Strong Safety position. However it just doesnt seem like he would be a viable long term option at FS. Ferwerda may be relegated to the second string for his career while the Beavers look to fill a gap at FS in next year's recruiting class.

    #5) DT- Willie Bonds (#464): Bonds chose Oregon State over rivals in Utah, TCU, and BYU. That alone makes it a bit of a success for the Beavers. Bonds will make a capable pass rushing DT in a 4-3 system with his decent pass rushing skillset. His good strength makes him a nice recruit to fill the middle. Look for Bonds to be a starter in Coach Cimmy's program after a few years.


    *NEW RECRUIT* CB- Tony Hodge (#400): Hodge is the first recruit of the year for Texas Christian. The Horned Frogs get a very nice home state recruit who could end up playing a lot better than his #400 overall rating would suggest. Hodge boasts an above average skillset across the board, with good speed (4.46/40) and the ability to play in both man and zone systems. This is the exact kind of home state recruit that TCU has thrived on in the past, and it gets them off to a great start in 2010.


    FB- Caleb Mendoza (#834): Don't let the overall ranking or 3 Star status fool you, this is a great signing by Big Blue. Mendoza is a bruising fullback who will fit great into a power running game while also being a decent weapon out of the backfield. Mendoza has the skills to be a good H back type if the Wolverines use him that way.

    #8) IOWA (DOWN 1 SPOT)

    FB- Jake Lucas (#1240): Lucas is a physical speciman with good size, strength, and exceptional speed for a fullback. If he can improve his run blocking and pass catching skills he could turn into a dangerous weapon for the Hawkeyes. He is already a capable pass blocker but is perhaps a bit too raw to avoid a redshirt.

    P- Brad Adams (#1769): Adams is a capable punter hailing from nearby Illinois. The has average power and accuracy ratings. The Hawkeyes quickly filled a hole with this signing which frees up resources to go after the bigger fish.


    MLB- James Williams (#1105): Williams has exception speed (4.48/40) for a linebacker. That alone is always a wildcard, and as we've seen in the past the Broncos are able to use speed throughout their team to build their program into a powerhouse. Williams has good strengh and has shown a good ability to rush the passer. His weakness is in pass coverage where he can be a liability. The Broncos may be thinking about moving him to the outside backer position where his skillset might be better utilized.

    NO COMMITTS: Penn State, BYU, Stanford
  2. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    I like this Dunlap, good stuff, its good to know what type of guys everyone is getting from week to week.
  3. controllerabuser

    controllerabuser Purple People Eaters

    Jul 6, 2009
    Hah! That wasn't why I switched!
  4. onaradio34

    onaradio34 Tryin not to show how little I know bout anything

    Sep 24, 2009
    Wisconsin has it's entire board coming to Madison for Minnesota (they are a rival). Look for some movement from the Badgers next week.

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