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Big 10/Pac 10 Key Stretches

Discussion in 'After Midnight' started by Bucs, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. Bucs

    Bucs GT: ThruTheSmoke47

    Jun 30, 2010
    We're going to examine a series of games for each team that can make or break their seasons. Probably wrong on some of these predictions, feel free to defend yourselves or convince others etc etc.​



    Games: Oct 26 @UCLA (Recchem2000), Nov 2 @ Oregon State, Nov 9 vs Oregon, Nov 16 vs Stanford

    Breakdown: If Cal can have good performances against Oregon and Stanford they may be in contention for a Pac 12 North title. Unfortunately I have them going 1-3 with losses at Stanford, UCLA, and maybe Oregon, depending on the weather and which Ducks team shows up.



    Games: 11/2 vs Oregon, 11/9 @Oregon State, 11/16 @Cal

    Breakdown: This will be Stanford's chance to eliminate and pretenders to the Pac 12 North throne. We see them going 3-0 and gathering momentum into the Pac 12 championship and possible BCS bowl game.



    Games:10/26@Cal 11/2 @ Arizona State, 11/9 vs Arizona, 11/16 vs Colordo, 11/23 @USC

    Breakdown: So far its been a rough start to the 2013 campaign for the Bruins, and we arent sure how much better it will get, but its quite possible they go 4-1 in this stretch and keep up hopes for a solid bowl game.



    Games: 9/12 @Oregon State, 9/19 @ Cal, 9/28 @Oregon

    Breakdown: USC should be in the drivers seat and in control of its own destiny, we dont see them slipping up, going 3-0 and steamrolling the rest of the PAC.

    Washington State


    Games: ALL

    Breakdown: To say WSU is an underdog would be an understatement, Coach Cougs needs a win where ever and whenver he can get it. He's got some tough matchups left against Boise, Cal, Stanford, and Oregon, so wins will be at a premium once again for the cougs.

    Ohio State


    Games:10/12 vs Nebraska, 10/19 Vs Purdue, 10/26@ Wisconsin, 11/2 Vs Penn State

    Breakdown: With arguably 2 of its toughest games(not including Michigan) at home this year things look good for another Big 10 Title for The Buckeyes. Dont be mistaken though, The Big 10 is the toughest division in the nation and it whomever comes out on top will have earned it. We're calling it at 3-1 with a loss vs Penn State.



    Games: 9/21 vs Michigan, 9/28 vs Michigan State, 10/5 @ Nebraska

    Breakdown: Wisconsin most likely won't be able to afford a loss vs any of these opponents. If they do they can probably watch their big 10 title hopes drift over to PSU or OSU. We have them going 2-1 down this stretch, but were not sure where the loss will come.

    Penn State


    Games: 10/9 vs Nebraska, 10/26 @Illinois, 11/2 @ Ohio State, 11/9 vs Wisconsin

    Breakdown: Penn State is arguably the best team in the B1G, and we have them going 4-0 through this period of games and heading to the B1G title if they do.

    Michigan State


    Games: 10/12 @ Michigan, 10/19 vs indiana 10/26 @Nebraska

    Breakdown: Two tough games on the road for the Spartans, If their offensive line can hold up then they may be fine, but if they dont, which by all indications from Coach Corey Volting they wont, then Michigan State will be in major trouble. We have them going 1-2 with a win vs Indiana.



    Games: 9/21 @Wisconsin, 9/28 vs Stanford, 10/5 @ Penn state, 10/22 vs Michigan State

    Breakdown: Talk about a tough stretch, All these teams are ranked and all of them will give The Wolverines a run for their money. This is a really tough call, if they can come out of this 2-2 it will be considered a success.



    Games: 10/5 vs Wisconsin, 10/12 @ Ohio State, 10/19 @ Penn State, 10/26 vs Michigan State

    Breakdown: Same story as last year, Nebraska will most likely come into this stretch undefeated, this years team is hoping to change last years outcome where they dropped 4 in a row. We have them going 1-3 possibly 2-2. With hopes of still representing their division in the title game.
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  2. Dru50

    Dru50 Still Chicago's #1 son

    Sep 13, 2009

    The game vs Oregon is key, because I'll have nearly my entire recruiting board in for the game. I'm targeting the game vs recchem2000 at the end of the season, that's the game that will decide who likely goes to play Cheez for the conference crown.
  3. Corey Haggard

    Corey Haggard Walk On

    Jul 2, 2011
    Just like USC vs Oregon, my game vs Illinois will be very important, as some of my targets will have soft commits elsewhere before visiting me for the Illinois game.

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