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Big 10 Preview for Season 2020...

Discussion in 'The Deuce' started by OMlawdog, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    SEASON 2020​



    OHIO STATE - With the big news out of Columbus being the resignation of Coach Keller after reports surfaced that he was close personal friends with former Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky and spent several nights, long weekends, and vacations with Sandusky, Ohio State had no choice but to relieve Keller of his job responsibilities. What that leaves is an Ohio State team that is filled with talent. I mean loaded with talent.

    Headlining the OSU team is Jamar Espinosa from San Diego, California. He is an 95 OVR OLB that is simply a head hunter. He is teamed with Loren Morrow and Mark Baker to form a fantastic secondary. They are joined up front by Brandon Harrell a former High School All-American that at 6'5" 297 lbs, is unblockable at the point of attack. This OSU defense is salty and they are expected to carry this OSU team very far this year.

    Offensively, OSU has a pair of QB's in Jeremy Johnson and Thomas Houston who are battling for the starting spot. Both are very talented, and will lead the offense that last year was spear headed by Jermaine Alvarez and Willie Munoz. Both backs have blazing speed and can take it to the house at any moment. OSU's big play WR is Ryan Samuel who appears to be ready to have a Heisman type season. He has 98 speed and 99 acceleration along with 96 route running, which basically mean he is the perfect WR.

    This OSU team is built for the long haul. OSU has talent at pretty much every position and with a new coaching staff and new offensive gameplan, look for OSU to cause problems for every team in the Big 10.

    PENN STATE - After a solid season last year, Penn State is looking forward to re-emerging as a dominant team in the Big 10. Headlining the Penn State team are two players that will more than likely be All-Americans before the season is over. Mario Robinson is the best DT in the country, hands down. This 99 OVR DT is going to cause problems all year long for Big 10 teams, and will require double teams. Offensively Marcus Smith, who was subject to an intense recruiting battle will also be trying to land post season honors, as he is 6'2" 214 lbs with the following ratings (cover your eyes) : 98 speed, 94 agility, 95 acceleration, 91 Break tackle, 94 elusiveness. Yeah, basically its a combination of Okoye and Jackson circa 1989.

    Though these two players will be garnering much of the headlines, look for the Penn State DL to carry this team. Joining Robinson on the DL, is Lee Robinson and Kyle Langford at the DE spots, and Danny Edwards manning the other DT spot. Did I happen to mention that all four of these players are 90 OVR or higher?

    The only question hanging over PSU is whether So QB Ross Vaughn can carry the load. He will have Mike Joyce, a solid WR who should be able to get open early and often.

    This PSU team may have the team that gives teams the most fits. They have a strong RB, and the best DL in the Big 10.

    Wisconsin - This year's Wisconsin team is not nearly as talented as the previous Wisky's team that we face year in and year out, but that doesn't mean that they still won't cause plenty of problems in the Big 10. They are led by Brad Hargrove an All American candidate at FS who at 6'1" 219 lbs, is the leader of both the defense, and the entire team. He is a hard hitting FS who is going to be around the ball all season.

    Offensively they are led by a pair of talented senior WR's in Marcus Gatewood and Kevin Rouse. Both have great route running skills and simply get open. The big question for Wisconsin is who is going to get them the ball. Wisconsin has 5 QB's but none of them really stand out. They signed three really good freshman QB's, but that is a lot of pressure to put on a freshman. They are going to rely on Derrick Battle a small HB out of Florida to help alleviate the pressure. He will need to have a big year in order for Wisconsin to have a season they are used to having.

    Overall, this year's Wisconsin team is lacking playmakers. It doesn't mean they won't be a factor in the Big 10, but they will definitely have to step it up.

    Purdue - The forgotten team in the Big 10 Leaders division, but they almost always play IU and IL tough each year. This year it could be tough for Purdue to hang with these ever improving teams. Purdue has a solid team led by their bookend DE's David Perkins and TJ Robinson. Both of these DE's are determined to graduate as winners, but they will have their work cut out for them this season.

    Offensively, Purdue has another nice pair of bookend OT's in Dallas Smith and Damarcus Carter. Both will try and provide ample time for Chance Bailey a JR QB out of Joliet, Illinois. Chance has a nice skill set, and a trio of solid WR's to throw to. Carey Smith, Tony Johnson, and Albert Washington all provide nice targets to Chance, and if Jon Adams can keep teams honest, this Purdue offense could put up some really nice numbers.

    Don't sleep on this Purdue team. They have playmakers at the WR, HB and QB spots. They have enough talent on the lines to make things interesting. If you spend too much time focusing on the other traditional Big 10 powers and think that the Purdue game will simply be a warm up game, you have another thing coming.

    Indiana - Coach Rawlins is getting very close to turning the Indiana program around. Out of the top 11 players on IU's team, 9 of them are Juniors or Sophmores. This youth speaks to the talent that Coach Rawlins has brought to the IU program and this may be the year they have a breakout season.

    IU will be led with a strong running game featuring Lee Taylor a game changer at HB who can score from any position on the field. He is the definition of lightening in a bottle. The only question is who will be handing the ball off to him. As it stands it looks like Jesse Carlson is the early leader to man the QB spot at IU. If Indiana gets solid play from the QB spot, look for Indiana to be in the discussion for the Big 10 title game.

    Defensively, Indiana is going to rely upon a deep and talented secondary. Zach Brown, Jake Johnson and Andy McDonald, headline a fantastic secondary. If the front four can generate pressure, this IU team could be very, very good.

    The only thing that has ever held Coach Rawlins back is lack of talent. It appears that is getting corrected in Bloomington. If that does in fact get fixed, the rest of the Big 10 may be playing for second.

    ILLINOIS - There is a lot of talk in Champagne that this is Coach OMlawdog's best team since his first year in Champagne, and after looking through the roster, its clearly true. This year's Illinois team has talent and depth at almost every position.

    Offensively they are led by Heisman hopeful Xavier Robertson. He has patiently waited his turn, and now it is here and he is ready to show the country what he can do. He is a homerun back that can really be a difference maker. Backing him up are two talented former five star recruits in Charles Townsend and Andy Kimbrough. Both are chomping at the bit for their turn to have an impact and they will both get plenty of carries this season. Keying this Illinois attack will be Abdul Guidry a JR QB that had a nice sophmore season and is now ready to have a great Junior season. He has a strong arm and a nice set of WR's to throw to. His top targets could be Michael Hall a pre-season ALL Big 10 selection who is poised for a big year. Also looking to get several receptions is Scott Thomas, a sophmore WR who is looking to build on a solid freshman season.

    Defensively the Illinois team is led by the outstanding secondary, which is also led by Tyler Conley. Conley was one of Coach lawdog's first commits, and he has been a leader ever since. He is joined in the secondary by Jordan Huffman, John Brown and Allan Brown (no relation). The Safety spots are manned by huge hitters Bo Johnson and David Nash, who are backed up by Jake Roth and Jason Lane. Up front, the Illinois team is counting on Brandon Campbell, Bo Nelson and Richard Yates. These DL should be able to generate pressure and stuff the run.

    Though there is talk that this year's Illinois team is ready for the big time, in looking at their roster Illinois could be one year away. That being said Illinois is looking forward to a big season.

    I will update Legends maybe tomorrow.
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  2. JrRawlins

    JrRawlins People hate me cause they aint me...

    Feb 10, 2009
    good shit Lawdog....
    we are still pretty young, and we have a nice window of about 3 years where i should be able to compete while we continue to grow... i just have to make sure i continue to get quality depth behind them and build on we have already started.... its taking a bit longer than anticipated but patience is a virtue........ most of those juniors started as frshman and got drummed into the ground.... then last year, they fought hard but still lost... hopefully this year that can turn the corner and get some wins....

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