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Big 12 Future Stars

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Philstyle3005, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Philstyle3005

    Philstyle3005 Walk On

    Oct 19, 2011

    The Big 12 is talented year in and year out, but instead of focusing on the big time players that are starting today, we're going to take a look at who the Big 12 will have starring in the near future.

    [​IMG]QB Blake Bell RS Sophomore Oklahoma

    The Obvious place to start is with the Big 12 favorites, Oklahoma. They have a big time QB in waiting in Blake Bell. Most people expected Landry Jones to enter the draft heading into last season, but after a so so year, he decided to stay and boost his stock a little more. There is no doubt that Blake was probably the most disappointed out of anyone, but it will give him more of a chance to learn and help him in the future. Right now, he's probably not completely ready to be a full time starter in the OU offense, but the next 2 seasons, he should be ready to go. At 6'6 250, Blake is one of the toughest QBs we've seen to tackle. He's just like a full back, only he has a cannon for an arm. It will be interesting to watch him over the next couple of years, and it will be really interesting to see how OU gets him involved in the offense this year. He's too big of an asset to sit on the bench all year and only play mop up minutes.

    [​IMG]WR Josh Stewart Sophomore Oklahoma St.

    Josh is on a team that's known for producing big time receivers. Dez Bryant, Justin Blackmon. He could be the next top pick from the team if he continues to improve over his time in Stillwater. He's a very quick receiver that is low on the depth chart right now, but in the Cowboys offense, as much as they throw it, it doesn't really matter where you are on the depth chart, you'll get plenty of passes your direction. The problem he may face though, is there is no Zac Robinson or Brandon Weeden. He'll have to depend on Redshirt Freshman Wes Lunt to improve over his next few years, but that shouldn't be a problem.

    [​IMG]RB Johnathan Gray Freshman Texas

    It's easily to see who could have the brightest future and that's last years Gatorade Player of The year winner Jonthan Gray. Jonathan Gray dominated Texas high school football last year, but as we've seen at the University of Texas before with Garret Gilbert, high school success doesn't always transfer over to the next level. Fortunately for the Longhorns, Gray is a lot different than Gilbert. Gray's raw talent will be good at any level and he'll only continue to get better as long as he stays injury free. The problem, as we saw with Traylon Shead who transferred out of Texas last season, the Longhorns have so much depth at the running back spot already. Malcom Brown only being a Sophomore will make it tough for Gray to see many touches, but luckily, him and Brown are two completely different backs. Brown is more of a bruiser back that will wear defenses down while Gray is more of a type of running back that will just fly past you. I believe that we will see him on the field and making a difference sooner than later.

    [​IMG]QB Matt Brown RS Sophomore TCU

    Matt Brown is behind Casey Pashall who had a decent season last year, but Brown is going to be the future of TCU football. He is great in the spread, mostly because of his tremendous speed and ability to get away from defenses. He will need to work on his accuracy, but being behind Pashall, he'll have the chance to do that. TCU has several games this year where Brown should get a lot of work in and the coaching staff will get a better idea where he's at. Regardless, if Paschall were to go down with an injury, I think TCU could run an Oregon type offense and be successful with Brown leading them.

    [​IMG]RB Lache Seastrunk RS Sophomore Baylor

    Lache is a transfer that will finally be eligible this season for the Bears. Lache was the 3rd running back in a row out of Texas to get away from the hometown Universities and head to Oregon. LaMichael James and Tra Carson (both out of Liberty Eylau High School) both left the great state of Texas and ended up at Oregon. It's good to note that LaMichael James was very close from transferring out of Oregon and back to Texas and Tra Carson has transferred back to Texas and is on the Texas A&M roster but won't be eligible until 2013. Lache, right now, is the backup running back for the Bears, but he should get quite a few touches this season. There has been talk of the Bears running primary Dual back sets out of Shotgun in order to use his speed and ability to make big plays. He could be the Bears version of DeAnthony Thomas (another Oregon product). Regardless, the Sophomore is definitely the future of Baylor and something the Bears should be very excited about for the upcoming season.
  2. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Great list Phil! I knew some of these like Bell and Lache- but hell even I learned a couple here.
  3. BPHusker

    BPHusker Walk On

    Jul 4, 2011
    Good write up. I'm actually tempted to bench Pashall just because of Brown's speed and elusiveness, but his accuracy could be a problem.
  4. Gyrene76

    Gyrene76 What does the fox say?

    Sep 29, 2010
    Good write up bro.

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