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Big East

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by luvtotha9s, May 21, 2010.

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  1. luvtotha9s

    luvtotha9s Walk On

    Dec 26, 2009
    Big East

    Who needs to be added/deleted/or anything you wanna contribute for the Big East goes in this forum
  2. MorsDraconis

    MorsDraconis Walk On

    Jun 9, 2009
    Well, based on the Teambuilder website rosters (which were the rosters used last year), WVU changes that I can see (not sure if you are worried about ratings right now or not but this includes those as well):

    1. Robert Sands (FS#28) is #2 and definitely should not have 96 speed as Devine (with 94 speed) is the fastest player on the team by far (speed should probably be in the 92ish range).

    2. Coley White (QB#8) is #15

    3. Logan Heastie (WR#2) is no longer even on the team

    4. Missing 4th string QB Freshman Jeremy Johnson (Pat White like speed and throwing ability most likely)

    5. Tavon Austin (HB#1) will be playing receiver this year not halfback

    6. Geno Smith (QB#12) should not have 88 speed (more like 78ish) and have slightly better throwing power (88 or 89 I'd say) and maybe accuracy (though that remains to be seen)

    7. Jock Sanders (WR#9) should have higher speed than 90 (more like 92 or 93) as he is the second faster player on the team (behind Devine)
  3. BIGFOOT999

    BIGFOOT999 Walk On

    Jul 4, 2010
  4. CurseOfKavorka

    CurseOfKavorka Walk On

    Jul 9, 2010
    Here are some,


    Add- Jr. RB/FB D.J Showmate, transfer from USC, immediately eligible. 59th overall in 2008 class, #5 ranked athlete.



    Edit- RB Dion Lewis (RB 28), Break tackle 89/93, Agilty 92/95.

    Edit- RB Ray Graham (RB 34), Speed 89/92, is considered more of a homerun hitter than Lewis therefore he should have better speed, this gives him the speed edge by 1 point.

    Edit-Dom DeCicco (FS 31), Needs to be switched to SS, also hit power changed from 77/84.

    Edit- Jarred Holley (SS 18), Needs to be switched to FS, seems EA messed up and swapped DeCicco and Holley position wise.

    Edit- Andrew Taglianetti (FS 41), I know he's only a sophmore but he can lay the wood bigtime, EA clearly didnt do much hw on the Big East, hit power 66/85, tackle 64/78.
  5. Bighoff63

    Bighoff63 VA is coming your way!

    May 21, 2009
    Louisville's roster need some work.

    QB: the Freshman should be #10 Dominique Brown

    RB: the last back #4 is Kamal Hogan he number needs to be changed to 30
    #* Darius Ashley need to be moved to CB he's going to be a nickle back most likely but he could start so his DB rating need to be adjusted to reflect this.

    FB: the second fullback need to needs to be changed to an RB who is freshman #3 Corvin Lamb, his attributes need to be adjusted from FB to RB but he will sit last in the RB depth chart.

    WR the last wr should be #32 Senorise Perry a freshman 6"0" 182
    Second from the bottom should be #84 Stephan Robinson a Freshamn 6"0" 165
    4th wr from the top should be #1 Josh Bellamy a JR 6'0" 205

    DE last on the RE should be #44 BJ Butler a FR 6'2" 264

    DT: 3rd one should be #95 Randy Salmon a SO 6"3 291
    4th one should be #92 Brandon Dunn a FR 6'3" 282
    Last guy should be #93 Roy Philon a rsFR 6'3" 276

    ROLB: 1, Dexter Heyman #46 a JR 6'3"238
    2, Deon Rogers #43 a FR 6'2" 185
    3, Daniel Brown #24 a SO 6'1" 2198" 171

    CB:Second to last guy on the list should be Jordan Paschal #22 a FR 5'8" 171

    FS: 1, Terence Simien #23 a JR 6'3" 210
    2, Champ Lee #31 a rsFR 6'0" 185
    3, Isaac Geffrad #28 a rsFR 6'3" 188

    SS: 1, Shenard Holton #36 a SO 6'1" 190
    2, Agyei Williams #40 6'1" 218

    hope this helps, if not just disregard.
  6. luvtotha9s

    luvtotha9s Walk On

    Dec 26, 2009
  7. Andrews

    Andrews Walk On

    Jul 28, 2010
    Nate Nix #44 PITT Panthers
    Class: RS Senior
    Hometown: Jefferson Hills, Pa.
    High School: Thomas Jefferson
    Height / Weight: 6-4 / 240
    Position: DL

    Older brother of Lucas Nix (Starting RT). In previous years he played at OLB, but his Senior year he is moving to DE.


    I'll look at the roster again later and give you some updates.
  8. Andrews

    Andrews Walk On

    Jul 28, 2010
    Ok I'm back. I found a really good write-up on the PITT Panther default NCAA 2011 roster. Here it is...
    Panthers' NCAA Football 11 Ratings

    With NCAA Football 11 from EA Sports coming out within a few weeks it is never too soon to take a look at the ratings of your Pittsburgh Panthers. Pitt will be ranked #16 in the preseason polling on the game, have 4 stars out of 6 for team prestige and feature one of the top 10 players going in running back Dion Lewis who will be a 96 overall. But is the rest of the roster as big of a messed up disaster as the Pitt roster was on NCAA Football 2010? Lets find out.

    Quarterbacks: Tino Sunseri and Pat Bostick are both 85 overall which seems fairly accurate although Bostick has a cannon on the game for some reason. Anthony Gonzalez comes in as a 67 overall which strikes me as low for a 3 star recruit but his 85 in speed is at least nice. Mark Myers is a 75 overall which also might be a bit low but at least he has a future.

    Running Backs: As I mentioned above, Lewis is a 96 overall and should be pretty much untouchable on the game with his 97 in acceleration. Ray Graham is a solid 84 and Chris Burns is a capable 79. Andre Givens and Derrick Burns are terrible. Henry Hynoski is inexplicably only an 85 overall at fullback but at least he’s a good blocker.

    Wide Receivers: Jonathan Baldwin grades out as a 93 overall at wideout while Mike Shanahan and Cam Saddler are both very tidy 84s with Saddler adding a 95 in return rating. Todd Thomas checks in as a 75 which also strikes me as low, especially for a wide receiver…EA really did a number on our freshmen this year. Thomas also can’t tackle so don’t even consider moving him to safety. Devin Street is completely absent and Aundre Wright hasn’t been moved to cornerback.

    Tight Ends: Brock DeCicco and Mike Cruz are the best tight ends with 75s overall which seems about right. Andrew Devlin is missing though so if Devlin wins the job then our starting tight end was left off of the game.

    Offensive Line: Jason Pinkston is fairly rated at 91 although he probably should be closer to a 93. Alex Karabin did well to be rated as a 87 overall and Ryan Turnley is a pretty optimistic 82. Lucas Nix is criminally underrated however as an 83 overall which is at least 5 points too low. Fernando Diaz is the only reserve worth mentioning at a 74 because the rest are garbage.

    Defensive Line: Greg Romeus is a 95 and Jabaal Sheard is a 92 and they both have a sick speed/strength combo package. Shayne Hale is an 82 in reserve and TJ Clemmings and Bryan Murphy are, again, underrated freshmen at 75 overall. Caragein is an 82 and Tyrone Ezell is a 79 on the interior.

    Linebacker: Greg Williams is the middle linebacker and is an 88 while Dan Mason is an outside linebacker and an 81. This makes me question whether EA ever bothered to watch a Pitt game as those two should obviously be reversed. Max Gruder is an 83 so apparently he’s 2 points better than Mason too. Shane Gordon and Tristan Roberts are decent reserves at 76 and 77 respectively.

    Defensive Back: At corner Antwuan Reed is an 82, Ricky Gary is an 80 and Buddy Jackson is a 76 while presumptive starter Saheed Imoru is both a 64 overall and a freshman for some reason. Aundre Wright, as mentioned previously, is still a wide receiver. Dom DeCicco is an 83 at free safety and Jared Holley is an 81 at strong safety although you can expect those positions to be reversed as well.

    Special Teams: Kevin Harper, in spite of never playing, is an 87 overall junior while Dan Hutchins is only an 86. Hutchins has also been hitting the weights as he is listed at 6-4 230 instead of 5-11 190.

    Overall impression: Terrible, as per usual, although this year’s ratings are even worse than the disgrace that was Pitt on NCAA 2010 as EA basically only got the ratings right for players that are in the news often. Pretty inexcusable for a team ranked in the consensus top 20 in the land if you ask me.

    If you aren’t one of the top 10 traditional power programs or a university playing in Florida then EA just doesn’t care enough to get your program ratings correct beyond the top 5 players and that is one of the reasons that I don’t plan on even picking the game up this year. Just hire one or two dedicated researchers already EA, lord knows that you guys have the money.


    Players Missing:

    -Devin Street #15
    Position: WR
    Class: RS Freshman
    Hometown: Bethlehem, Pa.
    High School: Liberty
    Height / Weight: 6-4 / 190

    -Andrew Devlin #47
    Position: TE
    Class: RS Junior
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
    High School: Mt. Lebanon
    Height / Weight: 6-6 / 265

    -Nate Nix (Info posted in previous post)

    Players Who Need Moved:

    -Aundre Wright #10 (From WR to CB)
    Position: DB
    Class: RS Junior
    Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pa.
    High School: Perry Traditional Academy
    Last College: Milford Academy (NY)
    Height / Weight: 5-11 / 180

    Players That Need Misc. Info Changed:

    -Saheed Imoru #2 (Jr. CB) Possible Starter
    Position: DB
    Class: Junior
    Hometown: Alief, Texas
    High School: Alief Hastings
    Last College: Navarro J.C.
    Height / Weight: 5-10 / 190

    If anyone wants to add to this list feel free.
  9. GoAztecs

    GoAztecs Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    Rutgers DE Matthew Hardison transferred to Delaware
  10. GoAztecs

    GoAztecs Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
  11. GoAztecs

    GoAztecs Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    Rutgers, 2 more players transfer

    Rutgers' WR Hayes Leaving School Rutgers' WR Hayes Leaving School
    Julian Hayes, WR RUT
    News: Hayes is leaving the Rutgers football team, ESPN reports. Analysis: Hayes didn't stand a chance of seeing the field before Mohamed Sanu, Mark Harrison, Tim Wright and maybe others

    Rutgers' WR Poole Transferring Rutgers' WR Poole Transferring
    Eddie Poole, WR RUT

    News: Poole will transfer out of the Rutgers program, ESPN reports.
  12. GoAztecs

    GoAztecs Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    UCONN depth chart adjust

    Earlier this offseason, UConn head coach Randy Edsall decided to move senior Greg Lloyd from linebacker to defensive end.

    That move has now been scrapped. As has Lloyd's 2010 season.

    According to the Connecticut Post, Lloyd will not play this season and will instead use his redshirt. Lloyd suffered a serious knee injury toward the end of 2009, and the injury is apparently behind the decision to shelve him for the upcoming year.

    Edsall also added that Lloyd will remain at linebacker when he returns in 2011.

  13. WVUWILD12

    WVUWILD12 Walk On

    Oct 13, 2009
    Huge WVU fan here, don't know what WVU was lookin like on yours but here is some help if you need it,


    The team should look just like that, roster wise, numbers, players etc. with a few exceptions, which are. HB Matt Lindamood should actually be Fullback, Ricky Kovatch should also be on the roster at FB but just couldn't fix it on teambuilder. FB Chris Snook should actually be moved to TE, and P Gregg Pugnetti also needs to be added to the roster. ROLB Bruce Irvin should be moved to RE, and SS Doug Rigg should be moved to ROLB.

    As for ratings for WVU, I would go with the exact ratings of the teambuilder team their pretty dead on to the real WVU team, but if you don't wanna use those here are the main changes to make ratings wise:

    1, QB Geno Smith speed should be from somewhere 78-81, accuracy somewhere from 89-93, but keep his overall at 85.

    2. Anyone who's speed is above the 94of Noel Devine needs to be taken down below 94, with the exception of tavon Austin

    3. Devine should be 94 speed, 95 agility, 98 acceleration. Tavon Austin should be 95 speed, 97 agility, 99 acceleration.

    4. Robert Sands overall needs to go up, He is the best defensive player on the team, and 2nd best player on the team overall. I would say either 91 or 92 overall.
  14. WVUWILD12

    WVUWILD12 Walk On

    Oct 13, 2009
    Just incase you don't feel like looking through that whole teambuilder team I posted, Here is what the roster should look like for WVU:


    QB#12 Geno Smith 6'3 215lbs Soph.

    QB#11 Barry Brunetti 6'0 205 lbs Fr.

    QB#15 Coley White 6'1 178 lbs RS Soph

    QB#16 Jeremy Johnson 6'1 173 lbs Fr.


    HB#7 Noel Devine 5'8 180 lbs Sr.

    HB#20 Shawne Alston 5'10 225 lbs Soph.

    HB#24 DaQuan Hargrett 5'6 188 lbs RS Fr.

    HB#25 Trey Johnson 5'10 172 lbs Fr.


    FB#32 Ryan Clarke 6' 250 lbs. RS Soph.

    FB#38 Matt Lindamood 6' 234 lbs RS Soph.

    FB#41 Ricky Kovatch 6'2 239 lbs Jr.


    WR#1 Tavon Austin 5'9 175lbs Soph.

    WR#9 Jock Sanders 5'7 180lbs Sr.

    WR#14 Brad Starks 6'3 190lbs RS Jr.

    WR#10 Stedman Bailey 5'10 195lbs RS Fr.

    WR#5 Ivan McCartney 6'3 185lbs Fr.

    WR#3 Eddie Davis 6' 186lbs Sr.

    WR#81 JD Woods 6'1 192lbs RS Soph.

    WR#18 Dante Chambers 6' 175lbs Fr.


    TE#89 Tyler Urban 6'5 249lbs Jr.

    TE#6 Will Johnson 6'2 240lbs Sr.

    TE#45 Chris Snook 6'2 237lbs RS Fr.


    LT#64 Don Barclay 6'4 304 lbs RS Jr.

    LT#79 Nick Kindler 6'6 285 lbs RS Fr.


    LG#77 Josh Jenkins 6'3 300lbs JR.

    LG#65 Chad Snodgrass 6'4 296lbs RS Jr.

    LG#66 Marquis Wallace 6'5 290lbs Fr.


    C#74 Joe Madsen 6'4 290lbs RS Soph.

    C#60 John Bassler 6'4 295lbs RS Soph.


    RG#61 Eric Jobe 6'2 290lbs RS Sr.

    RG#67 Quinton Spain 6'6 330lbs Fr.

    RG#72 Cole Bowers 6'5 289lbs RS Fr.


    RT#57 Jeff Braun 6'4 308lbs RS Soph

    RT#59 Matt Timmerman 6'3 294lbs RS Sr.

    RT#76 Pat Eger 6'6 288lbs RS Fr.


    LE#97 Julian Miller 6'4 260lbs RS Jr.

    LE#77 Will Clarke 6'6 265lbs RS Fr.

    LE#92 Larry Ford 6'3 255lbs RS Sr.


    RE#93 Scooter Berry 6'1 287lbs RS Sr.

    RE#50 Bruce Irvin 6'3 235lbs Jr.

    RE#91 JB Lageman 6'3 266 RS Soph.


    DT#90 Chris Neild 6'2 301lbs RS Sr.

    DT#94 Josh Taylor 6'1 278lbs RS Jr.

    DT#99 Jorge Wright 6'2 264lbs RS Soph.

    DT#98 Curtis Feigt 6'6 284lbs RS Fr.


    LOLB#30 JT Thomas 6'2 225lbs RS Sr.

    LOLB#52 Najee Goode 6'1 238lbs RS Jr.

    LOLB#49 Troy Gloster 6' 200lbs Fr.


    MLB#31 Pat Lazear 6' 237lbs Sr.

    MLB#55 Branko Busick 6' 231lbs RS Fr.

    MLB#13 Jewone Snow 6'3 230lbs Fr.


    ROLB#45 Anthony Leonard 6'1 246lbs RS Sr.

    ROLB#53 Tyler Anderson 6'2 240lbs RS Fr.

    ROLB#47 Doug Rigg 6'1 215lbs Jr.


    CB#22 Brandon Hogan 5'10 190lbs SR.

    CB#8 Keith Tandy 5'10 198lbs RS Jr.

    CB#1 Pat Miller 5'10 183lbs Soph.

    CB#9 Brodrick Jenkins 5'10 182lbs RS Fr.

    CB#18 Brantwon Bowser 5'11 190lbs RS Sr.

    CB#20 Ishamel Banks 6' 185 Fr.


    FS#2 Robert Sands 6'5 221lbs JR.

    FS#24 Eain Smith 5'11 204lbs RS Jr.

    FS#28 Darwin Cook 5'11 205lbs RS Fr.

    FS#26 Travis Bell 6'2 187lbs Fr.


    SS#4 Sidney Glover 5'11 207lbs Sr.

    SS#32 Terence Garvin 6'3 215lbs Soph.

    SS#10 Mike Dorsey 6'3 210lbs Fr.

    SS#3 Qudral Forte 6'1 190lbs Fr.


    K#40 Tyler Bitancurt 6'1 198 RS Soph.


    P#36 Gregg Pugnetti 6'1 208lbs RS Sr.

    P#44 Corey Smith 5'11 214lbs Jr.
  15. GoAztecs

    GoAztecs Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    USF WR career over

    ACL four-peat ends WR Erskin's USF career

    Last October, Colby Erskin suffered a torn ACL that ended his 2009 season, the third time in five years at South Florida the wide receiver had incurred an injury to the ligaments that stabilize a human's knees.

    After being granted a sixth year of eligibility because of the injuries, Erskin returned to the Bulls with the hope of contributing to a depleted USF receiving corps.

    Unbelievably, though, those hopes were dashed by yet another knee getting shredded.

    According to Greg Auman of the St. Petersburg Times, Erskin tore the ACL in his left knee during practice Saturday, effectively ending the star-crossed receiver's collegiate career. It was the third time Erskin had torn the ACL in his left knee; last year's injury was to his right knee.

    Erskin finishes his USF career with seven receptions and 86 yards.

  16. Palo20

    Palo20 Walk On

    May 30, 2010
  17. GoAztecs

    GoAztecs Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    Antwon Bailey, RB SYR
    News: Head coach of the Syracuse Orange Doug Marrone opened the team's media day by announcing Bailey, a junior, would not be returning to the team this season due to academic issues, the Associated Press reports.
  18. GoAztecs

    GoAztecs Walk On

    Jul 20, 2010
    Cincinnati coach Butch Jones has suspended backup tight end Travis Kelce for the 2010 season; Kelce violated team rules.
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