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BIG TIME Week 4 Spolier Alert!!

Discussion in 'Southern Fried Dynasty' started by Ian Moss, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Ian Moss

    Ian Moss Walk On

    Apr 15, 2012
    BIG TIME ( Week 4)​
    Oh boy we sure did get all fancy real quick. We got a new studio and some new chairs and a brand new desk. What shall we do? I know lets start off the show with a bang shall we and let's make them smile.​
    User game (Game of the week)​
    Wyoming (2-1) vs. Air Force (2-1)​
    The Cowboys are coming a heartbreak against Kansas State and oh great they get to travel to Colorado Springs to meet the Air Force. Air Force comes off last week losing big against Boise State after the week before creaming Utah State. Something has to got to give here. Will the Cowboys draw the big guns and escape the Air Force? Will Air Force be able to move the ball down the field like they did two weeks ago against Utah State? Will Peter Gabriel stop ringing in my head with that stupid song BIG TIME? Oh wait that is the name of our show now and we got that from a very wise man. Thank you wise man!!! Cowboys 30-21 over the Air Force.​
    Ball State (2-1) vs Eastern Michigan (1-2)​
    The Cardinals come off a big win against the Bruins in L.A. and meet the Eagles of Eastern Michigan in there MAC opener. Why do have a fun feeling that there is going to be a big letdown and the Cardinals will win but barely escape and win by like some magic score of 38-35? SPOILER ALERT: Dang this guy is good the Cardinals win 38-35 and are now 3-1 on the year and looking good putting up almost 30+ points a game on offense. Only if there defense would come around. Don't mention the Tar Heel game to PIG he might get a little mad he is the commish and there is a guy who is the co-commish I wouldn't get him mad either he hans't won a game all year and in a really weird mood. Anyhow the Cardinals could be a team to win the MAC and make some noise this season. Stop Peter with that song geez!!!​
    Ohio (3-0) vs NOBODY​
    After two huge wins over Vandy and Michigan on the road. The Bobcats get a breather. As they should there offense has put up some huge numbers against two really good teams. Did anyone see this coming? Anyone?​
    The answer would be NO!!! It looks like no one can stop these guys and could go should I say it now UNDEFEATED!!​
    Maybe... Well Ohio wins 70-0. Hey guy typing over here that already put up 70 in the first week. Okay how about 38-17?? Wait a minute you got that stupid song in your head by Peter Gabriel you know they kicked out of Genesis back in the day!! That would be the band by the way. Look it up kids on Youtube. Tyler Tettelton gulp Heisman Trophy Winner. Could be!!​
    San Jose State (2-0) vs. Minnesota (2-1)​
    The Spartans are coming off a bye last week and they needed it after they shocked the world and beat Stanford in there place. I know what your thinking big let down there are going to fall asleep against the Golden Gophers. Wake up Sparty this not a dream this is reality. I am going to put the voodoo on you and say you go undefeated. Please Jimmy Hendrix don't roll over in your grave when Hulk Hogan comes out to Voodoo Child every time he enters the ring. DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT: The Spartans Hulk up and drop the patented leg drop on those nasty gophers and win 34-10. The Spartans are 3-0 have never looked so darn good. Okay Jenny McCarthy we get the picture.​
    Toledo (1-2) vs. Central Michigan (2-1)​
    The Rockets are coming off a pasting they received courtesy of the Cowboys of Oklahoma State 45-17. What is with these Cowboys all over the place anyhow?? Here a Cowboy, There a Cowboy, Everywhere a Cowboy. Where is Jerry Jones or Jimmy Johnson when we need them? I know somewhere far, far away. Don't worry my preseason pick to win the MAC behind Bowling Green of course wins big time and turn around and paste those darn Chips 37-17. You have no idea how many Michigan State fans still here it about Central beating Michigan State in East Lansing to this day. One word. REALLY? How many years ago was that anyway? Don't you love that guy??​
    Hawai'i (1-1) vs. Nevada (1-2)​
    The Warrior were idle last week and probably were thankful they had it after losing a heartbreak to those darn Beavers of Oregon State. Oh great now we got animals along with the cowboys. I can't see it now a reality series Cowboys and Animals oh my. Can we get with the program please and someone turn that darn song of. I swear I hearBIG TIME one more time. Wait a minute the earth is starting to shake in Reno its the return of the Ultimate Warrior and the place is going crazy and the fans are storming the field before the game starts and the Ultimate Warrior is pressing them all over his head and slams them to the ground. Alright enough with the WWF stuff. The Warriors win big 42-21 over the Wolf Pack. Oh boy not the NwO wolfpac theme music too. Look it up kids on youtube.​
    San Diego State (1-1) vs Oregon State (3-0)​
    The Aztecs come off a bye week and a big win over California Love. Take that Dr. Dre and 2PAC. They will host the Beavers of Oregon State who come in ranked #18 in the country. I am really concerned about this game for some weird reason. This is the same team that lost to Texas-San Antonio and the Roadrunners were laughing the whole time and then barely beat Cal. I still got love for you Aztec Nation just not this week. The Beavers move to 4-0 and beat up the Aztecs 34-17.​
    Utah State (0-3) vs. Utah (1-1)​
    The Aggies come off a tough game that many felt should have won especially yours truly. 4 total turnovers hurt them which led to 21 Cal points. Note to self " How about let's not turn the ball over this week at all". You might actually win a game. YES, YES, YES, YES. Oh great Daniel Bryan has arrived and the whole stinking stadium is chanting YES. Utah comes off a beatdown at the hands of Oregon State. No way are the Aggies losing this game. Aggies 27-24. Here's me hoping I can actually stop someone on defense too.​
    Western Michigan (2-0) vs. Michigan (2-1)​
    The Broncos come off a huge win against Northwestern and get a treat and head to Ann Arbor to meet the really mad Wolverines who still have that guy from Ohio running all around laughing at them as he runs by them. The fans are mad and want Brady Hoke's head on a silver platter. Make it dinner for two as the Broncos do it again and go 3-0 and upset the Wolverines in the big house 27-23. Check please.​
    Bowling Green (3-0) vs. UCLA (1-1)​
    The Falcons survived last week over the Fighting Illini 21-20. I can see that guy over there going WHEW did we get away with one there. Off to a date with lots of roses and Bruins. Better wine her and dine her Bowling Green. The Falcons hit the home run on the first date and win big 34-14. Don't try that home kids on your first date with a girl. At least get to first base maybe second at best.​
    Miami OH (0-2) vs. Nebraska (2-1)​
    Don't feel bad coach. I am in the same boat with you. No wins, fans angry, this guy wants his money back from the date he was on since he didn't even get to first base. I feel ya man. After two brutal games and a controller against the wall I would be screaming too. Sad news to report he might be the first or second guy to get fired after the year is over. Him and that guy from Utah State. Stay positive my friend just think you got Illinois after this game. Everybody beats Illinois. Win number one will have to wait a week. The Cornhuskers stomp all over the Redhawks and win big 34-14. We can can compare notes if you want and plus just think that girl over there wants you to take her out after the game. That's so sounds nice.​
    Three teams can and will be undefeated in the MAC after week 4 and Ball State is on there tails.​
    The MWC just looks weird does anyone want to win. Don't answer that question San Jose State? Should be some interesting games and a lot of fun. SIDENOTE I have yet to win a game but limited my INT"S from 7 to 3 and actually might be having fun at this game. Now you get the idea and lets have some fun. Okay turn off Land of Confusion please or at least play the remake of it by Disturbed as we leave.​
    See you next on week on BIG TIME. I still miss Mel Allen and did anyone notice how hot that girl is from the BIG BANG THEORY​

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