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Boomer's Bunch: Oklahoma University's Team Page

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by fishdock, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    2017 Team Outlook:​
    Taking the Reigns -- Serge Nash, QB​
    Last year, the Sooners relied heavy on the accurate arm of Trevor Knight. When Knight went down midway through the season, Nash stepped up and after overcoming some early turnover troubles, became a competent competitor for the Sooners. This year, the job is his to lose and the coaches are putting a lot of weight on this RS senior's back. A threat with his arms and legs, Nash will open up the incredibly balanced Oklahoma offense, and hopefully keep drives alive with his legs as well as his improved arm.​
    The New Regime Begins -- Sylvester Armstrong, RB​
    Armstrong was one of the first recruits to commit to Fishdock when he took over for coach Boraby midway through Season 4. Although statistically less polished than his upperclass running mate Grant Hayes, Fishdock has decided to let the sophomore get the start not only beacuse of his balanced skill set, but also because he is superior catching the ball out of the backfield. Armstrong has been given the vote of confidence from the man with the headset, but also needs to show up on Saturdays to stave off the speed of Hayes.​
    Hesiman Hopeful -- Early King, WR​
    Fishdock had no idea what he had in Early King when he first arrived in Norman, but it didn't take him long to figure it out. Originally on the roster as a HB and stud KR, Fishdock put King in the slot and watched him flourish as a junior, and thankfully return for his senior season. A preseason All-American, Early King can run under any deep ball on the field, and draws similar comparisons to last year's Heisman winner, Ray Hall. The difference between good and great for King will be whether or not he can become an all purpose receiver this year, rather than just a burner who becomes insignificant against speedy cornerbacks.​
    Questions on the D-Line: Jerald Barclay, Robert Edwards, Nic Thompson, DT​
    Unlike many programs in the country, the Sooners run the 3-3-5 in order to keep pace with what were the explosive offenses in the Big 12, and should keep the same scheme in the SEC. Last year, Dusty Moseley anchored the three man front down low for the Sooners, but after his departure, DT is the most competitive position available headed into the season. Barclay will be the starter on day one, but he will have two young studs breathing down his neck. Nic Thompson was the only five star recruit in Fishdock's class this past year, but when push came to shove, four star recruit Robert Edwards rated better. It will be interesting to see how the players produce in early tests throughout the year, and which kid plugs the middle most effectively for the Sooners.​
    Slaughter House Three: Derrick Jones, Kenneth Elliot, Tyler Slaughter LB​
    Possibly the most exciting trio the Sooners have had line up on the defensive side of the ball, these three kids should wreak havoc in the SEC and provide problems for every QB and RB they face. Jones is a preseason All-American, and Elliot is a versatile athlete who slid from the middle to the left to open up from last year's huge recruit Tyler Slaughter. Slaughter looks like the next Brian Urlacher, a tenacious kid who makes a name for himself by rattling teeth. As was evidenced from last year's deluge of linebacker blitzes, Slaughter is prepared to meet plenty of opponents in the backfield and, literally, blow them up.​
    SPECIAL Teams: Curtis Pollard, K and Justin Reynolds, P​
    Sometimes, its the little things that make the difference between Championship contenders and really good football teams. The Sooners have two great seniors controlling the special teams, and the pundits are hard pressed to find a better tandem in the NCAA.​

  2. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    2017 Schedule:
    Auburn v. Oklahoma W​
    Oklahoma v. Georgia Tech L​
    Oklahoma v. LSU L​
    Arkansas v. Oklahoma L​
    Oklahoma v. Miss St. W​
    Alabama v. Oklahoma L​
    Texas v. Oklahoma​
    Kansas v. Oklahoma​
    Oklahoma v. Ole Miss​
    Oklahoma v. Missouri​
    Texas A&M v. Oklahoma​
    Oklahoma St. v. Oklahoma​
    Prediction: 10 - 2​
    Actual: 2 - 4​
    Season Diagnosis: A move to the SEC brings with it a ridiculously top heavy schedule for the Sooners. That may be a blessing in disguise. With the way that the BCS is calculated, if Oklahoma can escape their first seven games with one or two losses, they should have a great shot at making it into the BCS and getting a shot in the SEC Championship Game. As always, the SEC will just continue to beat up on each other, and the top heavy schedule means the Sooners should have an easier time getting W's after Texas makes the trip to Oklahoma. The Sooners are making it no mystery that they know how tough their schedule is in the early goings, but has the confidence in their system to make a run to the top.​
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  3. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    Looking For Revenge in Atlanta​
    As the Sooners prepare for a rematch in Atlanta against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, we take a look inside the numbers the two teams have compiled after both playing their first games of the year:​
    Georgia Tech defeats Florida State 36-31​
    Oklahoma defeats Auburn, 45-35​
    S. Nash (16-24, 346 yds, 4-1) v. B. Green (12-31, 401 yds, 4-3)​
    G. Hayes (27-151, 1 TD) v. R. Walton (13-49)​
    E. King (6-239, 4 TD) v. T. Wright (3-151, 1 TD)​
    S. Wheeler (3-35) v. C. Foreman (2-124, 2 TD)​
    R. Murray (5 tackles, 3 TFL, 2 sacks) v. G. Davis (3 tackles, 3 TFL)​
    K. Elliot (5 tackles, 1 TFL) v. N. Henderson (4 tackles, 1 TFL, 1 sack)​
    W. Burrell (5 tackles, 2 TFL, 1 sack, 1 INT, 1 FF) v. J. Ford (4 tackles)​
    Analysis: Based on the numbers, it looks like these are two teams who handle a ball game very differently. The Yellow Jackets clearly like to air it out while the Sooners keep the offense more balanced relying much more heavily on the run. Both teams have strong, quick quarterbacks under center, and both have proven to have the proclivity to find their teammates in the endzone. What jumps out on paper is a difference between QB pressure between these two teams. The Sooners were able to sack the quarterback five times in the matchup against Auburn while the Yellow Jackets only found the Seminole QB once. The Sooners also hold a 3-1 turnover lead on the Yellow Jackets, and are the team with a positive turnover differential. Last year the Sooners suffered from serious turnover problems with Serge Nash starting his first game in lieu of Trevor Knight's midseason injury, and it looks like keeping the turnover differential in their favor could be the key to their success.​
  4. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    It is not news to say that the Sooners are extrememly disappointed with their 1-3 start this season. As is evidenced by silence throughout the league, everyone is somewhat shocked that the Sooners are having this much trouble against the SEC, especially in the obliteration they received from LSU. The Sooners were hoping and expecting to return to their winning ways against Arkansas, and make a statement after being insulted by the power rankings and embarrassed by their opponent. Unfortunately, that did not occur, and after three straight losses, it looks like the winds of change have finally reached Norman. In the three losses, one thing has been a key problem, interceptions. And in the game of football, there are certain statistics that make certain players responsible. The Sooners have not made it public what their plans are moving forward, but the fact that Serge Nash has thrown 10 interceptions in four games does not bode well for the red shirt senior. The Sooners have a must win game this upcoming week against Mississippi State, and then face two strong user opponents the next two weeks in Alabama and Texas. Unfortunately, at times like this, sometimes loyalty just isn't enough.​
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  5. Spayer419

    Spayer419 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2012
    Who's next in line after Nash?
  6. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    Logan Joseph, RS junior. He's quicker and has one more point of awareness...same throw power, -7 on accuracy at 87, but Nash's 92 accuracy hasn't shown up yet. Regretting RS-ing Brent Price, but looking forward to three years of him (hopefully) after that. I forgot I was still working with Boraby's kids, and we have pretty different schemes.
  7. macc24usc

    macc24usc Walk On

    Sep 28, 2010
    Sounds like OU is going through the same growing pains as FSU, new coach and system in affect.... I think I'll REALLY feel it next season as my SR graduating class is HUGE. OU/FSU in a Bowl Game I do believe would be a pretty good matchup! Sounds like you've got som solid QB depth to look forward to so all hope shall not be lost my friend
  8. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    Oklahoma finally got back to its winning ways, albeit against an inferior opponent in Mississippi State. The winning effort was led by new QB RS Junior Logan Joseph who went 10-22 for 280+ yards and four touchdowns, along with a solid eighty yards on the ground. The result was a necessary one for the Oklahoma Sooners, but Joseph's performance wasn't exactly a deal breaker for the Sooner coaching staff. As was expected after a week of practices, Joseph proved to be less accurate than his predecessor Serge Nash, which only makes the decision on who will line up under center even more difficult for the coaching staff. The next two games are essentially going to make or break the Sooners season, as they take on two more SEC heavy weights in Alabama and rival Texas. If the Sooners want any have chance of sniffing the BCS, or even ending the season with dignity, they have to win one, if not both games. That is certainly a daunting task, as the Sooners had already expected to split these games at the very least. It's always difficult when matched up with a user opponent, and having to face two in back to back weeks with three losses already on the schedule is not a predicament anyone wants to be in. The coaching staff HAS declared that they will wait until the first snap to unveil who will be playing on Saturday, and that both QB's should expect to see some time on the playing field.​
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  9. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    2018 Team Outlook:​
    Disappointment is the word that best used to describe Oklahoma's effort last year. The talent was there, the scheme was there, but quite frankly, the discipline wasn't. Coach Fishdock has had a difficult time fighting his desire to be loyal to the kids that were in the system from Coach Boraby and using the kids that he brought in on his own, but assures the Sooner faithful that this year they are embracing unified outlook. Coach Fishdock spent the offseason preaching a one team, one heart philosophy, and has seen an overwhelming positive reaction from the kids. Although young, the Sooners are ready to make some noise and climb back in to national prominence in their second year in the SEC.​
    Under Center: Brent Price, QB​
    Last year, the quarterback position was somewhat of a mess for the Sooners. Serge Nash proved inconsistent. Logan Joseph proved too reliant on his legs. Coach Fishdock made a bold move six weeks in to the season when he removed the red shirt from Brent Price and plugged him in to the starting lineup. The rationale was simple: get the mistakes out early. The sophomore quarterback, who was one of Fishdock's first commits, did just that and helped the Sooners salvage their season and become bowl eligible. Although the weapon formerly known as Early King is no longer in Norman, the Sooners look forward to Price taking a huge step forward this year and continue to develop in to the kind of passer that Coach Fishdock envisioned when he brought Price to Norman.​
    Between the Tackles: Grant Hayes, RB​
    Coach Fishdock makes no mistake in taking blame for the lackluster running game out of Norman last year. Headed in to the season, the Coach wanted Sylvester Armstrong to take the lead, but it was junior Grant Hayes who proved more effective and gets the starting nod this year. Armstrong will definitely be used, possibly as a third down back, but must now also keep the exciting freshman, Clifton Jones, from nipping at his heels. The entire coaching staff is focused on using what they consider to be one of the deepest backfields they've had at Oklahoma in Coach Fishdock's tenure.​
    On the Outside: Kyle Walker, John Calhoun, Bobby Burley, WR - Steve Osborn, TE​
    Most years, the Sooners deploy a large number of weapons for their quarterbacks to enjoy. This year is much the same, with no allstars running routes, but everyone being a solid, dependable set of hands. The Sooners lack a true deep threat, which should be interesting to watch as the Sooners have been known for the past two years for just tossing it up and watching King run under it. That being said, Brent Price has the kind of arm that is effective on all passes, and the coaches and fans are excited to see how the passing game develops.​
    Interior Intel​
    The offensive line has always been a strength of the Oklahoma Sooners, and this year should prove to be no different. The tackles are young, but are extremely talented and should flourish with their early playing time in Norman. Look for incoming tackle, last year's #1 T overall Michael Walker, to make an impact and challenge for a spot on the Freshman All-American team. The defensive line for Oklahoma is incredibly deep, especially after senior Justin Magnum decided to return for his senior season. The Sooners have four young defensive tackles who could start for any unit in America, and are very fortunate to have these guys on a rotation.​
    Across the Middle: Tyler Slaughter, MLB​
    This year, the linebacking corps at Oklahoma prove to be the most inexperienced, but they are led by Tyler Slaughter, one of the most feared linebackers in the country. After a head scratching decision, the linebackers at Oklahoma appear to be misplaced and it seems like MLB Damaracus Fagan will be moving to ROLB instead of staying inside. Although they are young, the Sooners are deep, and hope to find a permanent combination of backers sooner, rather than later.​
    Cover Three: Dave Pressley, Brandon Douglas, Damon Thurman CB​
    These kids won the effort award in Norman last year, playing outside of their expectations and unfortunately just not being able to matchup against the superior speed and athleticism in the SEC. This year, these kids all have at least one year of starting under their belts and should be able to hold down the fort. The success of the Sooners could very well rely on the success of their defensive backs.​
    SPECIAL-ty Teams: Luke Mullins, K - William Randle, P - Clifton Jones, KR, PR​
    No one is going to expect these kids to replace their predecessors, who created one of the best special teams tandems in Sooner history. Randle, a true freshman, comes in known for his accuracy while Mullins is an extremely balanced kicker looking forward to getting his leg moving after a year on the bench. Incoming freshman and Early King 2.0, Clifton Jones, will return kicks and punts for the Sooners and should keep the special teams in Norman producing points when they need them. ​
  10. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    2018 Schedule:​
    Georgia Tech at Oklahoma​
    South Carolina at Oklahoma​
    Oklahoma at LSU​
    Oklahoma at Arkansas​
    Mississippi State at Oklahoma​
    Oklahoma at Alabama​
    Oklahoma at Texas​
    Kansas at Oklahoma​
    Ole Miss at Oklahoma​
    Missouri at Oklahoma​
    Oklahoma at Texas A&M​
    Oklahoma State at Oklahoma​
    Season Diagnosis: Much more balanced than their first year in the SEC, the Sooners should have an easier time navigating through this schedule. The obvious challenges will be opening weekend with GT in Norman, and then visiting LSU, Alabama, and Texas, but none of those games should be considered decided. The Sooners are a bit of a quaqmire heading in to this year considering their roller coaster 2017, so things can only start looking up for the Sooners.​
  11. fishdock

    fishdock Walk On

    Feb 9, 2012
    2019 TEAM OUTLOOK:

    Senior Slinger: Brent Price, QB

    Brent Price was one of the first big recruits for Coach Fish when he took over at Oklahoma. Fishdock turned some heads last year by making Price his starter with Logan Joseph sitting on the sideline and playing the role of read option runner in the offense. Price didn't disappoint, putting up a solid season that resulted in an 8-4 record and bowl win against rival Georgia Tech. This year, the Sooners will need to rely on Price to raise his game not only against the weaker opponents, but also the top dogs in the SEC: Alabama and Texas.

    Between the Tackles: Sylvester Armstrong, RB

    Another of Fishdock's first skill player recruits, Armstrong has patiently waited his turn through several upperclassmen and injury problems. This year, he is going to be the workhorse that the coaching staff envisioned him to be when he committed to OU. Armstrong is the definition of a balanced back, with good numbers across the board. In order for the offense to gel as a unit and hope to reach the SEC Championship game, Armstrong needs to stay on the field and prove that he can gain the extra two yards that were somewhat elusive in the Oklahoma offense with Grant Hayes.

    On the Outside: John Calhoun, Robert Joseph, WR

    The Sooner are very excited about their tandem junior redshirt wide receivers in Calhoun and Joseph. Both are playmakers, and should be able to help the Sooners stretch the field and run under the deep ball of Brent Price. In Coach Fishdock's pro style offense, the deep ball is a big part of the gameplan, and the these two athletic wide receivers should fit the bill just fine. Also look for sophomore Grant Hampton to be a breakout offensive player in Oklahoma's four wide receiver sets, this kid was a top ten recruit last year and was highly sought after by a few members of the Chompions dynasty.

    Across the Middle: Steve Osborne, TE

    Osborne proved to be a security blanket for Price last year, and this year he was acknowledged on the Preseason SEC 2ND Team. Look for Osborne to continue to be a huge part of the offense and possibly stretch the field as he improved his conditioning and running ability.

    In the Trenches: Ty Cole, C; Chris Gray, LG, Nick Johnson, RG

    Offensive line is never a weakness for the Sooners, and this year is the same scenario. Ty Cole is one of the most underrated offensive linemen in all of college football, and Gray and Johnson aren't far behind. The most exciting thing about this group is that both guards are juniors, and when you combine those two with second year starting sophomore Michael Walker on the outside, this group has a huge ceiling.

    Down and Dirty: Rashad Murray, Tim Luke, DE; Jerald Barclay, Nic Thompson DT

    Coach Fishdock made the defensive line the most important position(s) when he arrived in Oklahoma. Finally, he is starting to see the fruit of his labor take shape, and this year's defensive line could be the most dangerous. Murray is considered one of the top ten ends in the country, and Tim Luke is a speedy rushing end who could be playing as a linebacker. On the interior, Thompson looks primed for a breakout season after struggling in his freshman campaign and making noise in his limited action as a sophomore. Look for this team to play well against the run and make some running backs excited for Sunday.

    Slaughterhouse: Tyler Slaughter, MLB

    Tyler Slaughter has been a huge part of the Oklahoma Sooners from the first day he stepped on campus. He may not put up the same numbers as Dunbar, or have the speed to go from sideline to sideline, but he makes offenses run in the other direction. Receivers hate going across the middle against the Sooners, and quarterbacks are never harder on their olinemen than when preparing to play against Slaughter. He looks to have a great senior campaign and anchor this defense before riding off in to the NFL.

    Sooner Island: Brandon Douglas, Damon Thurman, CB

    These two cornerbacks may be the most exciting tandem that Fishdock has had at his disposal since arriving. Thurman has some of the best hands that the coaching staff has seen for a defensive back, and Douglas is a lockdown cover guy. The next two guys on the depth chart, Spencer Stewart and Marvin Hayes, are huge hitters who will relish the opportunity to come off the end and hit every quarterback between the numbers. Those two should also help in three and four cornerback sets against the run.

    Super Safeties: Will Burrel, FS; Evan White, SS

    The Sooners did a great job in bringing back White, a strong safety who was already projected as a third rounder without being a starter for the Sooners. These two young men, along with Tyler Slaughter should bring the physicality and mentality of Sooner football that Coach Fishdock has been trying to instill since day one. Now that the team is entering his fourth full year, it should be time to see the results.
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