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Bouncer24's Quarterly Report-Conference Outlook

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by thebouncer24, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Welcome to my first ever segment of Quarterly Reports. This is where we will take some time and break down the division's of each conference and see how everyone is doing. First off great pace in the league, this league has some great leaders, great commissioners, and all around great group of guys that love the game of Madden. This season is starting off a little different then most would figure, I mean HK Season 2 Champ is 1-3? Colts 4-0? Washington won a game? OK maybe that was a little harsh but all fun. Alright enough chit chat let's move on and start with the AFC. Oh by the way in the superbowl AFC is 2-0 both coming out of North. Can they do it again?

    Miami 3-1- this team brought in Brees, what owner would release him and not try his hardest to keep him on their team? I know if I had Brees I would not give him up for anything. None the less this CPU generated team will not end up on top of the division, they are a talented team but let's be honest, CPU teams normally don't make the cut, moving on!

    NYJ 2-1- No Shonne Greene? No problem this team is still 2nd in the nation in rushing led by Jonathan Stewart and a monster rookie from East Carolina by the name of Octvious Hardy. Then of course this D is just outright dominating. This is my nominee for division leader

    Bills 1-3- This defense gives up a lot of points and a lot of rushing yards. He has prided himself on his LB's...Where are they? 23rd in nation on rushing Defense? Still young players, CJ Spiller has been hurt when he comes back he will turn the team around and help them fight for Division Title but I don't see them overcoming Jets

    Patriots 0-4 - CPU team that is not competeing at all. Nuff Said

    Bengals 3-0 - Season 1 Super Bowl Champ and looking like he is back on track for another run. This GM can turn a rock into a diamond. Looking over this teams stats. I see no flaws. You can not run on this team they don't allow points they score like it's nothing. Only exception is this team is 20th overall on pass defense. Or maybe a fact that he gets on top so quick that you have to throw all game.

    Browns 3-1 - Well hello Romo and welcome. Romo in his 2 games is 26/39 609 yards and 8 TDS!! Titan fans don't be too upset as you guys had your eyes set on him ready to lock and load. Sad day. On to the Browns this team is now a threat with Romo back there. McCoy is good but Romo is making this his team already. Better watch out for this team. Depending on how he can handle Bengals this team is a threat for AFC North Champ.

    Ravens 1-3 - Dude? You there? Time to wake up and play! You lost two of your best players on D. Time to suck it up and move on! Alright, Alright I apologize for the harsh words but you were SB Champ last year. You still hungover?

    Steelers 1-3 - CPU team with no chance. Nuff Said

    AFC South

    Colts 4-0 - No Manning? No problem, this team made a bold move saying goodbye to Peyton Manning. Needless to say it is working. Horstman has shown the HK Nation he is here to stay and there is nothing anyone can do about it. This team is solid all around. This team is my pick to win this conference hands down.

    Titans 2-2 - Jake Locker? Coach has something for this kid. This guy should have been gone last year. You had Romo to pick up. You still have Schaub out on market. DO SOMETHING BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

    Jaguars 1-3 - Slow Start for this team but they can turn it around in a heartbeat with MJD in the backfield. This team will prove they are a force to be reckoning with in the next few weeks. Lookout

    Texans 0-4 - CPU moving on

    AFC West

    Raiders 3-1 - This team is looking good and beating some good teams in the start of the season. This team gets it done with their rushing and the Defense. Early in the season but they are my pick for AFC West Champs.

    Chargers 2-2 - CPU Team won't amount to anything

    Chiefs 1-2 - New owner as of tonight (I believe). This team has a good D but still have Cassel in backfield. Unless the new owner is a miracle worker, I am going to say no to the Chiefs this season.

    Broncos 1-3 - Just can't keep a GM around huh?

    NFC East

    Giants 4-0 - Who called this team a potential SB Champ? Who started the bandwagon? ME!! I am a believer in this team. They have the rushing attack and a Defense to keep their team within striking distance at all times. WATCH OUT!

    Cowboys 3-1 - This team is struggling stats wise. No standouts anywhere but as a team he gets it done. For now. 3-1 though, can't argue.

    Redskins 1-2 - Redskins went in and got themselves a fearful Defense. They got some linebackers to sniff out the run and keep scores low. Your keeping yardage low but your giving up points. That's a no-no. They score more points they win. Basic concept.

    Eagles 0-4 - Really? 0-4. Wheres that Mike Vick project at?

    NFC North

    Lions 2-2 - Calvin Johnson. Need I say more? This man will go get anything he is clearly the guy to cover. He has caught about half of Staffords completions. COVER CALVIN.

    Vikings 1-3 - Season 1 was rough, Season 2 was great, Season 3 starting rough. Rollercoaster ride, all is good though this team relies on the run and the run will bring them victory!

    Bears 1-3 - Tough season for DA BEARS. This is a great GM and a great Team. Look for them to find a way to turn this 1-3 around and have a productive season.

    Packers 1-3 - Eh

    NFC South

    Panthers 4-0 - GM moved from Houston to take over Cam Newton, looks to be paying off. This team is 1st in nation in rushing and a very explosive high scoring offense. Cam isn't having the year most would expect him to have but let's be honest, he's winning...Just like TEBOW IRL

    Saints 2-2 - Jimmy Graham where'd you go? Oh ok your hurt, when will you be back? NEVER??? Ouch this hurt the team emotionally. Nonetheless you are putting up points with that rushing attack. Hillis is going great for you, I was the first to question the whole no Ingram but Hillis made me shut up.

    Falcons 1-2 - Rushing attack with Rodgers and Murray is non existent. Where'd it go? No rushing and no points would account for 1 win. All in all this is a great team and they will turn it around.

    Buccaneers 1-2 - BRING BACK GRUDEN

    NFC West

    Seahawks 3-0 - Amazing Defense. With a Defense like that all it takes is a good drive or 2 to win. But of course this offense is the highest scoring offense. So far this team is on fire and doing it with Whitehurst as QB. Who would of thought?

    Cardinals 3-1 - Cardinals having a great season thus far their lone loss comes from the Seahawks but this team is looking sharp and keeping their head straight as they go game to game.

    Rams 3-1 - Bradford, Jackson, Freeman. All great offensive weapons and the stats don't lie. Where is this defense at right now? This offense is going to have to put up huge numbers game in and game out just to compete.

    49ers 2-2- NEXT

    So this wraps up our first segment! Early season with a lot left to shake up these divisions. Looking forward to Quarter 2!
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  2. Zikry

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    Sep 22, 2010
    Bouncer churnin out the content! Good stuff
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