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Bowl Games | Season 1

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by MartyWebb, Jul 29, 2012.

  1. MartyWebb

    MartyWebb C.R.E.A.M.

    Jul 25, 2010
    Broncos, Bruins Lead Second Half to Remember
    The UCLA Bruins and the Western Michigan Broncos had a helluva game today in Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. Western Michigan, who was basically a home team, allowed their crowd to affect UCLA playcalling, and Freshman (RS) QB Brett Hundley would have to lean on hand signals and long huddles to drive the playcalling through to his teammates. ​
    The entire first quarter, and most of the second quarter was full of long drives from both the Bruins and the Broncos, ending short of points with turnovers or punts. Until Hundley got sacked and fumbled with 2:21 remaining, recovered by Western Michigan. That drive would spark the first points of the game, and give the Broncos a 7-0 lead with over a minute remaining in the first half. After getting sacked for the second straight play, Hundley would complete 3 passes to Fauria, Fuller and Evans respectively, to hit his fourth receiver of the drive, Jerry Rice Jr. from 24 yards away. 14-14 after one half. ​
    Western Michigan receiving the ball after half, Alex Carder would through a costly pick to Aaron Hester of UCLA, who took it all the way back to put the Bruins up top, 14-7. Carder would however answer 4 minutes later, when connecting with David Stout for a big touchdown, keeping UCLA at bay and tying it 14-14 going into the fourth quarter. And what a fourth quarter it would be. ​
    Extending their drive that started prior to the end of the third quarter, UCLA was able to get Fairbairn into field goal range to take the 17-14 lead, 6 minutes left. The following WMU drive would end with FS Tevin McDonald picking off a Carder pass, returning it all the way to their two yard line, Johnathan Franklin scoring on the next play with a little under 5 minutes remaining, 24-14 UCLA. Then at the 2:31 mark, things would get weird. Alex Carder connected again with Stout, this time for 72 yards and a touchdown, bringing them within a field goal. The following drive, on 3rd and 8, Hundley would throw a costly interception to Bronco Garrett Smith, who's return it for a touchdown, giving the Broncos the 28-24 lead with 2 minutes remaining! UCLA's Shaquelle Evans would get a great jump on the return, placing it at the WMU 42 yard line, and 5 plays later UCLA would regain the lead with a 3 yard run by M. Jones, 31-28. With 34 seconds left there was only two ways this game could end. The third option entered via stage left. Lewis Toler of WMU returned the kickoff 99 yards for the touchdown, with Ford Field going absolutely crazy. That left 23 seconds for Brett Hundley and company to drive the field for a win, down 35-31, a field goal not being an option. But Hundley was still on the sidelines when the offense took the field, removed due to a broken collarbone that he endured on their last 'game winning drive.' Insert QB Kevin Prince, who lost his job before the season to upstart Hundley. The first play from drive had Shaquelle Evans cut through the safeties unnoticed, catching it 30 yards downfield, and sprinting his way to a UCLA victory and a spot in every UCLA fan's heart.​
    Final Score :
    UCLA 38 - 35 WMU​
    Player of the Game :
    UCLA WR Shaquelle Evans - 4 catches for 121 yards, 1 Touchdown; 5 Kickoff Returns for 114 yards​
    Highlights :

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  2. Baron

    Baron "I'm PFP's reckoning."

    Jul 5, 2011
    Utah Runs Roughshod Over #3 UNC, 41-21
    Utes Crush UNC hopes for split title, finish 11-3
    It might have been called the Rodney Dangerfield Bowl as #3 North Carolina (12-1) and #22 Utah (10-3) both felt as if they had gotten no respect from the pollsters heading into their epic matchup of the respective ACC and PAC-12 champions.​
    "You'd think a twelve game winstreak, capped by a conference title victory over the #1 team in the country would count for something," Coach I Peench said at the Sugar Bowl media day. "We're out to show everybody just how good this team is."​
    "Anyone care to tell me how we can have teams with the exact same record, THAT. WE. HAVE. BEATEN. polling ahead of us," Coach Baron said at the media day when asked about the Utes 'bizarre' #22 ranking. "I mean, it's obviously less of a deal than Powder Blue friends' from the ACC, but still."​
    Both squads wanted to use the other as the sacrificial lamb to the alter of "I-fucking-told-you-so," so it was bound to be a bloody affair.​
    Clad in their all-black uniforms, Utah raced out to an early lead on the quick legs of 1st Team PAC-12 RB John White on a 46 yard TD rush. "He sets his blocks up so well, you just have to admire the vision and patience," Baron said.​
    An INT by ACC 1st Team QB Bryn Renner to CB Mo Lee did not help things on UNC's opening drive. "We just could not get any separation," Peench said after the game.​
    The Utes would take advantage and score quickly, this time off a 9 yard strike from QB Jon Hays to TE Kendrick Moaei, 14-0 Utah early.​
    The Tarheels would continue to have trouble moving the football as the Ute defense flew all around the field. Spearheaded by 3 down lineman that were all, 2nd Team PAC-12 defenders, Utah's defense managed to force yet another punt.​
    And once again, the Utes would have timely conversions (converting six of their first eight 3rd downs) before capping things off with yet another John White 1 yd TD-run. "They did an excellent job of containing Jon... Hays, that is. They were scraping their linebackers really well off the edge to force him back inside. But when you put that much attention on the QB, John... White, was able to see some nice holes."​
    A clearly shellshocked UNC squad would find some life as Renner would lead a long drive through the air, capped off by an 18 yard pass to Jheranie Boyd.​
    But the Tarheels had left far too much time on the clock. Hays would waste no time marching the Utes down the field, picking apart UNC's vaunted 4-2-5 defense, finishing with an almost lazy 5 yard pass to Dres Anderson.​
    When asked about leaving too much time on the clock at half, Coach Peench stared at the sideline reporter for a few moments, before answering, "We had to get some points and the way we were going, choosing the manner in which we did get them was not really a high priority."​
    As UNC would receive, they would have a golden opportunity to close the gap to a much more manageable figure. But Utah's defense scoffed at the very notion of said, aforementioned opportunity and swiftly gave the ball back to their offense.​
    Smelling blood in the water, Hays reunited with one of his favorite receivers in recovered slot receiver Luke Matthews. Matthews, back from a knee ligament injury showed that he hadn't lost a step with an 11 yard receiving touchdown giving Utah a shocking 35-7 lead.​
    UNC would respond quickly with a no-huddle aerial attack that was capped off by a 10 yard Giovani Bernard TD run to close things to a 35-14 gap. But that would be just one of four carries for the star running back, a testament to Utah's offense for creating such a lead, and Utah's defense for otherwise killing the Tarheel run game in its crib. UNC would finish with just 40 rushing yards, many of those on scrambles, to Utah's 200.​
    Points would be less crucial than time and Jon Hays led yet another masterful drive, draining three and a half minutes off the clock before allowing Coleman Peterson to nail a 47 yard FG, 38-14 Utah.​
    Even a conciliatory 42 yard TD pass from Renner to Reggie Wilkins could not excite the stunned powder-blue clad fans. Another field goal by Utah and then an interception by CB Ryan Lacy would put an end to both squads seasons on very different notes.​
    John White was the player of the game with 2 TD's and 138 yards on 16 carries (8.625 ypc).​
    Sugar Bowl Individual Stats.JPG
    Sugar Bowl Team Stats.JPG
    ( GG I Peench , I just had one of those games where everything went my way. See ya next season!)​
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  3. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
    ill have highlights of the Las Vegas Bowl up tonight
  4. sawemoff

    sawemoff #FearTheBeard

    Dec 29, 2011
    Agnew Finishes Strong
    The Valero Alamo Bowl was the site where the Oregon State Beavers took on the Red Raiders of Texas Tech. Both QBs were way their game and it cost one of them the game. Heisman runner up Seth Doege only threw three interceptions and was lucky he didn't throw more. The Beaver defense dropped nine interceptions and Coach Saw was not happy. This game should have been won by a lot more than four points but it is what it is and OSU found a way to get the W. ​
    The first half looked very promising for the OSU offense as they drove down the field with ease. RB Malcolm Angew was cleared before the game so he came out tearing up the Tech defense. Sean Mannion would cap the drive off with a 9 yard TD to SR WR Markus Wheaton. It always seem when OSU scores the other team does not waste anytime to get on the board. The Beaver defense seems to get relaxed and gives up way too many big plays. It only took a little over a minute for Doege to get his team into scoring position. RB Eric Stephens would score on a crisp cutback up the gut to knot the game at 7. The second quarter was horrendous for the Beavers. It started and ended with an interception. All three of Mannion's interceptions would come in this quarter. Tech would score off the first one but would miss a late FG to go into half up 14-7. The problem for OSU is that they tend to press way too much at the end of half instead of sticking to their game and run the ball. ​
    This game would be decided in the third quarter as neither offense could muster anything in the fourth. Tech would start off with the ball and Doege would throw an interception to FR(RS) SS Peter Ashton. Ashton would return in to Tech's 16 yard line and Agnew would do the rest.​
    Agnew would easily get into the endzone as their was only one man to beat. After his second interception Doege really played conservative, which wound up limiting this air raid offense. He was scared to make medium to long ranged passes and just dumped it off to his RBs. But Doege did do enough to get in FG range. K Ryan Bustin would come on and kick the 31 yarder with ease. One of the best things about having a good running game is that it opens up the throwing game. On a first down on their own 15 Mannion got the matchup he wanted. WR Micah Hatfield was covered by a LB, who actually blitzed, one on one with one SS over the top. Once hiked Mannion looked off the SS and hit Hatfield in stride. There was nothing no defender could do except watch him run for 85 yards. Coach Saw's Oregon State Beavers finished the season with 10 wins and looks forward to making more noise next year!​
    [​IMG] 21
    [​IMG] 17
    PLAYER OF THE GAME: RB Malcolm Agnew- 29 Att, 176 yards, 1 TD
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  5. I Peench

    I Peench Caught in the hustle

    Jul 1, 2010

    Sucks I couldn't get any sweet cut scenes in. I don't understand why it skipped all of that.

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  6. Bulldog

    Bulldog Coach Richt is my Dawg!

    Jul 1, 2010
    Trojans destroy Bulldogs in MAACO Bowl!

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