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Bowl Season

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by GMONEY 15, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011
    Welcome to the OTP Season 4 Bowl games. We have 2 USER games. Florida plays Oklahoma in the AT@T Cotton Bowl and LSU plays Notre Dame in the BCS Title game. The other Bowl games are against the CPU. Bowl season will be advanced Friday at 10pm EST. No extensions will be given as that's 3 days to play the game. Good luck to all and remember the off season will advance in 12 hour increments.​
    NOTE: If you guys agree with this I was thinking after the 12 hours player leaving I was going to do the recruiting like this. Advance to week 1, then week 3 and then week 5. Does anyone have an issue with that as it seems like most of us are done with recruiting. Let me know guys.​
    Welcome to Bowl Season!
    Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to publish your own stories.

    =============== Florida State Seminoles (6-5) ===============
    Florida State will face Wyoming in the Independence Bowl.

    =============== #6 Oklahoma State Cowboys (10-2) ===============
    #7 Oklahoma State will face #15 Miami in the Orange Bowl®.

    =============== Ohio State Buckeyes (5-7) ===============

    =============== #2 LSU Tigers (13-0) ===============
    Last week, LSU won 35-11 against Georgia (8-4).
    #2 LSU will face #1 Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship.

    =============== #1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (13-0) ===============
    Last week, Notre Dame won 27-3 against Michigan State (9-4).
    #1 Notre Dame will face #2 LSU in the BCS National Championship.

    =============== #10 Wake Forest Demon Deacons (10-2) ===============
    #12 Wake Forest will face USF in the Champs Sports Bowl.

    =============== Maryland Terrapins (3-9) ===============

    =============== #20 Michigan State Spartans (9-4) ===============
    Last week, Michigan State lost 27-3 against Notre Dame (13-0).
    #11 Michigan State will face Georgia in the Capital One Bowl.

    =============== Penn State Nittany Lions (8-4) ===============
    Penn State will face #17 Auburn in the Outback Bowl.

    =============== #4 Texas Longhorns (11-2) ===============
    Last week, Texas won 34-14 against Oklahoma (10-3).
    #4 Texas will face #7 Ohio in the Fiesta Bowl.

    =============== #11 Oklahoma Sooners (10-3) ===============
    Last week, Oklahoma lost 34-14 against Texas (11-2).
    #6 Oklahoma will face Florida in the AT&T Cotton Bowl.

    =============== Florida Gators (7-5) ===============
    Florida will face #11 Oklahoma in the AT&T Cotton Bowl.

  2. schreck822

    schreck822 Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    Title game set for 10est tonight, should be a monster game. Had a preview started.... but I lost it. Long story short, it will be a clash of two loaded teams. G is a better player than me, so I need to play mistake free to pull it out. Should come down to who can establish the run game and who can shut it down. If anybody has any pointers, throw them at me
  3. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011
    Congratulations schreck822 on your win in the BCS Title game. That was one heck of a battle. Please do a great write up on the game while I am advancing into the new season.

  4. schreck822

    schreck822 Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    Yeah buddy, I'll get going on it now. Hopefully we can cruise through recruiting, really only Kale25 should have any to do.
  5. schreck822

    schreck822 Walk On

    Feb 17, 2011
    Notre Dame Wins One for the Ages

    It's times like this I wish I was a much better writer, because G and I just played an epic Title game. This thing was brutal all the way through, as both teams are loaded with talent and just kept beating on one another. It really was a stalemate, as every time one side did something, the other seemed to answer. It's one of those games I wish I could have recorded, because I'm a big enough dork I'd like to watch it again. Anyway, on to the game.

    1st Quarter
    LSU won the toss and kicked off. ND took the ball and got off to a nice start, moving the chains for a few first downs past midfield. The D held strong though, and forced a 49 yard FG, which Brindza booted through to put ND up 3 early. LSU took the ball and started strong. They moved right down the field and were getting chunks of yards. They marched all the way down to about the 17 yard line and had a 1st down. That's when the D really got aggressive, stopping a 1st down draw play for a 4 yard loss, then All-World MLB Ishaq Williams busted through on the blitz for a big sack on 2nd. Finally, on 3rd and long, DE Grigsby beat his blocker for yet another big sack to force 4th and 33 from the 40. This stand would prove to be huge to the outcome of the game as LSU went from a sure 3 points, if not more, to punting. Fortunately for LSU however, Golson was a bit shaky in this one, as on the ensuing drive he through a boneheaded pick to give the Tigers the ball back at about the 40.

    2nd Quarter
    This time they would not be denied, as they worked down into the redzone again. After getting 1st and goal around the 4, they pounded it to the 1, then were stuffed on a 2nd down sneak, before the FB was able to barely eek in on 3rd and inches to go up 7-3 midway through the 2nd. Eager to get the ball back, ND started their drive, only to have it end in the same agonizing fashion, as Golson again threw a foolish pick on a short curl route on 3rd down and 4 with a defender sitting on it. The Irish D was able to stand strong though, and forced LSU to kick a 20 yard FG after making 3 straight huge stops at the 1 yard line. It was an epic stand. ND got the ball back with 2:15 to go in the half down 10-3. This time, Golson shook off the stupid and really got the team moving. As usual, GAIII was the main driver of the offense, breaking off a few decent runs to get things rolling, but Golson really made some key throws, ending with a perfectly placed 21 yard pass to Davonte Neal on a flag route to tie it up with 25 seconds in the half. This is where it got silly, as ND picked off LSU's first pass of the drive, and had 19 seconds to get some points. Of course, Golson threw another pick to end that shot, and we went to the half tied at 10.

    3rd Quarter

    LSU got the ball to begin the 2nd half, and went to work on one of there long methodical drives before the D finally forced them into a 42 yard FG. The Irish O took the ball and had a nice long drive of their own, relying heavily on the legs of GAIII, and mixing in some key passes. Then, from the 30, GAIII broke off a huge run around the outside and beat the defense to the endzone to give ND their 1st lead at 17-13 as the quarter wound down.

    4th Quarter

    With the ball back and determined to get the lead, LSU drove all the way down the field, and once again found themselves knocking at the door from the 1 yard line. Again, it was a battle of wills as the D stopped the initial few attempts to power in, but then, on 4th and inches the Mad Hatter went for it, and this time Tremblay bowled in for the score to go up 20-17 with just under 4 to go in the game. That gave us plenty of time to at least get into field goal range, but wouldn't you know it, after getting to midfield, Golson threw pick #4 of the game.

    At this point, the game appeared to be over as there were just 2 minutes to go. LSU gained 5 on play one, quick TO. Play two, the D stiffened and forced a yard loss, TO. Play 3, they go for it with a pass. The receiver ran a quick hitch at the 1st down marker, and as he caught it, he came back just a bit, and the defender tackled him right where he was a yard short of the 1st, last TO taken with 1:33 to go. With 4th and 1 at the 30, I worried they'd go for it to seal the deal, but they played it safe and made the 43 yarder FG to go up 6.

    And then what ND fans are already calling THE DRIVE, ND came up with one of the best last minute comebacks of Title Game history. I wish I had all the details of the drive, but I blacked out for much of it. Basically, we got some first downs and kept picking up the yards we needed to move down field. We made it all the way down inside the 3 with a 1st down for yet another crazy goalline situation, with about 40 seconds to go and no TO's. I had to rely on my horse, so we tried pounding it, got stuffed. Tried again, stuffed. Tried again, stuffed. Finally, on 4th down from the 2 with the clock winding down under 4 seconds, GAIII took it around the left edge, caught a perfect block and waltzed in for the game winning score. It was an amazing 40 seconds of football, I was shaking all the way through.

    Holy Crap!!!!! Amazing game, and can't say enough about G's ability. I had to work for every yard, and frankly, he should have probably had at least 2 more easy picks on me and the game would have been over. On the last drive, I also had a really lucky 3rd down conversion where my WR made a crazy catch at the marker on an in route that the DB was all over. Just an all around amazing game, best one I have ever been a part of as far as I can tell (I've played a hell of a lot of NCAA too). Great game G, and good luck next season, hopefully we'll meet again.
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  6. droid43

    droid43 Walk On

    Apr 22, 2012
    Cowboys Calm the Canes in Close Battle
    Torrance Carr catches a pass just past Miami's Nate Dortch. The play resulted in a 48 yard gain and set up the
    Cowboys to attempt the game winning field goal.
    The Cowboys were ecstatic to be selected for the Discover Orange Bowl after a season ending let-down against OU in the Bedlam Game. The opponent was a very strong Miami Hurricanes team that had a very different approach for moving the football. Two different offensive styles clashed as the Cowboys brought in Heisman, O'Brien, and Maxwell winning quarterback JW Walsh and an impressive air raid offense. The Canes brought in a dominating running, pro style offense and would be attempting to control the ball and keep the impressive OSU offense on the sideline. The game went back and forth and was definitely one of the best orange bowls in recent memory as the Cowboys pulled off a last second win against the Hurricanes.
    The Cowboys received the opening kickoff after winning the toss and appeared to be hitting stride on the first drive. Walsh scrambled for 27 yards on the first play from scrimmage and went 3/3 on the drive. Despite the scramble, the Cowboys could not get anything going on the ground. Roland had two rushes for -5 yards on the drive and the Miami defense often forced OSU to play behind the chains on second and third down due to the outstanding rush defense. Finally the drive stalled at the Miami 20 on a fourth and inches. Coach Gundy was eager to send an early message to the opponent. The Cowboys lined up in a full house pistol formation and attempted to rush Wilson for the first down but were denied by a stop behind the line. Miami had thwarted the Cowboys first drive and had made an impressive play early in the ball game. After taking over on downs, the Miami offense marched down the field. The Canes had gone 51 yards in 5 plays to set up a 46 yard field goal. The boot by Darrick Battle barely went over the crossbar and gave Miami the first points of the game with 2:05 remaining in the first quarter.
    JW Walsh picked up right where he left off on his second possession. The Cowboys wen 75 yards in 11 plays. Walsh was 7/7 on the drive and continued to spread the ball out to all of his receivers. The drive was capped off by a 13 yard pass from Walsh to Glidden over the middle of the field. With a 7-3 lead and a new surge of confidence, the Cowboy defense stepped back onto the field looking to make a play, and that is exactly what happened. True freshman Chad Ryan had been picked on all year and expected in coming into the bowl game as well, but this time he made a play on the deep ball snatching it out of the Miami receiver's hands (This literally happened the circle briefly went around the Miami receiver as though he had possession of the ball and then Ryan intercepted it).
    Ryan's play set up a short field for the red-hot Walsh. It only took the offense 3 plays to find the endzone after taking over at the Miami 47. Walsh threw a pass that lead a streaking Torrance Carr toward the inside of the defender and Carr was able to snatch the ball out of the air past the diving attempt of Miami's cornerback Nate Dortsch. The impressive throw and catch gave the Pokes a 14-3 lead with 4:40 remaining until halftime. The Canes weren't going down without a fighwt. Miami halfback Dallas Crawford put the team on his shoulders as he began pounding away at the Cowboy defense. The Hurricanes responded with a touchdown drive of their own in which Crawford had 57 of the 75 yards including the four yard touchdown the cap the drive.
    It was at this point that the Cowboys offense stalled. The Miami defensive line began imposing its will on the offensive line and Walsh was sacked twice on the ensuing drive and eventually intercepted on a third and long. Walsh had completed every attempt until that point. The turnover sent a surge of momentum to the Miami sideline and gave the Miami offense a chance to put more points on the board. Hurricane quarterback Preston Dewey led his offense 23 yards before the OSU defense clamped down. The drive allowed the Canes to attempt another 46 yard field goal. Coach Gundy used his last time out to attempt to ice Battle and to stop the running clock for another shot at points. Miami's Battle again barely got the ball over the crossbar with 0:40 seconds left. The Pokes attempted to move the ball again, but a first down sack negated that idea. Roland ran the clock out on the last play of the first half. The Cowboys led the Canes 14-13.
    Zac Butler catches a 9 yard slant pass from Walsh for a touchdown to make the score 21-13.
    The third quarter opened as a defensive stalemate. Neither offense could gain any traction throughout the first half of the quarter. Finally on the Cowboys' third possession of the quarter Walsh was able to put together an impressive 8 play, 68 yard drive. The key play of the drive was a 27 yard pass to Zac Veatch on 3rd and 11 from the Miami 48 yard line. Two plays later Walsh found his favorite target Zac Butler on a slant route for the 9 yard touchdown. The Cowboys were up 21-13, but the 8 point lead was not safe for very long. Just as Walsh stepped up when his team needed him, so did Miami's Dallas Crawford. The powerful halfback took a counter 42 yards into the endzone after breaking two tackles on the perimeter. Crawford's rush on the two point attempt failed and the Cowboys held a 21-19 lead with 2:36 remaining in the third.
    The whole complexion of the game changed on the following drive. The Cowboys again began to move the ball down the field, but not by the arm of Walsh, Roland and Wilson were able to find success on the ground against the Canes' defense. The success was short lived though. Soon the Cowboys were facing a third and 15 from the Miami 36 yard line. The third down attempt fell incomplete and Groza award winner Adam Cole came on to attempt the 53 yard field goal. The freshman kicker was unable to connect. The ball hit the crossbar and fell to the ground. When asked about the first kick after the game Cole remarked, "I just didn't get everything on it. I pulled up a little early, but I can make that kick at least 8/10 times." Now the away team had the advantage in the back and forth game going into the fourth quarter.
    The Hurricanes wasted no time taking advantage of the missed field goal. Crawford and Dewey kept the Cowboy defense on it's heels with a mix of run and pass. The Cowboys were unable to get any pressure on Dewey nor were they able to keep Crawford from gashing through the defense. The Hurricanes had the lead within a minute after the missed field goal. Dewey found wideout Garrett Kidd for a 37 yard touchdown on a post pattern. Dewey was able to just get the pass off before the blitz got there and as the old saying goes, "You either get beat by the blitz or beat the blitz." The Hurricanes again attempted a two point conversion, but Kidd was unable to hang on to the slant pass. With 6:37 remaining in the game the Canes lead 25-21.
    Coach Gundy was seen talking to his quarterback after the Hurricanes took the lead in fourth in a fiery manner. The Coach sent his offense back out onto the field and what he told Walsh seemed to have been perfect. The Cowboys struck very quickly against a very aggressive Miami defense. The Canes had been coming up all game to defend the shorter passes, so the Cowboys switched up the play calling. "Usually we like to go for crossers and routes 10-15 yards deep. We want our quarterback to be able to make a quick read and get the ball out of his hands. So we don't plan deep shots too often, but Miami was just begging for it at this point. They had been creeping up since the second quarter and it had worked, so we knew something had to change. So we attacked deep and it worked like a charm. I told JW that this was his drive and to show everyone why he's the best quarterback in the nation," said Gundy post-game.
    On the first play of the drive, Walsh lobbed a pass up the left sideline and Carr made the catch behind the leaping Miami defender and was just able to get a foot in bounds. The next play it was Butler's turn. A combination of out and up routes caused freshman safety Charles Foster to jump on pump-fake leaving Butler to jet down the field. By the time the safety was able to recover it was too late, and Butler had caught an easy pass in the endzone. The Cowboys kicked the extra point to go up 28-25 with nearly the entire quarter left to be played.
    Zac Butler gets behind Miami's Charles Foster for a 36 yard touchdown.
    Both teams went three and out on the following possessions, but the Hurricanes put together a drive with four minutes remaining. The balanced offensive attack kept the Cowboys from making any plays on the defensive front. The Canes were able to convert two 3rd and 11's on the drive and the frustration on Coach Gundy's face was very telling. Just when it seemed as though Preston was going to make another play on third down, strong safety Isaac Maselera hit Preston just before he was able to release the ball and sacked the Miami quarterback. The Cowboy defense may not have been able to shut down the Hurricane offense very often, but they did tighten up on their side of the field. The Pokes had forced two long field goals earlier in the game and now late in the game they had done the same. Battle made the 42 yard field goal and tied the game at 28 with 2:06 remaining.
    Walsh stepped onto the field with his offense and appeared cool and calm. Both the offense and defense knew that one play could completely change the game with so little time remaining, and it was the Cowboy offense that made the play. Walsh audibled after the defense showed its hand on a hard count. Walsh threw a slant to Carr on a play that was almost identical to the touchdown play earlier in which Nate Dortch dove in attempt to deflect the pass, but was unsuccessful. Carr turned upfield and ran for 63 yards before being tackled at the Miami 12 yard line. It was at that point that Walsh slowed down the offense and began to run the clock out. Miami had all three timeouts, but neglected to use them. Wilson and Roland were able burn 1:30 off the clock before Coach Gundy called a timeout with 0:05 remaining to line up the field goal. Miami's Al Golden then called his first timeout to attempt to freeze Cole on the 22 yard attempt, but Cole made up for his earlier miss and banged the field goal through with 0:02 remaining. The following squib kick kept any miracles from happening and the Cowboys were able to take down Miami in what was essentially a home game for the Hurricanes.
    JW Walsh Celebrates after throwing the final touchdown of his Cowboy career.
    Walsh is projected to be selected in the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft.
    **This was by far the best game I've ever played on NCAA 13. The AI was very good and some great, diverse animations occurred, diving attempts at my passes, called great plays on offense and defense, and I felt the game was very very fair, but still a challenge. I wish every game could play out this way against better CPU teams. The game was so frustrating at times, but in a GREAT way!**
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