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Bowl Week (S2) Scores

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BobJr, Nov 13, 2010.

  1. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
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    Wow..what can you say. The LTU Bulldogs pulled out their first Bowl game victory in ages. By defeating the Tulsa Golden Hurricanes this LTU team cemented themselves in the history books for years to come. The game started off with a 21 point flurry by Tulsa. The LTU defense looked lost and confused for most of the game. The Bulldogs would come back to make the score 34-21 by halftime, inching closer and closer to the lead.

    After a few adjustments, the Bulldog Defense was able to slow down Tulsa in the second half only giving up 3 points. While the offense EXPLODED. WR Cruz Williams finished his final game as a Bulldog with 3 Touchdowns. All three came on plays where he was left unguarded by the CB.
  2. NDCOLTS1979

    NDCOLTS1979 I love you red solo cup

    Oct 17, 2009
    Wyoming has only won one bowl game since 1966 and that was back in 2004, Before the game Ncaa announced that the Wyoming coach was given the Coach of the Year award. It was a nice honor to recieve thats for sure. Well the game didnt start off well for Wyoming whos issues with holding onto to the ball continued against Fresno St. Fresno St would get the first and only score of the first quarter after a fumble once again by Wyoming. The Second quarter Wyoming came out and scored to tie the game at 7 a piece and Fresno St and Wyoming would trade touchdowns to finish the 1st half tied at 14 a piece. 3rd quarter after a huge and very rough speech by coach Wyoming came out with an attitude and scored 21 unanswered points in the 3rd quarter to give the Cowboys a 35-14 lead going into the 4th quarter. Fresno st would score 1 touchdown to finish the game 35-21. Wyoming finishes the year 12-1. After the game coach was asked if he was leaving Wyoming "no comment since it works for Auburn and Cam Newton i will use it to.

    Key Players
    Samuels 15-23 272yds 3tds 0ints
    Alexander 21att 76yds
    Kankolongo 15att 62yds 1td
    Brown 5rec 131yds 1td
    Mcniel 5rec 68yds 2tds
  3. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Hawaii Falls 31-21

    New Mex- It was a Very Chilly day as Temps were in the 10's for this game as TCU and Hawaii battled it out for the New Mexico Bowl. Hawaii Unveiling a New Offense Moved the ball very well in this game as the running game seemed to click early, Hawaii drove the ball then TCU stiffened and Hawaii tried a 53 yrd fg for the lead. It shanked way left and Then TCU did nothing on their opening drive as both defenses pitched a shutout in the 1st quarter. Then in the 2nd Quarter Hawaii had another good drive going as they moved the ball down and on 4th and 1 They tried to run the ball and was stuffed and the ball turned over to TCU. They moved the ball down until the Warrior Defense stiffened and TCU went for a 31 yrd fg and it was true and a 3-0 TCU Lead. Then Hawaii got the ball and on the next drive Moniz was back to pass and tried to pass and the ball was Knocked out, The refs ruled it a fumble and TCU returned it for a TD. CoachGrad threw out the Challenge flag and after an extensive look, The play stood. CoachGrad went absoulutely ballistic and Broke his Headset after the call was made. Then after another 3 and out for Hawaii, TCU took advantage and drove the ball down and scored to make it 17-0 with HT approaching. Hawaii then went No-Huddle in under a Minute and Moniz Threw a TD to Bright to cut the Lead to 17-7 TCU lead at the Half.

    CoachGrad Told his Boys to continue to play hard and aggressive and it worked, On TCU's opening possession in the 3rd Q, Hawaii forced a Fumble and it was returned for a TD and TCU was now up by only 17-14. TCU did nothing on their next series and punted. Then Moniz went back and Threw a Pick and it was returned for 62 yrds and a 24-14 TCU lead. But Hawaii down but never out then Drove the Ball down with a mixture of run and pass and Moniz threw another TD to Bright and TCU now leads 24-21. Then TCU with ease drove the ball down and scored on their next series to extend the lead 31-21.

    4th Quarter was only 3 possessions by Both Teams. TCU punted on their series and Hawaii then found the offense clicking and drove the ball down to the 5 yrd line. Then Moniz tried to get to Pollard, But he was double covered and it was picked off Killing the Hope of the Warrior Nation. TCU Then Killed the remaining 4 minutes in the game by making crucial 1st downs and killed the clock at the end. TCU 31-21

    CoachGrad had this to say. "Boys U played hard and TCU was a Tough Team to Beat, U seniors remember the last 2 years and how much fun we had together. It was a great Ride".

    Hawaii ends their year 8-5 with 2 great years under CoachGrad. Now the Big ?? is will he return next year or Move on to another program. "I don't know yet, It will have to be a Great Offer for me to Leave Hawaii, I'll Look to see what's There and Consol with my Teammates and My Family.

    Hawaii Loses 2 Great Seniors on the Offensive end with the Loss of Both Moniz and Austin, Both QB's performed very well Under Grad's Leadership. Austin Took Over the Starting role last year and QB'd Hawaii to a Bowl game after Moniz went down in Week 1 Vs USC and struggled the rest of the year. Austin Threw for 20 Td's and over 2,500 yrds for the year. Moniz Then Returned with a New Attitude this Year and Performed beyond expectations and Threw for over 3,927 yrds and 34 Td's. Austin filled in only in a few spots and threw for only 171 yrds and 2 Td's. and Royce Pollard broke the 1,000 yrd mark for recievers with 1,079 yrds and 6 Td's.

    Moniz Leaves with a Career Mark of 4,747 yrds and 39 Td's for his Career.
    Austin Leaves with a Mark of 2,750 yrds and 23 Td's.

    Pollard leaves with a Career Mark for Recievers of 1,221 yrds and 7 Td's in his only starting year as WR
    Avery Led all with 1,451 yrds and 14 td's in his 2 years of starting as WR.

    These 4 Gentlemen will be Missed Next Year, What will the Future Hold for Hawaii Next Year? We shall See.

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