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Bowling Green University

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by RageRoolz, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. RageRoolz

    RageRoolz Guest

    Bowling Green University

    Thread to be updated later with a season preview. I need to get a feel for my team before I make any official decisions
  2. RageRoolz

    RageRoolz Guest

    BGSU v Troy
    28-35 LOSS

    It started poorly for me when the Troy HB Nolin broke an 83 yard run for the TD. It didn't get better after i threw a pick 6 on the next possession. The second quarter was more forgiving as i drove down the field and Tyler Sheehan threw a 3yrd pass to Brighton for the TD. Troy countered with a 25 yrf td pass of their own. I then drove the field again and scored on a 6yrd TD pass to Wright. Troy ended the scoring of the half with 42 seconds left, getting a 6 yrd TD pass.

    After no scoring in the 3rd quarter the 4th quarter begain with a 22 yard strike to Barnes for the TD. After another Troy TD, my star halfback Geter pounded in a 3 yard run. That concluded the scoring. I drove a few times for the tie, but a few picks and coastly drops sealed my fate.

    BGSU player of the game
    Willie Geter-15 rush attempts for 50 yards and a TD and 13 receptions for 155 yards

    In the BGSU doghouse we have Tyler Sheehan. He threw for 401 yards and 3 TDs, but he also turned the ball over an amazing 5 times. Coach Kenny Powers is now considering changing his scheme from the rice playbook so he can "get the ball out of Tylers hands."

    More to follow in week 2
  3. RageRoolz

    RageRoolz Guest

    Week 2

    BGSU v Missouri

    A really tough loss. I had the lead until the 4th quarter. Sheehan played well, Geter pounded the ball, and my defense stayed strong...Until Sheehan pick six'd for the loss. Very disappointing to come so far and choke.

    Looking forward for the next week
  4. RageRoolz

    RageRoolz Guest

    Week 3
    BGSU v Marshall

    This was a crazy one. I jumped out to the lead fast with a TD pass to Fred Barnes, but marshall came right back with a 43 yard TD pass of their own. I then drove the field and kicked a FG. The second quarter started with 3 straight scores from marshall. First a Fg then a fumble recovery, and finally a run. I then scored with Geter with 14 seconds left in the half to narrow the deficit to a TD. We each traded TD's in the 3rd, but i scored ten unanswered points in the fourth, including the game winning field goal with 18 seconds left.

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