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    Alright, after 3 seasons I think it's safe to evaluate these draft picks' careers so far.

    1st round 23 pick - Donshae Blair RE
    Blair has all the physical tools to be All-Pro pass rusher, but coach Automatik fails at utilizing his unique skill set. Where Blair shines though is setting the edge in Denver's top 3 rush defense.
    If he contributed more sacks this would be an A+, but he'll have to settle for B+.

    2nd round 23 pick - Treveon Montgomery FS
    Denver decided to let Rahim Moore walk to free agency, so FS was a big need heading into the draft and boy did they hit it out of the park with Montgomery. A RB out of HS, Montgomery is the athlete Denver needed to roam their secondary. Grade: A

    2nd round 27th pick - DT Jaylon Fisher
    A tweener out of Lehigh, Fisher was a project from the start and the project hasn't gone so well for the Broncos. Next season the coaching staff will try the DT at LE where his physical skills should translate better.
    Grade: C

    3rd round 23 pick - WR Matthew Acosta
    With Wes Welker gone to the Cowboys, the Broncos needed someone to fill the hole left by Welker. Acosta has been fantastic for the Broncos so far, his elite quickness have made a few defenders look silly trying to cover or tackle him. Grade: A

    4th round 16th pick - WR Chuck Bostic
    Bostic has been riding the bench so far in his short career, his lone bright spot was catching the GW TD with 4 secs left vs Oakland in 2016. Grade: C-

    6th round 19th pick - ROLB Jamie Florence
    Florence couldn't crack the starting lineup, can say it's been easy with Von/Trevathan/Barrow manning the starting spots. Florence has been a solid special teamer though, forcing a fumble on a punt and scoring 1 TD. Grade: B-

    6th round 23rd pick - WR Darnell Chaney
    This late in the draft, just drafting a player who sticks around for 4 seasons is a plus. This season Chaney has finally put his elite speed to good use, in 2 and half games(injured for 5 weeks), the WR has put up 158 yards on 6 catches including 2 TDs. If he can stay healthy he'll be a star in this league. Grade: B

    7th round 23rd pick - HB Tejay Grimes
    Very solid #2 HB. Grimes stepped up when Ball was having fumbling issues a couple of seasons ago. You can't ask for much more from a 7th round pick. Grade: B+
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