Broncos S3 first half review

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    The Broncos are sitting at 4-3 heading into their Week 8 bye.

    QB: When you lose one of the GOATs at the quarterback position, the offense especially the passing game(15th in NFL) is bound to suffer and it has for the Broncos. First round draft pick QB Alexander Broussard has been very inconsistent which is expected from rookie QBs, the 6'4 signal caller out of Texas A&M has thrown for 1723 yards while completing 60.5 % of his passes and throwing 13 TDs but it's the 10 INTs that the coaches would like the rookie to work on.

    RB: Last year with John Fox coaching the Broncos, Montee Ball rushed for 381 for 3.3 YPC. This year Ball has surpassed that with 9 games remaining(624 yards and 6TDs). But it's the league leading 6 rushing fumbles that has led Ball to the coaches doghouse, 2nd year RB Tejay Grimes has stepped in nicely rushing for 411 yards and 4 TDs in relief of the fumble prone Ball.

    WR/TE: With a rookie QB, the passing is going to be very up and down and for the most part the receiving core have been just has inconsistent with the exception of Demaryius Thomas(7 Pancakes last game). Sophomore WR Mathew Acosta has caught a total of 3 passes for 46 yards with zero touchdowns in the past 3 games, Denver will need the speedy slot receiver to play better if they want to make the playoffs this season. Julius Thomas is leading the team in TDs receptions with 4 but he'll need to get open down field more often to give Emmanuel Sanders and Mathew Acosta the space underneath to give Broussard some easier throws.

    O-line: The Broncos' run blocking has been great this year especially up the middle with LG Orlando Franklin, C Manny Ramirez and RG Louis Vasquez. The coaching staff has been grooming rookie 7th rounder Sherman Bostic to eventually take over the RT spot over Chris Clark.

    D-line: DTs Terrance Knighton and Sly Williams 3 and 2 sacks respectively have been bright spots so far for Denver's front line. But it's their work in the run game(10th in rushing yards allowed) that have the coaching staff singing their praises.

    LBs: Von Miller and Danny Trevathan have been fantastic in the run game as well but so far their work in the pass game especially Von has been lackluster(2 sacks). MLB Lamin Barrow hasn't played to his potential so far this year, the Broncos would like him to be more of a force in the run game.

    DBs: Chris Harris leads the team with 4 INTs but his last pick proved to be costly as Harris is expected to miss 6 weeks with a dislocated hip. Rookie CB Taray Ward, 3 INTs, will step in and be asked to handle opposing team's #1 WRs.

    Denver's next 5 of 7 games will be against the AFC West which very well could decide if the young Broncos will be golfing or playing football in January for the third straight year.

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    Can't wait to play our series Auto, it's been a long time coming. Great write up
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