Broncos Start 2-0

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    Jan 26, 2015
    Broncos wanted to start the new season off with a Bang and started week 1 with a Sim win against the Raiders.

    Week 2 was our first Live Game against the division rival Kansas City Chiefs and Michael Overman.

    With off season scrimmages and the banter between these 2 organizations, we knew it would be a hard fought game.

    Denver started off in dominating fashion with the defense creating 2 3 and outs and the offense scoring on its first two drives with a mixture of CJ Anderson and the use of a duall TE set.(Daniels and Green each had 2 catches on the first 2 drives).

    Even though it was early Denver had a chance to put the Chiefs away early with a sack and fumble recovery by our Defensive Captain Von Miller ( 6 Tacked for loss, INT and a sack) But after review the both reversed the call.

    This is the life KC needed. They took advantage of the reversal and went on a 70 yard TD drive TD drive. And some good defense. KC controlled the next two quaters and entering the 4th cut the deficit to 17-13.

    With back and forth stops the Chiefs got one final opportunity to take the lead with 2:47 left. On a 4th and 15 the Broncos just needed one stop to secure the game. KC hit Rookie WR down the seem for a 40 yard TD. To take the 20-17 lead.

    What time was it Sheriff Time. Peyton Manning with a quick strick to DT on the 2nd play of the possession made the score 24-20. With no time outs left and less than a min on the clock. The Broncos defense prevailed to win 24-20 and take an early season division lead.

    Look forward to the Battle in mile high Michael Overman.
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