Browns Mid-Season Review

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    Aug 5, 2014

    The Browns had a rough start to the season, losing their first three games with a combined score of 98-43. It looked to be a rough a first season for coach Mozaaik.

    After a week 4 bye, the Browns have started to fix the mistakes they faced in the first three weeks. Although their records shows a different story, the Browns have improved the next five weeks to a 2-3 record, but the real story is the Browns defense stepping up and keeping their biggest defeat at 5 points (twice). The Browns had a chance to put away the Steelers in week 6 in overtime but Cundiff choked on the 51 YD FG.

    In their second win of the season, both Gilbert and Haden came down with their first interception of the season, and Browns fans hope that this dynamic duo can continue that success for the rest of the season.

    The Browns enter week 10 with a disappointing record of 2-6, with a long hard road a head of them. Mozaaik hopes that the Browns can succeed in the Draft and make a big push for the playoffs next season, but has his realistic gut telling him it could be his third season as a coach before Cleveland can finally play in the post season.
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