Browns @ Ravens Week 3

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  1. Browns @ Ravens Week 3

    1st: Figurs opens the game with a 102 yard KR TD. Jamal Lewis fumbles. Ravens kick a FG. Browns kick a FG. R - 10 vs B - 3
    2nd: Ravens FG. End of qtr Ravens kick a FG with no time remaining but because of a holding it doesn't count. Thank you OLine. R - 13 vs B - 3
    3rd: McClain 2 yd TD run. LJ Smith 27 yard TD catch. Jamal Lewis 4 yard TD run (Robiskie catches 2 pt try). R - 27 vs B - 11
    4th: Ravens FG. Ray Rice 65 yard TD run. Jamal 2 yard TD run.
    Final: Ravens - 37 vs Browns - 18

    Ravens forced 5 turnovers (3 INT;2 fumble). Browns force 1 INT.

    Good game Castor.

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    Jun 5, 2009
    Good game.

    It's tough to beat anyone when you give up 10 points in the first 2 minutes like that. But it is what it is. Lewis's fumbles were killers too because one was on a promising drive and the other was right after your only turnover if I'm not mistaken. Either way, good game, see you again in a few weeks.

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