Bucknuts 2010 recruiting update

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    Bucknuts 2010 recruiting update

    :5stars: Z. Peoples FS 6'3" 205 lbs. People's was a big grab for the Bucks. He
    is the #2 ranked FS in the country.With B speed, B+ tackle and A- hit power.

    :5stars: M. Duckett T 6'6 293 lbs. The Buckeye's went north and grabbed
    Duckett the #1 rated T form Michigan's back yard and just miles
    from ND campus Miles is a force up front with B rated pass and run

    :5stars: J. Vaughn 5'8 169 lbs. Although a little undersized coach Ben loved
    his B+ speed and acceleration. Look for Vaughn to most likely be
    red shirted his first year, to gain some bulk.

    :5stars:A. Thomas 6'5" 251 lbs. The Buckeyes pulled #5 ranked TE prospect
    Thomas from NJ giving them another blocking TE.

    :4stars: Jimmy Perkins 6'2 179 lbs. The Buckeyes were sold on Perkins right
    away because of his combination of size and B+ speed and Man
    coverage rating.

    :4stars: Courtney Parks 6'0 209 lbs. The Buckeyes should be great at RB for
    a while with C. Parks B+ speed. Giving them two solid TB to add too
    what is already a terrific backfield.

    :4stars: Robert Jones 5'11" 169 lbs. The only recriut so far at WR for the
    Bucks with B speed and C+ catching

    :4stars: D. King 6'5" 273 lbs. A big grab out of florida for the Bucks with A-
    Stregnth. He filled a big whole at DT

    :4stars: G. Harmon 6"6" 266 lbs. the #18 ranked T Harmon has B- rankings in
    blocking, a very balanced takcle all around.

    :4stars: B. Chavez 6'0 186 lbs. anther good grab for the Bucks, he his a good
    sized corner with B+ speed and B- zone coverage.

    :3stars: D. Robinson an important signing with no returning kickers robinson
    has c+ kick power

    :3stars: A. Owens 5'11" 211 lbs. Another project for the Buckeyes he
    commited very early, Coach Ben said " he wanted to be a Buckeye"
    from the beginning" and we want those type of players.

    :3stars: M. Cook 6'1 195 lbs. An athlete from near by Akron. Look for Marlin
    to play WR as he has B- route running and B speed

    :3stars: D. Robinson 6'4" 245 lbs. another guy who commited without even
    a visit. the Coaching staff really likes his C+ speed

    :3stars: Q. Schneider 5'11" 188 lbs. Another solid CB for the Buckeye
    secondary. Quentin has B+ speed and B- Man coverage

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