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Buffalo First Quarter Highlights

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by TEClemson53, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. TEClemson53

    TEClemson53 Walk On

    Aug 1, 2010
    I've had these videos done about two weeks but haven't had the time to write the recaps and with my last 2 games being simmed, I don't have anything to review/report on those. Also can't really write a full recap because the broadcasts have expired on twitch so most of this is from memory or the highlight videos (n):facepalm:

    Week 1: Arizona @ Buffalo

    Season started off with a nice bang when Arizona approached midfield, Cards QB Teddy Bridgewater met DT Stephen Pea who forced a fumble, picked it up on his own and them rumbled 40 some odd yards for the score. Later in the opening quarter, Buffalo struck again on a 3rd and inches which saw Arizona send the house, QB Drew Hale quickly lobbed one outside to a wide open Sammy Watkins who went 82 yards for the score to lead 14-0. Arizona answered, a few big connections from Bridegwater to TE Brennan Minor moved Arizona past midfield and then again down inside the 5 yard line, Arizona finally punched it in on a 4th and goal with Le'Veon Bell to trail 14-7.

    Late in the quarter, Bridgewater got greedy with crossing routes and the inspirational story of the game, Bill CB Karl McBridge intercepted the pass. McBride was a free agent until about 45 minutes before the game kicked off. Buffalo snagged a field goal off the turnover and led 17-7 at half. Early in the 3rd quarter, Buffalo caught another huge break with a wacky situation on a punt. CB Ross Cockrell went to catch the punt and the ball hit in between Cockrell and Arizona's Josh Robinson, then recovered by (here's that man again) Karl McBridge at the Arizona 1 yard line. A few plays later Ka'Deem Carey went in for 6 to give Buffalo a 24-7 lead. Buffalo CB Khalil Lattimore intercepted a deep ball by Bridgewater and Buffalo later tacked on another field goal to lead 27-7 at the start of the 4th. Arizona never packed it in though and went no huddle and eventually got on the board with a slant to TY Hilton and trailed 27-14 midway through the 4th. Buffalo fans were getting a little nervous after Drew Hale threw an interception on a 3rd down deep ball and Arizona's offense was on the move again with a little over 4:00 left. Those nerves were settled when guess who? Karl McBridge picked off his 2nd pass of the game and the Bills moved the chains to milk the clock and take home a 27-14 victory in week 1.


    QB Teddy Bridgewater: 16/27, 190 Yards, TD, 3 Int
    RB Le'Veon Bell: 10 Att, 35 Yards
    WR Michael Floyd: 5 Rec, 74 Yards
    DT Dan Williams: 6 Tackles

    QB Drew Hale: 12/16, 223 Yards, TD, Int
    RB Ka'Deem Carey: 22 Att, 56 Yards, TD
    WR Sammy Watkins: 3 Rec, 95 Yards, TD
    CB Karl McBridge: 2 Tackles, 2 Int

    Week 2: San Diego @ Buffalo

    San Diego came to town and absolutely dominated this game. Both sides are probably still unsure how the result is what it is. Chargers RB Ryan Matthews was running with a purpose, breaking tackles and carrying dudes down the field. Buffalo somehow kept themselves in the game with a stingy redzone defense and forced 3 early field goals. The offense could barely stay on the field and it surely wasn't the offense that won the football game for Buffalo. Momentum took a huge swing midway in the 3rd quarter, after San Diego went up 9-0, Buffalo return man Keelyan Gooden bounced outside and went 98 yards for kickoff return score to trail 9-7. On the ensuing kickoff for San Diego's Kalik Grant was lit up by Nigel Bradham who also fell on the fumble at the SD 20 yard line, It only took Andrew Hale 2 carries to put Buffalo on top 14-9.

    Buffalo had a great opportunity to stretch the lead late in the 3rd after a Andrew Hale screen pass took them inside the 10 yard line. A few plays later, Drew Hale's comeback pass to Sammy Watkins was intercepted in the redzone. Midway through the 4th, San Diego looked to be in control to regain the lead but a drag route completion to Keenan Allen went wrong when he met CB Khalil Lattimore who forced the fumble which was recovered by CB Karl McBride. Buffalo converted 3rd down after 3rd down and milked the clock down inside 2:00 minutes. A 3rd & 3 run converted another 3rd down that would've sealed the game but Andrew Hale fumbled the rock and San Diego jumped all over it. The Buffalo defense stood strong and forced a turnover on downs and escaped with the 14-9 victory over the Chargers.

    San Diego

    QB Matt Barkley: 14/22, 118 Yards
    RB Ryan Matthews: 17 Att, 93 Yards
    WR Julian Edelman: 4 Rec, 36 Yards
    MLB Donald Butler: 9 Tackles, Int

    QB Drew Hale: 10/15, 104 Yards, 2 Int
    RB Andrew Hale: 13 Att, 40 Yards, TD
    TE Darrius Hale: 5 Rec, 32 Yards
    MLB Nigel Bradham: 5 Tackles, FF

    Week 3: Buffalo @ Denver

    Denver opened this game with excitement when returner Chandler Wallace went right up the middle of the Buffalo special teams unit and took the kick back 100 yards to jump to an early 7-0 lead. Buffalo looked like they were going to answer to the quick score after big completions to Javian Jamison and Ed Graves but a horrrrrrrrrible Drew Hale pass was intercepted in the endzone by MLB Aramide Brooks. The Buffalo defense was struggling to get off the field and couldn't cover Demaryius or Julias Thomas but Karl McBridge jumped in front of a 3rd down pass to swing a little momentum back Buffalo's way. Neither offense could really do much once they reached midfield as the two teams went back and forth. Approaching half, Denver was looking for too much when MLB Kiko Alonso snagged Steven Mincy pass and returned it inside Denver's 10 yard line. Danny Woodhead scored on the next play to knot things up at 7.

    Denver opened the 3rd quarter with a defensive stand and then an offensive possession that lasted basically the whole quarter. TE Julias Thomas ripped apart Buffalos defense and RB Armond Curry was trucking dudes left and right. As they faced a 3rd and goal, QB Steven Mincy opted for the keeper and hit the corner of the endzone to regain the lead 14-7. Buffalo responded the best they could but stalled out once they reached the Denver 10, they opted for the field goal with a little over 5:00 remaining to trail 14-10. A quick 3 and out did the Broncos no favors and it didn't take long for it to bite them. On 1st down, Denver blitzed and Sammy Watkins easily broke off his press, QB Drew Hale connected with Watkins who went 56 yards for the touchdown to give Buffalo it's first lead 17-14. Denver suffered another 3 and out on offense and Buffalo looked to milk the clock. QB Drew Hale faced a 3rd & 9 just before the 2 minute warning and Hale went full clutch as he escaped the pocket and then side armed a beauty to Sammy Watkins just past the first down marker. That first down all but sealed the deal as Buffalo escapes Mile High with a 17-14 victory.


    QB Drew Hale: 12/19, 156 Yards, TD, Int
    RB Danny Woodhead: 21 Att, 115 Yards, TD
    WR Sammy Watkins: 4 Rec, 78 Yards, TD
    MLB Kiko Alonso: 5 Tackles, Int

    QB Steven Mincy: 11/20, 101 Yards, 2 Int
    RB Armond Curry: 18 Att, 60 Yards
    TE Julius Thomas: 4 Rec, 42 Yards
    MLB Takoby Jackson: 5 Tackles, Sack

    Week 4, secondary shit the bed and gave up 14+ pts in the final 2 minutes, then lost in OT. :mad:

    TL;DR? just watch the videos.......
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    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Great recaps and highlights, Trey! Just be careful when taking it sideline on those kick returns. Make sure to make a juke or spin move to the sideline or take a hit pushing you to the sideline instead of using the left analog to make a horizontal cut to the sideline untouched. Not calling you out, but that return against the Chargers is a good learning example. You've got a great run going. Keep it up! (y)
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