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California Bears Press Conferences

Discussion in '4th Horseman' started by Abominatrix, Apr 11, 2013.

  1. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    Just trying something new, hope this formats well...

    2017, Conference Championship Week, 11-1 (9-0)


    QPayne.png MWallace.png DDavis.png

    Quinton Payne, (RS)Junior ROLB
    Marcus Wallace, (RS)Junior HB
    Darnell Davis, (RS)Junior WR

    Good afternoon, everyone. We'll be fielding questions about the ending of the regular season, the upcoming Pac-12 Championship Game, and a few additional questions, if necessary. Let's begin. First of all, and any of you can answer this - provide a summary of the season, how you guys felt about your individual performances, and the team's performance.

    MWallace.png :I guess I'll start. Well, overall, the regular season was solid. We, uh, had a bit of a slip up in the Army game, but they're a great team and it was a close game. Looks like they're going to play in the championship, so that's cool for them. But yea...guys have come out and competed well, and the expectations that Coach Natrix laid out for us are clear. We still have a chance to win the Pac-12 Championship, and that's one of the season's primary goals, so we'll be giving it our all in that game.

    Any comments on the matchup with ASU? Quinton?

    QPayne.png :We did play them earlier in the year, and it was good competition for us. We were confident in our game plan defensively, and executed pretty well - got Lee a little uncomfortable. We were strong against the run and the O did enough on the other end to get us the victory. It was a 3 point game going into the 4th, so they know that they can play against us, and we expect them to bring different stuff to the table. Always have to keep an eye on Beck, I think he's a 1,000 yard rusher this year...?

    He is.

    QPayne.png :So he is, and we'll have to keep him inside the box. They also spread the ball around through the air, so we'll have to be tight in coverage, as well....you wanna speak about the O?

    DDavis.png :Sure, uh...they gave us some trouble on the outside during our last game, and Mike and our TEs bailed us out. They're pretty deep at CB, but I don't....well...I don't think ANYONE can cover me 1v1, haha, but we'll see come game time. Should be fun.

    Now we'll open the floor to media questions.

    This one's for Marcus - you had some trouble against them the first time, only going for 75 yards and no scores. How do you think you can find more success on the ground?

    MWallace.png :Well, they're not a really big front, but they have a lot of quickness on the line. We just have to play our game, pound it inside the tackles, and we should be fine. It's hard going around these guys, but I'm not that type of runner, anyway. Luckily, we practice against the best defense this side of the country :)

    QPayne.png :Shut up.

    MWallace.png :Haha, but yeah, we just have to stick with what we know and we should be fine. It's up to them to prove that they can stop us.

    Darnell, can you speak on the recent emergence of Higdon opposite of you?

    DDavis.png :The guy is amazing, straight up. Honestly, I think he'll be a better player than I was after its all said and done. He's like me, but...bigger. A lot bigger. I wasn't near the threat that he is when I was a sophomore, so he's got nowhere to go but up. And yea, we help each other out on the practice field, I pick his brain and he picks mine, all that good buddy-buddy stuff. As long as I'm the leading receiver, I'll help him as much as I can. I'm still in front, right?


    DDavis.png :Good.

    Marcus - have you thought anything about declaring for the draft after this year?

    MWallace.png :Nope, we've still got 2 games ahead of us. I'll do all of that stuff after the season.

    Darnell, can you speak about the QB change halfway through the regular season?

    DDavis.png :Sure. I mean, Coach tells us almost every day that we have to compete for a spot, and that everyone needs to be ready to step in and play. Terrence has always come in with that mentality, and Coach decided to call his number. He's been playing well so far, and we're confident in him.

    And how about Mike?

    DDavis.png :We have full confidence in him, too, it's just a matter of...I mean...they're both good QBs, so whoever is behind center, we're all behind him as a team.

    Quinton, have you all made any large-scale adjustments after what Army did to you guys?

    QPayne.png :Well, that game was really tough on us, so we needed to do something. To be honest, we don't really see offenses that can put that many impact players on the field at the same time...

    DDavis.png :Besides every practice.

    QPayne.png :...besides every practice. But yea, we as players just need to step up our execution, especially in pass pro. We just went over the tape until we understood what we were doing wrong. I mean, teams like that are going to put up points, we just need to have the mental toughness to move onto the next play. We've got a lot of young guys in the secondary that look to us upperclassmen as leaders.

    Will you guys keep an eye out on the ACCCG?

    MWallace.png :No. We had our shot to control our destiny and we failed. All we can control now is the game in front of us, and that's ASU. They're a great team and they'll walk all over us if we're not focused.

    Thank you all for coming out to answer questions. In closing, would you call this season a success?

    QPayne.png :The expectations were laid out to all of us when we were recruited, and that was to win Pac-12 Championships. We won't know until the game is over if the season was a success. In the grand scheme of things, the Army game just made us better, so we'll try our best to win the Pac-12 Championship game against a great opponent, and we'll let all of you guys worry about where we play our bowl game. If we get a shot to play in the Title game, then that's great. We can't control that.

    Thanks again.
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  2. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    2017, Post-Rose Bowl Victory, 13-1 (10-0)


    CHayes.png DAnderson.png QPayne.png

    Christian Hayes, (RS)Senior C
    Derek Anderson, (RS)Senior HB
    Quinton Payne, (RS)Junior ROLB

    Good afternoon, everyone. We'll be fielding questions about the 56-24 Rose Bowl victory over Ohio, and a few additional questions from the media. Let's begin with general thoughts about the Rose Bowl.

    DAnderson.png :You wanna go?

    CHayes.png :Sure. To start, Ohio is a great team, so hats off to those guys for playing a good game. For us, we did a few good things on offense and were able to get the run game going. QB Spencer had a great game in the passing game, and he made sure to get the ball out quickly so that we didn't have to block for too long. The game plan coming in was to move their front off the ball, and we were able to do that effectively. Communicated well up front, too.

    How do you feel the season went as a whole? For the team and for you all as individuals?

    DAnderson.png :It was good, overall. We won the Pac-12 Championship, which is the expectation here, and were rewarded with a Rose Bowl berth. We accomplished most of our goals as a team, and I think most individuals grew during the year and accomplished individual goals. I guess you guys don't know about that, but Coach always has 1-on-1 meetings with us to discuss our personal goals for the season. Markus earned his spot as the #1 RB, and I did some good things spelling him. We've all got a role to play, and I did what I needed to do when my number was called.

    Quinton, can you speak more about your season, and winning the Rose Bowl and the 2017 Linebacker of the Year?

    QPayne.png :Well, defensively, our team did a good job. We've got a lot of tough-nosed folks on our side of the ball, and we were able to contain the running game pretty well. Whenever you hold a top team like Ohio to 10 points offensively, you know you've done a decent job. And about my season...I mean, our system is set up so that linebackers are free to run and hit. I wouldn't have won anything if it weren't for my defensive front. We're very deep and talented up front, so I rarely have to deal with guards as I track the ball carrier. We've got a couple of guys that are great pass rushers, as well, so they don't necessarily need us LBs to create pressure. I won't say that makes my job easy, but it could definitely be worse for me and [Middle Linebacker] Jeff. My award is really a team award.

    We'll now open the floor to media questions.

    Christian, what did you see out of Spencer that you liked, and can you speak about his growth through the last few games?

    CHayes.png :He's been doing a great job. He comes in and competes every play, and he usually makes the right decisions in the passing game. No offensive line can protect forever, and he's made it a point to focus on getting the ball out quickly so that the offense can move. He lets me make the calls for the O-line, and I've helped him identify some fronts and other stuff, but we've been doing that as a team, and he's great to work with. He's going to be good, I know it.

    Derek, is this how you imagined your college career would end? Christian, same question?

    DAnderson.png :...It's funny. All my life people didn't give me a chance because of my height (5'8"). They didn't think I would amount to anything on the football field, especially being in a place like Vegas, which isn't really recruited when compared to the great high schools in Cali. I didn't really get a sniff from anybody, really, so I was really surprised when Coach Natrix gave me a call. At the time, Cal wasn't nothin, man. USC and Oregon were the teams to beat in the west, but he told me that they wanted competitors who weren't scared of nobody, and that's why I listened a little closer to them. He was honest about me not being his top choice, but I was used to that anyway. I just really wanted to play for him, because I knew something special was gonna happen at Cal. Turns out they won the championship while I was committed to them, so I knew then that I made the right decision. He's kept his word throughout my career, giving me every opportunity to contribute as best I can, and I've helped the team win some big games, and I couldn't be happier with how my career has gone so far. I hope I'm not done, and I'm sure NFL evaluators will ding me on my height, but Coach has taught me to ignore things you can't control and help yourself as best you can.

    CHayes.png :I certainly agree with what Derek said, and I was kinda the opposite, haha. Being a 6'7" center makes you a little different. People expect their centers to fit a certain mold, and I wasn't even close to the prototypical center, but he told me the same thing - he wanted competitors who didn't take no for an answer. I didn't think I'd eventually be centering a line in the Rose Bowl, but Coach sold me on the dream. He let me compete, I eventually won the job, and now the team is having success, along with the individuals on it. The program is headed in the right direction, and I've had the opportunity to mentor some great players behind me, so I think Cal has arrived and is here to stay. I'm pretty sure both me and Derek were just 3* prospects...

    DAnderson.png :Yup.Well I was, at least.

    CHayes.png :...and Coach told us that stars don't really matter, because there are no stars on his roster. Except Darnell [Davis, WR], but he's different. Kids from Alaska are usually weird.

    Quinton, any word about your plans regarding the NFL draft?

    QPayne.png :I don't know yet. We're gonna celebrate this one right now, and I'll discuss all of that other stuff with my family and Coach when the time comes.

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  3. Automatik

    Automatik Walk On

    Jun 4, 2012
    Great stuff man
  4. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    2017, Offseason


    CBarrow.png CHigdon.png DDavis.png MWallace.png QPayne.png

    Chad Barrow, (RS)Junior FS
    Carl Higdon, (RS)Sophomore WR
    Darnell Davis, (RS)Junior WR
    Markus Wallace, (RS)Junior HB
    Quinton Payne, (RS)Junior ROLB

    Good afternoon, everyone. We'll let each individual player give their bit about their plans regarding the NFL Draft. We've been told by the players that (RS)Sophomore TE Bill Mack, (RS)Sophomore TE Matt Adams, (RS)Junior SS William Lewis, (RS)Sophomore LE Aaron Weaver, and (RS)Sophomore FB Troy Joseph will have their decisions announced by the group here. Whoever wants to start, please feel free.

    CBarrow.png :I'll go ahead and speak. So, a few of us had an important decision to make about our futures, so everyone who was thinking about making the jump had a players-only meeting about it. No coaches, just us. We talked about our legacy here at Cal, and our individual scenarios with our families. At this point, we do consider each other family, because we've gone through a lot together. The people in my class who are still here [(RS)Juniors, to be (RS)Seniors] have won 2 Rose Bowls, 3 Pac-12 Championships, and have contributed to a National Championship win [2015]. We've helped this university's football program reach new heights, and the program is here to stay. We're proud of what we have accomplished in the name of this great institution. We don't have much left to prove.

    MWallace.png :We all spoke about what we wanted to do at the next level. The vast majority of us have dreams of playing in the NFL, and never has that dream been closer to reality. Most of us filed with the NFL, and received draftable grades. This decision was a very difficult one, so we made sure that all of us spoke with the Coaches, our families, and each other. This can be treated like any other career decision - the NFL is the premier organization in our field, and if they tell you that you have a great chance to get in, saying "no" is quite hard.

    QPayne.png :This university has meant a lot to each of us, and we'll all be Golden Bears as long as we live. In the long run, we will all identify as great football players, great player-coaches, and great Berkeley men. We are forever in debt to this university for everything that it has given us. Most of us are finishing up our degrees, and that really is the true value of a football scholarship.

    DDavis.png :Cal has been good to all of us, and we're very happy with the time we've spent here.

    CHigdon.png :But we're not done yet. After our meeting was over, we were all in agreement - the 2018 Bears have a lot to prove, and we all will do our best to bring a 2018 Pac-12 Championship home to Berkeley.

    *The players stand up and exit to rousing applause and cheering students.*
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  5. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    2017, Offseason

    Head Coach Natrix

    Coach Natrix has an announcement regarding true FR WR Steven Hayes. Coach?

    Thank you all for coming out today. Steven Hayes has decided to transfer from our football program in order to be closer to his family in Tennessee. He felt like he needed to be closer to his family, so we've filed all of the paperwork, and he will be enrolling with the University of Memphis. He's a good football player, but more importantly, a good man. We wish him the best of luck in both football in life, and we'll always consider him a part of our family here. We won't be fielding any further questions. Thank you.
  6. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    2018, Week 2, 1-0 (0-0)


    CHigdon.png TSpencer.png RBryant.png

    Carl Higdon, (RS)Junior WR
    Terrance Spencer, (RS)Junior QB
    Ricky Bryant, (RS)Sophomore LT

    Good afternoon, everyone. We'll be fielding questions about the 52-20 win over the #4 Cavaliers, and a few additional questions about the upcoming game at #16 UMass. Terrance, can you speak a little bit about your success against UVA, and what you see in the UMass defense?

    TSpencer.png : Sure. Uh. Well, we've got the best WR corps in the nation, I think, so my job isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Guys were getting open when they needed to get open, and I just went through my progressions like I normally do. Of course, I got bailed out by Higs here on more than 1 occasion.

    CHigdon.png : Almost got me lit up, too.

    TSpencer.png : You still caught it, didn't you?

    CHigdon.png : Cuz I'm awesome!

    TSpencer.png : ...anyway. But yea, with great WRs and the big boys up front giving me time, we're confident enough in our offense to make good things happen. We'll definitely have to step up against UMass, though, they've got some good players in the secondary. There aren't really any weak spots there, and they've got some monster-sized dude at FS....

    6'4" 240.

    TSpencer.png : Yea, that. I'll try not to lead Higs and crew into that freight train, because he'll make you pay. If we stay balanced, we should have enough success.

    OK. Ricky, how do you feel about the matchup in the trenches?

    RBryant.png : They're pretty good, but we know we'll be able to move them off the line if we get our calls in. The ends are a little small, so we'll test the waters a bit and see if we get any push...

    TSpencer.png : ...*whispers* Ricky, that's the gameplan, dude. Cut it out!

    RBryant.png : ...oops. I meant...we'll probably run it up the middle...some sweeps and deep passes, that kinda stuff. I don't know, really. I need to watch some more tape or something. Yea.

    ...with that, we'll open the floor for questions.

    This one's for Carl. How do you guys plan on accounting for the loss of [WR] Darnell [Davis, out for 2 weeks]?

    CHigdon.png : I mean, its tough, but coach always says "next guy in", so we'll just need someone else to step up and play in his stead. He brings speed that few people in the country even have, so we just need to play our game as individual receivers and get the job done. He's really upset that he'll miss these crucial games in the beginning of the season, but he'll try to get back before the Pac-12 games start [Week 4, Colorado]. Rob and Joel came in expecting to play, so now they'll get that opportunity.

    Terrance, how do you deal with the immense pressure of being the Cal starting QB? Guys like Rodgers, Boehm, Maynard all had spectacular stats when they played here.

    TSpencer.png : Thanks for reminding me. I mean, I can't change who I am - coach is very hands-on with the QBs, so I seldom am truly confused out there, but he gets after us when we mess up. Big time. You guys don't want to know what happens when we throw picks in practice, let alone in games. I already got chewed out for throwing that pick at the end of the half during the UVA game, and he won't let me hear the end of it. Honestly, I think that's how he does it...QBs are too scared to make mistakes, because the consequences are REAL.

    Carl, any freshman, true or redshirt, that stick out to you so far?

    CHigdon.png : Haha, yea. Desi [Williams, True FR HB] is always runnin' his mouth in practice. On the scout team, still runnin' his mouth, but he's a funny dude. And fast as all hell. Probably 150 pounds soaking wet, but he's always giving the defense lip when he's the scout RB. Especially this week, because UMass has a guy just like that - real quick, real small. But our D is ready to hit him, because I swear they all get after Desi, man, but its hilarious. And to actually answer your question, I'm really impressed with Jared [Estes, CB, (RS)Freshman]. He came in with all the hype imaginable, and he really lives up to it in practice. Like, I'm not a small guy, and I'm often surprised by how physical he can be, and how much he can reroute you. He's only scratching the surface, too.

    Thank you for your questions.
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    Oct 31, 2011
    This thread is awesome!

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