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Can someone help me please?

Discussion in 'Madden NFL Football' started by bcduggan, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. bcduggan

    bcduggan Walk On

    Sep 12, 2009
    First, I want to say that I have various issues with the game. However, after some reflection, 95-100% of the issues that I have, ultimately come back to me being a newcomer to Madden. I can live with that. I would like to try to improve my game though.

    BobJr told me yesterday in a pm "For Instance Throw Accuracy means nothing in Madden, but the Short Accuracy, Medium Accuracy, Deep Accuracy is what you should base your quarterback on."

    I did understand what he meant with that but it doesn't necessarily help me with my issue throwing the ball. My biggest issue throwing the ball is I can't seem to throw ball over the defender in coverage. This is no matter how far the defender is away from the receiver. It does not matter if it is a LB or CB. Sometimes, it's a DE/DT.

    My main example is Matt Ryan in my solo online CCM.

    His ratings are THP 89 SAC 91 MAC 88 DAC 74 AWR 86

    8 Interceptions in 3 games.

    My biggest concern for using him as QB is not the deep pass. I still try to throw it but I don't expect success very often. Most of Matt Ryan's interceptions are on passes thrown between 10-20 yards, most are by defenders trailing the play and leaping(ball hawk) to make the pick.

    I know I am terrible at the game. I know I am doing something that is really wrong when I am throwing the ball. My problem is that I am not seeing it. What I am seeing that is wrong is at times that when I throw pass that I am trying to lead the receiver, I am doing something wrong. Usually pass is behind receiver, causing him to stop and make catch. Most of these passes are either caught, or receiver gets crushed. I think he gets crushed anyway though. These passes aren't intercepted though, at least in games where Matt Ryan is my QB.

    I have other examples as well. However, for the sake of this discussion, Matt Ryan has the best passing attributes of the 3 CCMs I am in.

    Fixing this should improve my game. I may not win more games, but I hope this would help me be more competitive, both vs user and cpu.
  2. BobJr

    BobJr To each their own

    Jun 3, 2010
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    You still have to read the coverages and know that certain passes shouldn't be thrown into certain coverages. Honestly man, you gotta stop stressing about the game and the interceptions and everything. You need to relax, get experience and have fun.

    When you are throwing the ball look at the defender and determine how you should throw it. With the new pass trajectory in the game you should be able to place passes where you want. Ie. if the defender is in front of the receiver on the slant then try to throw behind him a little.
  3. bcduggan

    bcduggan Walk On

    Sep 12, 2009
    First, the sliders I use in the CCM I referred to for this example are different than in HK, in some ways they are easier and in some ways they are harder and in some ways they play the same.

    The problem I see in the ccm I referenced is on a 10-15 yard out route the ball is NOT getting to the receiver because the ball hawk feature is allowing the defender who is trailing play by 1-2 yards to intercept the pass, every time by leaping and intercepting the pass at what looks like the ball is 8-9 feet in air where ball hits the defenders hands. In this CCM, I have not seen a defender who is standing/running with receiver intercept a pass, it is always a leaping defender. I am not saying that every pass like this should be completed. All I know if the defender who is leaping does not leap, the ball is online the receiver, it might be overthrown and OB but it is at least online to the receiver. I am seeing it also in a 3 person CCM that I am in that uses the HK sliders as well, in that one I am not the only one who has issues throwing.

    The receiver is wide open every time, ball is coming up short every time, because of the leaping defender. If I was trying to throw thru the defender, it would be easier to explain but the defender leaps evry time, and it looks like the LBs can jump as well as the WR/CB, and even have better hands, esp on the leaping interceptions.

    You suggested reading the Prima guide, problem is I can't just read to learn, there needs to be some application process involved. Going into the lobby and playing someone there, most likely will allow me to get more frustrated because I have never seen a sim game played in any EA Lobby by playing random people. That does not mean sim games never happen there.

    Whether you think I am having fun or not, I really am having fun. I just want to learn from what I am doing wrong, but I just can't see what it is. If I don't learn from what I am doing wrong then I will stop having fun. Problem is I don't really see what I am doing wrong. I referenced Matt Ryan because of the 3 QB I have used extensively he looks to be the most accurate throwing ratings wise. Ryan Fitzpatrick(HK) is terrible, and my lack of understanding/fixing my problems make him a lot worse than what he really is in game. I have tried throwing different trajectories and leading/left/right/up/down on pass location as well. Maybe, I am not getting it. Maybe, I am not seeing any difference, because all passes, either by me/cpu/ or by some other users all look the same to me. I know they are two completely different games, but in NCAA, I can see some difference in pass trajectory. In Madden, I don't see it that often and/or possibly well enough.

    Also, I tagged you because I wanted to make sure I had the quote right from the PM yesterday.

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