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Cardinals in 1st Place in NFC WEST

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Miki1369, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Miki1369

    Miki1369 Walk On

    Jul 24, 2010
    FS Tyrann Mathieu Takes Over with 3 FF
    Glendale, AZ - The Cardinals move to 1st place in the NFC WEST after beating their divisional rivals Seattle Seahawks in their week 8 match up. It was expected to be a shootout as both offense came into this game clicking in all cylinders, however it was everything but that.

    On their first possession the Cardinals could not muster much and had to punt, the Seahawks drove the ball deep into Cardinals territory with a great mix of short passes and run plays. They had the Cardinals on their heels, however when they seem to have taken the leaded craziness happened. QB Wilson hit his TE over the middle, but he got hit around the 1 yard line and seem to fall into the end zone for the score, but wait some how FS Mathieu had stripped the ball just before he crossed the line and the Cardinals recovered the fumble. Unfortunately, Arizona could not do much once again as QB McCadden threw his 1st of 3 picks on the day. "Their pass defense is nasty" said the QB after the game.

    Once again, the Seahawks put together another great drive and this time they were able to take the lead 7-0. The Cardinals responded with a FG to keep the game close at 7-3. QB Wilson did not have his best game as he also threw for 3 INTs that keep the Cardinals in the game. The Seahawks seem to drive the ball at will till they got the Cardinals side of the field. There the Cardinals either pick off Wilson of force fumbles to stall the Hawks drives.

    Lets move to the 4th quarter with the Seahawks leading 14-10 and driving, "We were trying to hold them to a FG" said player of the game FS Mathieu. He did better than that... on 2nd an short Wilson found a WR running wide opened across the middle of the field and after he got the 1st down he got gang tackle and Mathieu was able to strip the ball once more. "It was the break we needed" said QB McCadden, who found WR BROWN on the next play for the game winning TD. "All game i was trying to go deep on their secondary kept picking me off" continue the QB. "However, on this play i saw the FS move over to cover the TE and I took the shot down the seam and Brown made a great catch to put us ahead".

    The Seahawks again had time and timeouts but another INT sealed the game for the Cardinals.

    Great game Jim, looking forward to the re-match...
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  2. Michael Overman

    Michael Overman Walk On

    Jul 31, 2012
    3 FF ? Honey Badger Dont give a F$ck

    Great Game Guys

    Looking forward to the next game...I believe you and I are up Miki1369
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  3. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Great game Mike! Your D played a great "bend but don't break" style all game. Not going to win many games turning the ball over like that. Looking forward to the rematch as well, don't get too comfortable in 1st! ;)
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