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Cardinals Play Team Football

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Crunk_Ness, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Crunk_Ness

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    Sep 8, 2012
    In year two of the VFL the Arizona Cardinals showed the true meaning of "team" sports. Not one Cardinal played for their own individual stats. In fact almost none of the premier Cardinals Players were in the top five of any statistical category. But the Cardinals as a team ranked 1st in PPG, 2nd in total yards, 7th in total defense, 9th in first downs, and 2nd in third down percentage. The worst team stats for the Cardinals is the turnover differential (24th) and offensive pass yards (19th). It is nice though to mention that the team ranked 7th in passing TD's and 3rd in rushing TD's. The Cardinals had 2 RB's with at least 130 attempts, 9 TD's and at least 800+ yards. Most teams nowadays rely so heavily on either offense or defense to put up W's and the Cardinals did it in every facet of the game including special teams and our 2nd and 3rd string guys contributed well also. The Arizona Cardinals defense and special teams unit combined for 10 TD's alone to go with 1 safety and 31 FG's. 13 different players on the defensive roster recorded at least 1 sack, 8 different players recorded at least 1 INT. The defense also had 7 players with 10+ TFL and 8 with at least 1 FF, 4 of whom recorded at least 1 FR.
    VFL Super Bowl II MVP Playoff Stats:
    John Skelton
    52/85 - 60.6% - 5 TD's - 2 INT's - 99.7 Total QBR
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