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Cardinals vs Rams

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bigmandy54, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. bigmandy54

    bigmandy54 mac54

    Nov 14, 2009
    Cardinals vs Rams

    Well this game started very bad for the Cardinals first drive rams score 7-0 then on the KR Miller fumble and Rams score again short field lol then on the very next drive saint fumble and now is 21-0 but Cardinals would put a drive but Matt threw int so Rams this does not score so 1Q is 24-0 Rams

    in the 2nd Q finnaly Matt finds Breaston for a TD to make the score 24-7 but Rams moved the ball well in the air to get another field goal to make the score 27-7 but with no sec left before half Matt hits Wells for a TD to go at half 27-14 with Cardinals getting the ball back in the 2nd half

    3RDQ Cardinals get stop so Rams get another field goal to make it 30-14 i get stop again so this time i sent a all out blitz and Marc hits Jackson on the flat for a 69yard td to make it 37-14 but Cardinals was not going down this week the bounce back with a TD from Larry to end the 3rd with 37-21

    in the 4thQ the Rams put up another field goal to go up 40-21 but Cardinals came storming back with a a pair of td and 2point conv,to tie the game at 40 in overtime Cardinals get the ball and drives down for a winning field goal.

    final score 43-40 gg OX it was a wild one in Arionza!
    stats are coming later i got to go back to work!

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