Cards win shootout in St. Louis

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    The Cards entered there 2nd matchup of the season with the Rams expecting a hard fought defensive game with little points scored. What they got instead was the total opposite as both teams combined for 83 points. It was a fun game for the offenses but a complete headache for the defensive coordinators as it seemed like no matter what they called the opposing offense had an answer and usually resulted in a big play. Jason Merian would possibly have his best game of his career as he finished with 273 passing yards and 3 touchdowns on 11-17 passing while also throwing 1 interception. Merian would also hurt the Rams with his legs as he ran for 118 yards and a touchdown including a 96 yard touchdown run that broke the Rams back in the 3rd quarter. Merian's big day would be a direct result of the return of rookie WR Terrance King who has missed about half the season but returned in a big way finishing with 138 yards and 2 touchdowns on 2 catches. The only hint of defense in this game came late in the 2nd quarter when Cortland Finnegan would pick of a Merian pass and return it for 6 right before the half, otherwise the offenses ruled this game.

    Final Score: 48-35

    Player of the game: Jason Merian, 11-17 273 yds, 3 tds and 1 pick...5 rushes for 118 yards and a td

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