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CCM Awards

Discussion in 'Rookie Symposium' started by RRAHx2, May 16, 2013.

  1. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    As I have said before in other posts, I plan on getting 2 more seasons out of this franchise after this one. So with that said, I saw something in another league that I thought would be fun to do here and expand on a bit. So the name of this game is this: It is time to vote for our GM awards for this release.

    The Awards:
    • Best GM Award (Owner who's done the best job building a team via draft, trades, FA signings, etc)
    • Best HC Award (Owner who puts team in a place to win by play-calling, personnel match-ups, etc)
    • Mr. Dependable (Owner who is always timely in scheduling, posting summaries, participating, etc)
    • Sim Stud (Owner who has the best all-around sim game, who plays sim football to the letter)
    • Most Improved (Owner who has improved the most in their play since the first day they joined)
    • Content Guru (Owner who provides the best, and most fun-to-read content)
    • Best Rivalry (What two teams do you think had the greatest match-ups throughout the entire CCM?)
    • Most Hated Team (Simple)
    • Biggest Upset (What one game sticks out in your mind as the biggest upset? The win you didn't see coming at all)
    Remember these awards are for the ENTIRE life of the CCM not just one season in particular, so obviously there are going to be more vets winning these than new guys. Don't let that deter you all from voting, though. You are free to nominate ANY owner in the league that you wish, except for yourself. All voting ballots should be submitted to me via PM and I will announce the winners during our last season. So no rush guys. Thanks everyone!

    Crowe - JAX
    brizz98 - IND
    BrewBomber - HOU
    Hitmhrd72 - TEN
    oneshot24 - NE
    whatspeakyou - NYJ
    AwaLL - MIA
    CCTxWonTon - BUF
    nellycuz - PIT
    mmorgan184 - CLE
    Snake Eyez - CIN
    Wiznerd420 - BAL
    Aspect1 - OAK
    kylefergy3 - KC
    T.B.A.R. - SD
    SmashMouthFB33 - DAL
    The Rulah - WAS
    Craig Brown - PHI
    nicknick68 - NYG
    PantherKing1983 - CAR
    jay2149 - ATL
    Coachmedicis - NO
    Chief9 - TB
    Anthrax78 - SF
    - STL
    UofCWildcat - SEA
    RRAHx2 - ARI
    GDip - CHI
    ConiglioSG - MIN
    TryHardNation - DET
    dillonb15 - GB
    Last edited: May 17, 2013
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  2. mmorgan184

    mmorgan184 Walk On

    Sep 15, 2011
    I really like this. Good stuff rrah.
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  3. ConiglioSG

    ConiglioSG Walk On

    Jan 13, 2013
    Nice idea :)
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  4. brizz98

    brizz98 Walk On

    Feb 24, 2012
    They should do this in every league.
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  5. RRAHx2

    RRAHx2 Cleared for Takeoff

    Aug 22, 2012
    Added some more polls, suggested by Anthrax78 great ideas man!
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