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Children of the Corn - Nebraska Cornhuskers

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by badgerme3, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. badgerme3

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    Feb 14, 2010
    Children of the Corn - Nebraska Cornhuskers

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  2. badgerme3

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    Feb 14, 2010
    Texas Tech vs. Nebraska - Week 6 2012-2013


    The cornhuskers took on the Red Raiders in Coach Badger's first game as Nebraska's head coach after Bo Pelini was removed after not paying parking tickets for a year in Lincoln. The university said they didn't want a blackeye from the situation and Badger was picked out of the blue after an amazing interview with the administration where he showed his passion for recruiting and football.

    Nebraska entered the game as slight favorites, but still didn't know what to expect from the rookie coach. The Huskers got off to a rocky start as they received the ball and quickly went 3 and out. Texas Tech then took control and drove down the field. It looked like the team was affected by the media blitz, but suddenly there was a change in momentum. Nebraska was able to hold the Red Raiders to just 3 points from inside their own 5 yard line. This was the turning point of the game and showed that the defense was going to be stout all day.

    On the next drive, starting quarterback, junior, Cody Green took the Huskers down the field. They converted on a key 4th and inches from the Red Raiders 36, then were able to cruise into the red zone. The Huskers again faced a crucial 4th and 2 from the 2. Not wanting to settle for just a field goal, Coach Badger decided to send his troops out. Green was able to hit Antonio Bell across the middle for a touchdown just as the blitz arrived at Green.

    Texas Tech answered with a field goal with just 3:04 left in the half. Green once again drove the Huskers down the field and sophomore fullback Matt Cade burst up the middle from 10 yards out for the second Nebraska touchdown of the game.

    Texas Tech was held to a quick 3 and out and Nebraska called timeout with just 33 seconds left. Nebraska got the ball back and quickly drove to the Red Raider 30 and hit a 47 yard field goal to put Nebraska up 17-6 at the half.


    In the second half, Texas Tech came out firing. However, it backfired as senior OLB Sean Fisher intercepted the Seth Doege pass and returned it to the house for the pick 6. It was 47 yards in all. Nebraska was up 24-6 and it looked to be over.

    Texas Tech was able to get a field goal to get it to 24-9. Then Nebraska turned it over on the ensuing kickoff and the Red Raiders returned it to the Nebraska 10. They punched it in with a 10 yard pass from Doege to cut it to 24-16.

    However, from there Nebraska was able to hang on for the victory. Doege was picked off on the Nebraska 10 yard line in the end zone by junior CB Dijon Washington to preserve the victory.

    Nebraska 34, Texas Tech 23

    Key Stats
    *C. Green - 12/16 170 yards 1 TD, 11 carries 73 yards
    R. Burkhead - 11 carries 46 yards, 3 catches 8 yards
    M. Cade - 3 carries 15 yards 1 TD
    A. Bell - 4 catches 56 yards 1 TD
    J. Johnson - 4 catches 82 yards 1 TD
    C. Williams - 10 tackles 2 TFL 1 Sack
    S. Fisher - 6 tackles 1 INT 1 TD

    Texas Tech
    S. Doege - 25/39 327 yards 2 TD 2 INT
    H. Jeffers - 8 carries -1 yards, 4 catches 30 yards
    J. Franks - 7 catches 143 yards 1 TD
    C. Douglas - 5 catches 56 yards
    G. Griffin - 3 catches 17 yards
    T. Foster - 9 tackles
    J. Paul - 8 tackles 2 TFL
    N. Benson - 5 tackles 2 TFL 1 Sack
  3. badgerme3

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    Feb 14, 2010
    #15 Nebraska (6-0) vs. Baylor (3-1) - Week 7 2012-2013

    From the start of this one, the Huskers had the advantage. Nebraska drove down the field on its first possession, after stopping the Baylor Bears on their first drive with an INT on the Nebraska 10, for the touch down. Cody Green found tight end B Cotton across the middle for a 10 yard touchdown just as the pass rush and corner blitz got to him.

    The next possession it was Rex Burkhead driving in from 10 yards out to give the Huskers a 14-0 lead. Nebraska never looked back. Nebraska gave up just 3 points to the Bears and were up big late when tragedy struck. Green was hit on a pass when he was hurt. He will be out 7 weeks. Hopefully the Huskers will be able to hang on to their lead in the Big XII North with their starting QB out of action.

    Nebraska held Baylor to just 173 total yards and 43 rushing yards. Nebraska racked up 460 yards of total offense including 236 on the ground.

    Nebraska 38, Baylor 3

    C. Green - 11/18 224 yards 3 TD 2 INT, 16 carries 107 yards
    R. Burkhead - 26 carries 126 yards 1 TD
    J. Johnson - 6 catches 130 yards 1 TD
    B. Cotton - 3 catches 62 yards 2 TD
    S. Fisher - 11 tackles 3 TFL
    C. Williams - 7 tackles 2 TFL

    B. Petty - 9/16 89 yards 2 INT
    C. McEachern - 7 carries 23 yards
    S. Williams - 4 catches 71 yards
    A. White - 13 tackles 1 TFL
    T. Pickens - 7 tackles 1 TFL 1 sack
    T. Stephenson - 4 tackles 2 INT
  4. badgerme3

    badgerme3 Walk On

    Feb 14, 2010
    #8 Nebraska (6-0) vs. Kansas State (5-2) - Week 8 2012-2013

    Nebraska dominated the Wildcats from the start in Manhattan, KS. The Huskers were looking for a replacement for injured quarterback Cody Green and they haven't been able to find one yet. RS Freshman Nate Smith took over the reigns of the offense and struggled a bit. However, the offensive load was picked up by the running backs.

    Collins Okafor ran for 115 yards on 23 carries and Rex Burkhead scored 3 TDs on just 7 carries for 31 yards.

    Kansas State's only offense came from their defense. Nebraska threw an INT as time expired in the first half, which was run back for a touchdown by Thomas FergusonNebraska led 17-7 at the half time break.

    In the second half it was all Huskers. KSU didn't score again and Nebraska scored 38 points. Nothing went the way of KSU and Nebraska took advantage of some huge turnovers by the Wildcats late to extend the lead.

    Josh Nance returned an interception 44 yards as dime expired to cap the great defensive performance by the blackshirts. Nebraska held KSU to just 99 yards of total offense.

    Nebraska 55, Kansas State 7

    N. Smith - 7/14 186 yards 2 TD 1 INT
    R. Burkhead - 7 carries 31 yards 3 TD
    C. Okafor - 23 carries 115 yards 1 TD
    B. Cotton - 1 catch 71 yards 1 TD
    J. Ankrah - 6 tackles 2 TFL 2 sacks
    C. Williams - 6 tackles 1 TFL

    Kansas State
    J. Youngblood - 8/18 77 yards 4 INT
    J. Hubert - 13 carries 60 yards
    T. Tannahill - 3 catches 33 yards
    T. Ferguson - 13 tackles 1 TFL 1 INT 1 TD
  5. badgerme3

    badgerme3 Walk On

    Feb 14, 2010
    Week 9 2012-2013 #8 Nebraska (7-0) vs. Missouri (4-2)

    There was a lot of hype around this rivalry game for the Huskers due to the large amount of prospects that were in attendance. It was one of the biggest recruiting weekends of the year for Nebraska and they didn't disappoint on the field.

    However, the game started out a little rocky for the blackshirt defense. Missouri came out ready to play and there was little that the Huskers could do about it. Missouri drove down the field on their first possession and popped in a TD on a 9 yard pass from Blaine Dalton to Rolandis Woodland . However, the extra point was blocked.

    Nebraska quickly drove back down the field and Collins Okafor pounded the ball in for 4 yards out to give the Huskers the 7-6 lead.

    Missouri kept pouring it on and the defense that had had great games their last 3 outings looked nothing like themselves. Missouri continued to score, but Nebraska always had an answer and they took a 28-23 lead into the break. Senior TE Ben Cotton was dominant and a complete mismatch for the Tigers. He had over 100 yards on the day.

    Missouri's running back, Jared Culver was almost unstoppable in the first half. He dominated the game with a 72 yard TD run. He finished with over 100 yards on the ground.

    In the 2nd half the Nebraska defense returned. They pitched a shutout in the second half and forced the ball to the Nebraska offense who used a great running attack to seal the deal. Missouri was forced to pass more in the second half and Nebraska was able to shut it down.

    Nebraska 42, Missouri 23

    N. Smith - 14/26 289 yards 3 TD 1 INT, 7 carries 96 yards
    C. Okafor - 27 carries 106 yards 2 TD
    R. Burkhead - 2 carries 7 yards 1 TD, 3 catches 41 yards 1 TD
    B. Cotton - 5 catches 133 yards 1 TD
    M. Mendoza - 3 catches 45 yards
    S. Fisher - 6 tackles 2 TFL
    C. Williams - 5 tackles 3 TFL

    B. Dalton - 14/30 204 yards 2 TD
    B. Culver - 6 carries 103 yards 1 TD
    R. Woodland - 4 catches 75 yards 1 TD
    R. Davis - 12 tackles
    J. Moore - 7 tackles
  6. badgerme3

    badgerme3 Walk On

    Feb 14, 2010
    Week 10 2012-2013 #4 Nebraska (8-0) at Iowa State (3-4)

    Anyone that doubted the Nebraska defense has been quieted for at least another week. This one was all Huskers from the start. Iowa State drove down on their first possession but missed a field goal from about 37 yards. Then it was Husker time. Nebraska drove down and Collins Okafor punched it in from 4 yards out to give the Huskers the 7-0 lead.

    The Huskers couldn't be stopped. WR Antonio Bell scored 2 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter, one on a 13 yard slant and the other on a 34 yard go route, when Iowa State all out blitzed. Rex Burkhead was hit streaking down the sideline from 28 yards out for the score sandwiched in between the two Bell TDs.

    Nebraska led 28-0 at the break. In the 2nd half, it was more Nebraska. Okafor scored 2 more TDs on the ground from 7 and 9 yards out, while Nate Smith added a 24 yard scramble and Burkhead added a 4 yard TD run.

    Smith was great through the air as well. He had time to find his receivers all day long and passed for over 350 yards threw the air with zero INTs.

    This was the first shutout of Coach Badger's career at Nebraska and the defense played great.

    Nebraska 56, Iowa State 0

    N. Smith - 17/23 369 yards 3 TD, 5 carries -2 yards 1 TD
    C. Okafor - 29 carries 160 yards 3 TD
    R. Burkhead - 1 carries 4 yards 1 TD, 2 catches 80 yards 1 TD
    B. Cotton - 9 catches 181 yards 1 TD
    A. Bell - 3 catches 56 yards 2 TD
    S. Fisher - 9 tackles 1 TFL
    C. Williams - 6 tackles 1 TFL
    J. Nance - 7 tackles

    Iowa State
    B. Bueker - 12/36 170 yards 4 INT
    J. White - 10 carries 32 yards
    P. Mulcahny - 4 catches 78 yards
    L. Range - 2 catches 37 yards
    D. Reed - 14 tackles
    A. Cronin - 10 tackles
    K. Hamlin - 9 tackles 4 TFL 3 sacks
  7. badgerme3

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    Feb 14, 2010
    Week 11 2012-2013 #3 Nebraska (9-0) at #7 Oklahoma (7-2)


    Nebraska had its first showdown with a top 10 opponent and the much anticipated game didn't disappoint in the first half. Both teams came out with a lot of adrenaline and you could tell from the opening kickoff that it was going to be a hard hitting affair. The weather didn't cooperate and there was nearly a monsoon in Norman.

    Oklahoma received the first kickoff and fumbled it. LB Sean Fisher almost decapitated the return man and Nebraska took over with great field position. Five runs later and Collins Okafor rumbled into the endzone for the opening touchdown of the game.

    Oklahoma could have gotten down on themselves, as the crowd was sort of out of hit, but a solid return on the next kickoff to the 35 allowed for the next play to happen.

    RB Jamie Calhoun took the handoff, broke three tackles and dashed towards the endzone for the tying 65 yard touchdown run. He was difficult to bring down all day long. Then there was another miscue for the Sooners. The kicker missed the extra point and Oklahoma remained behind 7-6.

    Nebraska had an answer as they drove down the field for a field goal and a 10-6 lead.

    From there, the Huskers defense took over and really shut down the Sooner offense. They continually went 3 and out. Which would have been great, but the Nebraska offense was stalling as well.

    Finally in the second quarter, the Huskers managed yet another field goal and went into the half with a 13-6 lead.

    The opening possessions of the 2nd half were uneventful, until Oklahoma got the ball back. They once again gave it to Calhoun, who took it 31 yards for his 2nd touchdown of the game. Again the Sooners were going to tie the game, but the kicker this time had his kick blocked and the Sooners remained behind 13-12.

    Nebraska was able to respond on the next possession. Okafor took it in from 4 yards out for his second touchdown of the game and gave Nebraska the 20-12 lead.

    Oklahoma responded well and drove down the field. They got to the one yard line on a slant pattern, one of the rare completions of the day for the inept Oklahoma passing game. However, it was time for the blackshirts to step up.

    Nebraska stopped four consecutive plays, 2 pass and 2 runs, from the 1 yard line and had a goalline stand.

    The next possession for the Huskers really put the dagger into the side of the Sooners as the Huskers scored another FG putting them up 23-12. The Huskers would add a late Okafor TD run on the next possession after an INT and the Huskers cruised to victory from there.

    Nebraska 30, Oklahoma 12

    N. Smith - 11/18 111 yards, 7 carries 74 yards
    C. Okafor - 33 carries 178 yards 3 TD
    R. Burkhead - 9 carries 12 yards, 3 catches 7 yards
    B. Cotton - 3 catches 30 yards
    K. Cooper - 3 catches 52 yards
    S. Fisher - 4 tackles 1 FF
    C. Williams - 4 tackles 3 TFL

    D. Allen - 5/16 44 yards 2 INT
    J. Calhoun - 14 carries 186 yards 2 TD
    L. Haas - 3 catches 31 yards
    J. Harris - 15 tackles 1 TFL
    J. Ibiloye - 12 tackles 1 TFL
  8. badgerme3

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    Feb 14, 2010
    Week 12 2012-2013 #1 Nebraska (10-0) vs Arkansas State (4-6)

    Nebraska was surprisingly #1 in the nation this week and the Huskers showed why against the huge underdawgs from Arkansas State.

    Nebraska jumped out to a huge lead with two touchdowns in the first quarter from Collins Okafor, one on a run and the other on a pass reception down the sideline from 43 yards out.

    After that it was all Nebraska in the first half. Okafor added another TD run and Nate Smith hit Bell down the hash for another long TD and Nebraska took a 28-6 lead into the break.

    In the 2nd half, the Huskers just cruised to victory. Nebraska allowed 22 points in the 2nd half, but scored 24.

    Nebraska has one more game and then a break until they face Texas in the Big XII Championship Game for a spot in the National Title Game.

    Nebraska 52, Arkansas State 28

    N. Smith - 12/22 298 yards 4TD 1 INT, 9 carries 84 yards
    C. Okafor - 20 carries 94 yards 3 TD, 1 catch 43 yards 1 TD
    R. Burkhead - 2 catches 74 yards 1 TD
    J. Reed - 5 catches 106 yards
    A. Bell - 1 catches 40 yards 1 TD
    S. Fisher - 10 tackles 1 TFL 1 Sack
    C. Williams - 5 tackles 1 TFL

    Arkansas State
    J. Reed - 9/25 184 yards 2 TD 1 INT
    T. Holmes - 17 carries 56 yards
    L. Henderson - 2 catches 106 yards 1 TD
    V. Smith - 3 catches 51 yards 1 TD
    T. Haney - 7 tackles
    L. Henning - 6 tackles
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    Feb 14, 2010
    Week 13 2012-2013 #2 Nebraska (11-0) vs Colorado (3-8)

    Nebraska dropped from #1 in the nation this week and the Huskers took out a little bit of their frustration on the Buffaloes in this rivalry game.

    It was all Nebraska in the first half. HB Rex Burkhead scored twice on two TD runs, one from 23 yards out and the other from 5 yards out to make it 14-0.

    Colorado was hanging in the game, in the first half, until they threw an INT to J Nance as time expired in the first half. He returned it 51 yards for a TD and a 21-0 half time lead for the Huskers.

    Nebraska cruised to victory in the 2nd half. Colorado had their lone TD of the game early in the third quarter. However, Nebraska would counter with a FG in the 4th and really control the game with their power running game.

    Nebraska now waits 2 weeks to face Texas for a change to go to the National Title game and take home the Big XII crown.

    Nebraska 28, Colorado 6

    N. Smith - 5/12 68 yards 1 INT, 9 carries 84 yards
    C. Okafor - 27 carries 112 yards
    R. Burkhead - 7 carries 62 yards 2 TD, 2 catches 33 yards
    J. Ankrah - 7 tackles 4 TFL 3 Sacks
    S. Fisher - 4 tackles
    C. Williams - 6 tackles

    C. Evans - 17/30 154 yards 1 INT
    A. Hale - 9 carries 66 yards, 5 catches 28 yards
    B. Alvarez - 4 catches 20 yards
    J. Darden - 3 catches 49 yards
    L. Nobriga - 8 tackles
    P. Orms - 7 tackles
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    Feb 14, 2010
    Nebraska vs. Virginia Tech

    Nebraska came out mixing it up well. The first drive was pure football at its finest. Green hit Cotton for a 31 yard gain to set up a quick field goal for the Huskers.

    From there it was all Hokies. Nebraska gives up 18 sacks total in the game and were not able to get a pass off after the first drive of the game, the pressure came so quick. They also couldn't run it, attempting only 2 true runs. It was a disaster.

    Nebraska had nothing for that pass rush from Va Tech and only musters a 61 yard FG in the 4th quarter after Okafor breaks a kickoff return but pulls a hammy on the 10 yard line with no one in front of him. Nebraska gets sacked to push them to the 41 and hits the bomb.

    Virginia Tech was relentless. They had the game in hand apparently and started "running the clock" with 5 minutes left in the third. Luckily Nebraska recovered Virginia Tech's onside kick with 38 seconds left in a 49-6 game to preserve real embarassment from possibly another Va Tech touchdown.

    Va Tech 49, Nebraska 6

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