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Cincinnati Bearcats Preseason Outlook '12-'13

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jbbubba, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Jbbubba

    Jbbubba Walk On

    Jul 22, 2012
    Hello sports fans! Danny Lauronitis, head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats here, and to say I am opportunistic about the Bearcats' chances this year is a severe understatement. The scheduling gods have blessed us with a schedule that gives us a chance to prove what Cincinnati is all about without throwing us to the wolves quite yet. In my first year as head coach of the Bearcats, I hope to turn the heads of the pollsters and place Cincinnati their minds as a contender for a national title. Will we get there? I certainly hope so (never a bad thing to be overconfident), but at the very least I hope to set up Cincinnati to become a powerhouse for years to come.

    As I step into the role of head coach here at Cincinnati, I am looking to transform the Bearcats into a smashmouth, power-up-the-gut-for-4-yards offensive unit. Anchoring the offense this year will be junior quarterback Munchie Legaux from Louisiana, quick on his feet and a mastermind as the commander of the offense, senior halfback George Winn from Michigan, a player who can break tackles with the best of them and speed past for six, and junior left guard Sean McClellan, a bulldozer who will plow the way to the endzone for Winn. Don't overlook the short passing attack either. Legaux will have plenty of options to throw to, including junior wideout Anthony McClung, a speedster with hands and the ability to get open. Once this offensive unit gets in rythem, watch out, because there is no stopping this freight train.

    Defensively, I'm looking to create a group of players who will use every inch of their body to stop the running back in his tracks and make him hurt. This year, senior safeties Drew Frey and Pat Lambert will become the enforcers for this defense, making sure no player escapes the wrath of the Bearcats. Sophomore linebacker Solomon Tentman looks to plug holes and cause havoc in the opposing backfield, while senior left defensive end Walter Stewart will make the opposing quarterback think twice everytime he drops back in the pocket.

    They say we will finish second in the Big East. They say we will finish outside the Top 25. To that, I say, keep an open mind, because these Bearcats are out to prove you wrong...very wrong...
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  2. dmanno2

    dmanno2 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2010
    Great job man! Love reading posts as enthusiastic as this.
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  3. onaradio34

    onaradio34 Tryin not to show how little I know bout anything

    Sep 24, 2009
    For any of you other new guys who read this, dmanno's comment is exactly the thing we need. When someone takes time to give us content to read and enjoy, acknowledge the guys effort. I'm not saying every single one of them, but any help.

    It's sucks when you devote a lot of time into content and get no feedback whatsoever.

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