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CL Vets 5-on-5 Season 1 Preview

Discussion in 'Chompion's League' started by Spayer419, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Spayer419

    Spayer419 Walk On

    Jun 23, 2012
    With Chompions League right around the corner, 5 CL vets answered some questions to preview the upcoming season.

    1. The Big 10 has two familiar faces with Spayer419 and Glen Cieske and two new users. With Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin all in one division for the first season, Nebraska seems to have an easy path to the B1G title game, while the other division will be closely contested and decided by a few user games. How do you see this conference playing out?

    Jandy: Glen and Spayer had a great rivalry last year, and I don't expect things to be any different in '14. Both are very skilled players, but I think Spayer will pull out a Big Ten title in year 1. The talent difference between the two teams is a little larger than I had anticipated, and Glen's run heavy playstyle will likely be negatively affected by the extremely lackluster Wisconsin offensive line. With that said, I have full faith in Glen to win the B1G in the future, but I think year 1 will have some growing pains with such a young team. Spayer is also a proven player and a national champion, and I would not be surprised to see him run the table in year 1 while his fellow users build up their programs. His easy schedule will also help him out:p

    tOSU vs. Wisconsin: Ohio State wins in Triumphant fashion

    Glen: In the first year of Chompions I believe we will see Nebraska play tOSU for the B1G title. Wisconsin and Penn State will need a season or 2 of recruiting before their level of talent is up to par with tOSU. I would expect to see great rivalries in this Conference and each of the four members get a B1G title in the first five years. In year one tOSU takes the conference.

    Leaders division will be real tough of course. It will come down to tOSU and Wisco with tOSU having the sheer talent advantage to pull it out this year. Wisco will get better and better every year though which will make things tougher. I think PSU will go to the wire with both tOSU and Wisco but fall short. Just not enough horses for now. Nebraska should have the edge in the Legends division. They will be tested against PSU and Michigan, but even with a loss to either they should have the edge over the Wolverines.
    tOSU will with the conference championship by 10 over Nebraska. T Magic wont have enough to beat a stacked tOSU.

    I'm going to have confidence in myself here and pick my Buckeyes to win the B1G in season 1. Glen and I will have a great contest, as always, but there is a decent talent gap between our two programs in year one. It will be interesting to see if SSU can take advantage of being in that division by himself for the first season. Nebraska is a darkhorse pick.

    2. The Pac 12 is new territory for Chompions League, but there are some veterans in there. Jandy and CJ both won national titles in CL '13, will we see them meet up as UCLA and Oregon in the Pac 12 Championship?

    Jandy: The Pac 12 is a curious conference: I think the quality of the users is a little underrated, and I also think that there isn't a team that stands out as an obvious favorite. Stanford, USC, and Oregon are all 6* programs and for good reason; their rosters are stacked. It'll be interesting to see how things play out, but I wouldn't sleep on CJ and UCLA pulling out a title either. CJ and I had a nice rivalry budding in last year's dynasty, and I have the utmost respect for him as a player. Don't count out the Bruins. Gotta have confidence in myself though!Macc: OU vs. USC -- OU dominates but no without a tough first half from USC

    Glen: I expect this conference to be highly contested. Stanford, USC, and Oregon have tons of the top talent from around the country and once CJ get his hands on some of those prized Cali prospects I would expect to see them in a Nat'l title game. In the first year, I think we will see Jandy take the PAC but it won't be easy.

    I think this will come down to the conference championship between USC and Oregon. Though I think the South battle between UCLA and USC will be very tough. Oregon has a distinct talent advantage and a coach who thrives on exposing talent mismatches. The fastest player in the game will put them over the top vs Stanford. Oregon will pull out a close conference championship over USC by 7.
    Spayer: I'm going to go against the grain here and pick UCLA for the PAC 12, beating Oregon in the conference championship. I think Jandy will win the first matchup during the regular season, but it's tough to beat anyone twice in one year, especially a user. CJ has proven himself and was a champion in CL '13. Oregon's lack luster run defense will betray itself as the Ducks lose out on a perfect season to the Bruins in the conference title game.

    3. Finally, the SEC. I think this is the toughest conference in CL with an exceptional combination of user talent and CPU depth. Cmassey and Cy were two of the more dominant users in '13, but Arkansas is not the program that Texas was and Texas A&M isn't without flaws. Georgia and LSU are both loaded, and let's not forget about CPU controlled Alabama and Florida. Could a CPU team sneak into the SEC title game, or do you see something else?

    Jandy: I'm gonna have to go with TAMU. I think Johnny Heisman and the rest of the team (which is surprisingly very highly rated) will be able to pull one out with Cy at the helm. Cy and I played split our 2 title games, with him absolutely kicking my ass in the first. He's a great player and I think that team is a perfect fit with the offense he runs. With that being said, Cmassey proved to be arguably the most dominate user in CL '13 with his Longhorns. Arkansas is a bit of a rebuilding project, but if anyone can do it, it's Cmassey. I expect to see him competing for SEC and national championships in a couple years. I'm interested to see how Macc and MrWitness perform, as well. Both teams have an incredible amount of talent, but both users are unproven on the biggest of stages. Best of luck to everyone as they go through that daunting SEC schedule. I did it last year with Bama, and let me tell you, every week is something to look forward to.

    Texas A&M vs. UGA -- aTm wins in an offensive scoring contest

    Glen: The biggest question with this conference every year is going to be, can any team survive the gauntlet of USER and CPU teams and still be ranked high enough to make it to the Nat'l title game? I don't think we will see any team from this conference manage a undefeated record in one season. With how much tougher the CPU is I wouldn't be surprised if Alabama and Florida shocked a few USERS. Texas A&M is my favorite to win this conference.

    Cy: I have a feeling that aTm vs Arkansas will be a key matchup for the whole dynasty run. CMassey and I went at it a ton in NCAA13. LSU will also attempt to throw a wrench in the SEC West. We will have to see what MrWitness will throw at us. I am hoping that Johnny Football will give the Aggies the edge for at least year one. Georgia should have a clean shot at an SEC East title with LSU and Florida being the biggest challenges. I think the Dawgs will have enough to pull it out and should make their way on a short trip to the Georgia dome.
    SEC Championship should be a shootout between aTm and Georgia with Johnny's boys having just enough to win it by 7.

    Spayer: If there were 3 users in the East for season 1 my pick would be Alabama, but there's 3 in the west instead. I still think Bama will beat at least 1 user, but I don't know if the CPU can go 3-0 AND avoid upsets from other CPU teams even with that awesome roster. I think TAMU loses once during the year, possibly to Bama, but wins the west and defeats UGA for the SEC crown.

    4. The national championship game is to be held in the Rose Bowl this year. Will the Big 10 and Pac 12 battle for the crystal ball in Pasadena, or will the SEC challenge for its 8th consecutive national title? Give me your pick for the national title game.

    Jandy: With the crazy talent in the SEC, I have a feeling all of those teams are going to beat each other up and no one will escape undefeated. Therefore, I'm going with the Big Ten and Pac 12 winners to go head to head for the NC. My pick: Ohio State vs. Oregon (homer pick but I gotta have confidence in myself right? :rolleyes:)

    I could see a B1G PAC 12 battle, especially since SEC likely beats each other up. I've got Oregon beating Ohio State.

    tOSU over Texas A&M.
    All of these picks were very hard to make everyone has a chance to take home the crystal ball in year one. I personally think we won't see USERS taking back to back nat'l titles, let alone conference titles. I'm excited to get this game and get this league rolling.

    Cy: At the end of the year I think the top 3 will be tOSU, Oregon, and aTm. I think the Aggies will meat tOSU and lose a heartbreaker on a last second field goal. (Which is the way it always went down in CL13 between HipHopp and Spayer.)

    Spayer: With Oregon losing in the conference title, one-loss TAMU will square off against undefeated Ohio State. I love my Buckeyes, but I'm not sure if we have enough in the front seven to contain Johnny Football. In the end TAMU wins a close one, getting some revenge against me for the games I stole from Cy in '13.

    5. Last one. Give me one bold prediction for season 1 of CL '14.

    Jandy: Coach Jbek taking down Spayer and the Buckeyes. They have an incredibly heated rivalry, and I know Jbek will come to play in that one.

    Lots of parity in National Champions from a year to year basis. Don't see teams going back to back.

    Glen: We will see three USER losses to the CPU in year 1. I think, Alabama, Florida and Michigan will beat users in year one until we are adjusted to the new found challenge of this game.

    Hmm, it might not be bold but I think Jandy and DeAnthony Thomas will win the Heisman in a close race over Johnny Football and Braxton Miller.
    Spayer: Though I didn't pick it up top, I wouldn't be surprised to see a CPU team win a division or even a conference. The CPU is a challenge this year, which should make CL even more interesting.

    cmassey13 macc24usc jandy CJTHA1 TheMNorthFace Boraby Jbek ssuwr86 Glen Cieske MrWitness36 cyhiphopp
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  2. cmassey13

    cmassey13 Walk On

    Aug 2, 2012
    Interesting read guys. At this point, I'm just hoping I can make a nice bowl game. Still struggling against the CPU in the few games I've had a chance to play. I'll go ahead and use this post to tell everyone good luck in the first season as well.
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  3. cyhiphopp

    cyhiphopp Walk On

    Aug 2, 2012
    Good luck to you too CMass and everyone else!
  4. Glen Cieske

    Glen Cieske Walk On

    Jul 2, 2012
    I'm pumped for this OD. Good luck to everyone!
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  5. MrWitness36

    MrWitness36 Walk On

    Mar 1, 2012
    Count down till kickoff begins

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