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Class of 2014-2015 (Miami Hurricanes)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bravejaf, May 24, 2010.

  1. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Class of 2014-2015 (Miami Hurricanes)

    Miami Recruiting Class
    12 seniors + 0 empty roster spots = 12 scholarships

    :5stars: - 2
    :4stars: - 7
    :3stars: - 3

    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
    Stars Name Pos Rank Notes
    :5stars: Kevin Arnold FS #1 B+ Speed, Agility; B Tackle, Press; B- Man cover, Zone cover, Pursuit, Acceleration
    :5stars: Jeremy James ATH #1 B Speed, Catching; B- Agility; C+ Route running
    :4stars: Garin Brown OLB #5 B Block shedding, Pursuit; B- Speed; C+ Tackle, Agility, Strength
    :4stars: Matt Patterson MLB #3 B+ Strength; B Speed, Tackle, Pursuit, Hit power
    :4stars: C.J Foster T #7 B Run block; B- Pass block, Impact blocking, Strength, RB strength, PB footwork
    :4stars: Anthony Fowler G #3 B RB Stregth, PB footwork; B- Pass block, Run block, Impact blocking, Strength, RB footwork
    :4stars: Andrew Buchanan DE #2 B Tackle; B- Speed, Power moves, Block shedding, Pursuit; C+ Strength, Agility
    :4stars: Matt Graves MLB #6 B Tackle, Agility, Strength, Finesse moves; B- Play recognition, Pursuit; C+ Speed, Block shedding, Zone cover
    :4stars: Cody Haynes DT #6 B+ Strength; B Hit power, Pursuit; B- Power moves, Block shedding
    :3stars: Eric Fraser TE #19 B Catching, Catch in traffic; B- Run block, Impact blocking, RB footwork
    :3stars: William Robinson K #4 B- Kick power, Kick accuracy
    :3stars: Adrian Kaplan MLB #24 B+ Agility; B- Tackle, Play recognition, Hit power; C+ Speed, Awareness, Block shed, Pursuit,

    Coach's comment:
    - 2 players in overall top 10 and 8 players in Russel Athletic Top 100
    - Patterson is a freaking beast and I think Russel Athletic may have underrated him
    - Looks like 3-4 is here to stay with the addition of 4 linebackers in this class and all 4 have starting potential
    - Defense was the focus this season and 7 of 12 signings so far are on that side of the ball
    - Arnold could start as true freshman if Richardson leaves early and Patterson/Graves should be fighting for playing time next season if Mitchell leaves
    - Got the QB some big time redzone targets in James (6'5 196 WR) and Fraser (6'8 244 lbs TE)

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