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Clemson Recruiting

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by uncleho, Feb 6, 2010.

  1. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    Clemson Recruiting

    2011 Clemson Recruiting (final)

    A full class of 17 was brought in this year and a lot of depth was added. With 11/17 recruits redshirting this year there will be a lot of learning going on next season for these guys.

    The tigers have 17 scholarships to give out this year and need to add depth. Needs this year are at DT, DE, MLB, and G. Positions lacking good depth are FS, FB, TE, and OLB.

    Name Caliber Position (#) Height Weight
    Brad Schroeder :2stars: FB (#14) 6'0" 221
    Jason Evans :3stars: MLB (#22) 6'0" 252
    Eric Wyatt :3stars: FS (#23) 6'4" 192
    Eric Smith :3stars: DT (#18) 6'2" 292
    Tavarious Brown (JUCO) :4stars: ATH (#2) 6'1" 231
    Beau Medlock :3stars: MLB (#20) 6'0" 234
    Anthony King :3stars: G (#24) 6'3" 263
    Anthony Frye :3stars: DE (#33) 6'5" 252
    Ray Williams :3stars: DT (#41) 6'4" 290
    John Moore :4stars: QB (#5) 6'5" 232
    Terrance Landry :3stars: G (#45) 6'4" 294
    Gary Ball :3stars: G (#22) 6'2" 344
    Justin Willis :3stars: T (#32) 6'6" 303
    Joe Whitaker :3stars: RB (#31) 6'1" 209
    Chad Williams :4stars: RB 5'11" 207
    Pedro Bush :4stars: SS 6'3" 195
    Chad Sykes :3stars: RB 6'1" 208

    Schroeder fills one of our targeted areas for depth at FB and we are glad get this recruit early. Signed week 1.
    Evans fills a need a MLB for the Tigers and comes in with B- speed, play recognition, zone coverage, and hitting power. Signed week 3.
    Watt helps fill out a targeted area that needed depth. B speed, B- tack, C+ mcv, zcv, prc and B hit power. Signed week 4.
    Smith fills a big need at DT as the Tigers need 2 spots here. A- str, B- tack, block shed, pursuit, and hit power. Signed week 5.
    Brown should see playing time early on I'm just not sure where yet, best sign yet. A- spd, agl. Signed week 5.
    Medlock fills a need this year with Evans and will create competition. B- spd, B hit power, C+ tackle. Signed week 6.
    King fills a need a guard and hopefully we get one or two more to create some competition at this position. B str, rblk ftwork, B- rblk, C+ passblk. Week 8
    Frye fills a need at DE and Clemson will look to add some depth here now. B- spd, pwr move, blk shed, pursuit. Signed week 9.
    Williams completes my biggest need by filling the 2DT spots this year. B- str, B blk shed. Signed week 9.
    Moore is Clemson's biggest commit of the year so far, NFL size and arm strength, college accuracy. A- thr pwr, C+ acc. Signed week 9.
    Landry is another G and adds depth and could compete for playing time. B- p. blk, C+ r. blk, B imp blk, str. Signed week 10.
    Ball is a massive G who will add depth on the line. B pblk, rblk str, B- rblk, imp blk Signed week 12.
    Willis seems like a solid addition at T for the Tigers. B rblk, imp blk, rblk str. Signed week 13.
  2. astealthyhippo

    astealthyhippo happy painting and god bless

    Oct 14, 2009
    I didn't notice Tavarious Brown for a couple weeks, but man he looks impressive. I knew I didn't have much of a shot when you were sitting 1st even without offering a scholarship. Nice class so far, looks like you've got some good pieces.
  3. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    Yeah he looks like he will be pretty good, if I remember right he projects more into a receiver, could be wrong though. I'm losing some good seniors so I'm happy I'm filling needs this early so I can concentrate on higher caliber recruits.
  4. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010
    2012 Clemson Recruiting

    2012 Clemson Recruiting

    The Tigers have 21 scholarships to fill this year as they lose a lot of senior leadership at the end of the year. Biggest need this year is OLB, followed by FS, FB, and P.

    Name Caliber Position (#) Height Weight
    Brad Collins :3stars: FS (#12) 6'0" 181
    Shannon Tucker :3stars: FS (#14) 6'3" 208
    Erik Harris :3stars: TE (#13) 6'6" 212
    Seth Harris :4stars: FS (#1) 6'0" 209
    Dylan Robertson :4stars: OLB (#6) 6'2" 209
    Andy Woods (JUCO) :5stars: CB (#6) 6'1" 163
    Carlos Ryan :3stars: OLB (#21) 6'1" 220
    Luis Garrett :4stars: OLB (#7) 6'2" 227
    Joshua Wesley :3stars: P (#12) 6'2" 219
    Terrence Woods :3stars: TE (#9) 6'7" 229
    Kenneth Wynn :2stars: FB (#18) 5'11" 214
    George Barnes :4stars: WR (#6) 5'11" 187
    Jeff Cox :3stars: WR (#36) 6'3" 191
    Ken McCloud :3stars: OLB (#33) 6'5" 236

    Collins fills a need at FS, happy to sign a need this early. B spd, acc, B- tack, agl. Signed week 3.
    Tucker is another FS signing who happens to be a hard hitter. B spd, hit pwr, B- tack, man cvg. Signed week 4.
    Harris will wait his turn to play at TE. B cth.
    Harris was the #1 FS this year and fills a need for us. B+ acc, B spd,tack.
    Robertson was a big sign, we needed a couple of OLB this year. B+ pur, B tack.
    Woods is a juco player we are looking to have contribute right away. B+ spd, acc, B mcv, B- zcv.
    Ryan will add depth to the OLB position. B- tack.
    Garrett's addition fills out our need for OLB this year. B tack, B- spd, blk shd, pur, agl.
    Wesley fills the need for a punter this year. B- kpwr, C kacc
    Woods as a big frame for a TE and solid hands, could be decent after a couple years. B- spd, cth.
    Wynn will add competition to the FB spot. B- spd, iblk, C+ str, rblk str, rblk ftwrk, pblk str.
    Barnes is a possession type receiver. B spd, B- spc cth, B+ jmp.
    Cox is another possession type reciever. B+ spd, B- cth, spc cth, btck, B juke.
    McCloud will add depth to the LB corp. B- spd, zcv.

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