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Clemson Tigers 2016

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by -Cougars-, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. -Cougars-

    -Cougars- Walk On

    Dec 30, 2010
    Clemson 24 - Michigan 20

    Clemson was nervous traveling to Michigan and it's big crowd of blue fans cheering them on. Clemson won the toss and decided to kick, Howard put the ball on the tee and signaled he was ready to kick the ball off "BANG" as the cannons went as Howard kicked the ball to start the 2016 season. Michigan started at the 17 yard line and had an amazing offense attack, which lead them to scoring first with amazing passing. Then Clemson's stud running back Adam Newton decided to try his running attack early in the season. Play after play Newton averaged 10+ easily early which led into Michigan's end zone for a TD 7-7. Howard set up the kick again and kicked off as Clemson's defense came charging down the field they leveled the return man but surprisingly he managed to hang on to the ball. Clemson's D had a huge problem covering the pass and defending the run their D wasn't doing too much of anything as of now and Michigan easily drove down the field again for a TD 14-7. Almost halftime score 17-14 Clemson was driving down the field ball on their 34 yard line in Michigan territory Baldwin dropped back found a open man but his terribad accuracy caused him to throw an INT and Michigan went into halftime up 17-14. Clemson got the ball back and of course Newton pretty much led them all the way down to Michigan's goal line but Michigan's D stuffed them and held Clemson to a field goal. That crushed Coach Duke. After the field goal Clemson kicked off again and Michigan took over. After Michigan was stopped Michigan had the ball for the rest of the 3rd quarter and kicked a field goal to start the 4th quarter after Clemson stopped them short. Clemson took over the ball and managed to drive down the field with 2:27 left in the game Baldwin dropped back again and hey well the crowd guessed it, INT number 2. Michigan crowd roared with excitement as Baldwin walked to the sideline he threw his helmet against the bleachers cursing under his breath. Michigan took over and tried to run the clock. Clemson stacked the box and sent blitz after blitz they had no idea why Michigan was trying to pass. 3 & 12 2:03 left Michigan's QB dropped back over threw his receiver and it was intercept by Clemson's MLB Harris which he took it back to Michigan's 22 yard line with 1:58 left. Clemson was trying to start up the running game again but on the first carry lost of 3. Baldwin decided to try the same play again with McGee but flip it to the left it worked like a charm and Mcgee got a gain of 14 with 53 seconds left ball at Michigan's 5 yard line. Newton tried to bust it in but he managed to lose 2 yards on the carry, 44 seconds left Baldwin ran a no huddle but tried to sweep it to the left only a gain of 2 ball on Michigan's 2 yard line now 17 seconds left Baldwin stalled time seconds now he snapped the ball Newton got it he managed to break the first tackle and got hit he kept churning his feet and then three Michigan defends came to help but Newton crossed the line for a Clemson TD with 10 seconds left in the game. Howard added the game winning PAT and Clemson starts the season 1-0 after a close game.

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