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Close game opens up late

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by GDip, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. GDip

    GDip Walk On

    Jul 9, 2012
    First off, gg to CT. He and I are now 1-1 in user games, including our other dynasty, so there's a matchup that should see a lot of back and forth. I look forward to it.

    It was a close game all the way down to the final minutes before Boston College was able to send the Terps from Maryland home with frown and a loss. The final score of 33-14 doesn't indicate how close the game actually played.

    The first score of the game didn't come until the last seconds of the 1st quarter when Eagles RB Andre Williams found the endzone for the first of his 3 scoring runds on the day. The Terps responded immediatly with a nice throw from QB CJ Brown to TE Matt Furstenburg who then ran the rest of the way to the endzone for the 40 yard TD.

    The score remained tied until a flury of action closed the first half. To start, B.C. QB Josh Bordner pulled off a QB sneak play for the 14-7 lead with just 1:44 left in the half. A quick interception off Brown gave the Eagles a short field, which after being stuffed by the Maryland defense settled for 3 points and the 17-7 lead. Maryland wasn't satisfied going into the locker room down 2 scores though. With just under :30 to play Brown heaved a 52-yard bomb rto senior WR Kenny Boykins that set the Terps up at the 8 yard line. On the next play Brown found Lavern Jacobs for the 8 yard score.

    So the halftime score leaves the Eagles with the 17-14 lead.

    Both teams buckled down again in the 3rd quarter and punted away the ball before B.C. was finally able to muster a drive that lead them all the way to Maryland goalline. Three plays later and after losing 2 yards B.C. coach called for a short FG and the 20-14 advantage.

    After another interception off Brown the Eagles were able to set Williams up for what would be his 2nd 1 yard score on the day. A missed 2 points conversion later and the Eagles were happy to finally put some breathing room between them and the Terps with the 26-14 lead.

    The game wound down from there with a late score, again from Williams, this time from 34 yards out as the Eagles offense was trying to run the clock down.

    Overall, it was a well fought game, with 3rd down conversions and turnovers being the key. Both areas in which the Eagles claimed the advantage. This is an ACC game that will be sure to generate lots of good games and excitement in the future.

    ***Note: Just after scoring the last TD of this game and kicking the ball back to CT, my internet connection went out. To me it looked like the EA servers went down but shortly realized it was the internet connection. CT was able to finish out the game and it registered properly. Big props to CT he probably could've quit tha game and plead ignorance or something to play the game again. Maybe he couldn't have, but who cares he handled it honestly which is what we all are asking for.

    On another note, I will be getting a mic this week, as I haven't had one in about a year now, but will have that on me for my next user game.

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