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    As I stated before in my Note to the league, I was going to bring in a Co-Commish to help continue to assist to run the league in my absence. In Case if any didn't know, I'm a full-time sports official for High School I call FB,Basketball, Baseball, and Softball. and I currrently call Div 3 Fb. so i'm pretty busy on the weekends. So I decided to bring in a Co-Commish to help to continue to move the league along if any advances hit on a Saturday. and i'm also expecting my 4th child so this will really help the league with this position.

    after much Thought and deliberation, I have found our Co-Commish. Mike Dredd. He will be overseeing the league while i'm gone on weekends and specially when i'm out after my 4th child arrives. (i'll be out a week, but i'll post in Vacation thread).

    Dredd I feel is the man for the position and he will be a good addition to the league management position.

    Welcome Dredd to his new position as The New Era of X3B Continues..

    Just to let anyone know, I still follow on my laptop while I'm away, so i'm not far away, but in case i can't respond to anything while i call my game, Dredd will handle it.

    right now our League is
    Bamagrad-X3B Commish
    Mikedredd-X3B Co-Commish
    BigSmooth-Chairman of the Coaches Carousel Committee
    Dmanno2- Member of the CCC.

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