Coach Interviews Volume 3

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    So it has been a little while since our last coaching interview. Where we interviewed New England's head coach. This time around, I thought we could switch things up and instead of going with a perennial playoff team, go with The Cleveland Browns. Mozaaik has been the head coach of this interestingly named franchise for the past 2 seasons and currently is in the running for the final playoff spot in the AFC. Lets find out what coach had to say about the state of his team.

    Q: After two losing seasons you were able to stockpile some receivers to help out Johnny Manziel. Now you are in the heart of the playoff race. What has been the biggest change in the Cleveland Browns this season?
    A: Honestly, I believe that the biggest change has to be on the defensive side of the ball. Teams may argue that we’re giving up too many yards/points but look back at how the defense played in Season 1. Our defense has combined for a total of 15 interceptions, three short of a combined total in Season 1 and we’ve only played six games. They’ve made plays when we needed them to and they’ve kept our offense in the game on many occasions.

    Q: What was your team’s biggest problem in the past two seasons? Any positives?
    A: Confidence. Confidence has been the biggest problem and probably our biggest positive so far, it still isn’t high but our players are beginning to believe in each other and I think it’s starting to show on the field. Aside from that, but turn overs have been a killer through every season since I’ve taken over coaching, and it’s definitely something we’re always working on.

    Q: You are in a division full of playoff contenders. What is the biggest challenge in playing your division games? Do you have a biggest rival in the division?
    A: Great question, Troy. This division is often overlooked, I think, and it’s full of tough competitors that each bring their own style to the game. Probably the biggest challenge is just trying to get a win against these tough teams and prove everyone wrong about Cleveland in the AFC North. Steelers are the biggest rival here, no doubt. Every time these two teams meet, you can bet on it to be an exciting football game (aside from S1W1), I always look forward to playing against this team and I think Coach Kane has done a fantastic job there.

    Q: Josh Gordon, Jameill Newsome, Dominique Arrington, and Percy Harvin. Easily the strongest group of receivers in the NFL, possibly in history. Do any of them ever get greedy about wanting the ball more? How do you find time to get them all the ball?
    A: Haha, I knew this question would arise sooner or later. These guys are a great group of players, and a fun bunch to coach. They never argue about who should be getting more receptions and they knew that if they can prove it on the field then the ball will find its way to them. Spreading the ball around to these guys hasn’t been as hard as many believed it would be at the start of the season, each one of these guys possess different traits that works for different situations.

    Q: Do you have any major concerns about the future of your football team? Any major contracts or players you fear may retire soon?
    A: Contracts will always been an issue here with the talent on the roster and some players will have to be let go to make the room for a lot of our key guys. As for players retiring, I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t worried about some of the guys climbing in age, I believe we have 8 players that are at 30+ and each of them play a strong role on the team.

    Q: You've been at the bottom of the barrel for some time now. Can we expect a playoff push from Cleveland? Possibly a power shift in the AFC North?
    A: A playoff run would be great and it’s definitely the goal here this season. However, we have a very tough schedule ahead and those dreams could easily disappear. We’re currently sitting behind the Bengals record wise in the AFC North, but we also have 3 division games over the next four weeks. So, it could get very interesting in the AFC North, or prove to show that everyone was right to sleep on the Browns at the beginning of the season.

    Q: You have done well dealing with the media circus that inevitably followed Johnny Football, but if you could grade Johnny on his overall performance since coming into the league what letter grade would you give him?
    A: Probably a C+. He has had his moments in every game, and is no doubt having the best season of his career right now. However, he is still throwing inaccurate passes and his interception rate may lead others to believe he is not the franchise QB that the Browns had hoped for.

    Q: Last question, how do you honestly see the Browns season ending this year?
    A: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that we will have our first winning season since 2007. It’s a long road ahead, but the talent is here and ready to prove itself. With that said, I’d like to give you a big thanks Troy for the great interview, it’s been a lot of fun and I look forward to reading more of your interviews with other coaches.

    There you have it folks. A new season for Johnny Manziel and the Browns, and finally some life for a team that has let the playoffs slip away before. Can they hold up and find themselves in the playoffs.
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