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    Welcome to the first ever coach interview in Hard at Work. Every now and then I will select a coach to interview to get a little insight into the most interesting teams in the league. So keep your eyes open for any PM's from me and enjoy.

    On this weeks segment we have a very special guest. The head coach of the new Super Bowl Champion Detroit Lions RFF

    The Lions are coming off of a very exciting win in the biggest game of the year over the defending champion New England Patriots. If you didn't get a chance to witness the historic game between these two teams I suggest trying to finding the stream. I had a chance to sit down with Rollin Francis and ask some questions here's the interview.

    Q: I'll start with the obvious. Were you expecting your team to perform the way they did in the regular season to give you a chance to go win the Super Bowl? What were your main concerns about the status of your team going into the season?
    A: Lions were a pretty solid team when the league began, but I knew I'd built the talent level even higher. I didn't expect to win the division but I knew a wild card berth was a realistic goal. I did think that if I got in, I'd have as good a shot to make it to the Super Bowl as any other NFC team, but certainly I was not "expecting" to win. Obviously my biggest concern coming in, like most teams, was surviving injuries during the sim season.

    Q: Be honest, when Calvin Johnson caught the game winning touchdown, what was your reaction?
    A: Absolute truth--I jumped up off my couch instinctively the moment he caught it and squealed "Oh my god" in an embarrassingly high-pitched voice, such that my wife in the other room was no doubt shaking her head in shame.

    Q: Winning the Super Bowl is a big deal. Can we expect a new dynasty in the upcoming years?
    A: Not a dynasty, no. The league has too much talent & parity for that. But I trust my GM skills far more than my user skills, so frankly I absolutely do expect to give my team a chance to make a deep run every season

    Q: You have some serious talent on your team. Are there any big holes that will need to be addressed in the coming years? Any contracts that you just aren't looking forward to dealing with?
    A: I'm not worried about cap issues for this season OR the next one, but after next season I'll have some huge contract issues to address--highlighted by QB Matt Stafford's next gargantuan deal and marquee pass-rusher Ezekiel Ansah.

    Q: Young talent is the future. You have some seasoned veterans, but are there any up and coming players that we will see make a big impact in the future?
    A: CB Laterrius Walters should make a leap this season. He only saw nickel/dime action in 2015, but I'm letting veterans Adam Jones & Chris Houston walk this offseason, so he may be starting in 2016. He had 2 INTs in the playoffs, including a pick-6 in the NFC championsip game. I also had two rookie starters along my offensive line this season. I expect that unit, which was my biggest glaring weakness heading into the 2014 season, to continue growing into one of the best lines in the league moving forward.

    Q:The Patriots were favored by many people to win the big game this year. Going into the game what were your biggest concerns about what you'd be facing on the opposite side of the ball?
    A: How to contain Gronk (not really successful) and their running game (fared much better). I knew we'd need to pass a lot to win, which is a risky proposition versus that secondary, and keep INTs low. Didn't really succeed at limiting INTs, but Stafford had a big day through the air, and Calvin after having a couple quiet games obviously broke out in a big way.

    Q: The NFL decided to give the MVP award to a player on the other team. Who got the game ball inside the locker room? Were players upset by this crazy decision to give a losing team's player the MVP?
    A: Obviously the real MVP was Calvin Johnson. He put up 200+ yards receiving including 2 TDs, and by himself accounted for all 80 yards on the final drive--and of course the now-legendary catch over Revis to win it all. It should have been one of the easiest Super Bowl MVP decisions in league history. Just shows the NFL's clear Patriot bias!

    Q: You have a stable of running backs. A lot of people have wondered why Reggie Bush saw limited carries this season and during the playoffs. Is there any particular reason why he hasn't seen the field lately?
    A: He just isn't the same speedy back he was last season. We'd planned to use him in some 3rd-and-long snaps as he can still catch as well as any RB out there, and he did actually get a few such touches in the previous couple of playoff games. But in the Super Bowl, the ball just didn't go his way during the snaps he saw the field. The game plan all along was to split carries between Joique Bell, Ronnie Hillman, Denard Robinson, and Marion Hardy.

    Q:Final question. How did it feel to bring a Lombardi Trophy to Detroit for the first time in franchise history? Is it still a bit surreal ? Or are you already back to the drawing board for next season?
    A: It was very surreal and of course hugely satisfying. Been thinking/chatting about it all day. Definitely rehashed in my mind all the very lucky breaks I got. So I'll re-watch parts of the game later tonight and then close the book on 2015. After that, I'll be in offseason mode & will start preparing for free agency and the draft. We have 6 selections in the first 4 rounds on Sunday. Time to get to work.

    There you have it. A little look inside the thoughts of a Super Bowl winning coach.
    Congratulations RFF ! Good luck in the future. You now have the weight of a giant target on your back. Lets see how the upcoming season goes. On the next segment of Coach Interviews we will bring on a coach that is looking to make big moves in free agency and/or the draft.

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    Awesome interview/write up man! Looking forward to seeing more of these.
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    Hey RFF, screw Laterrius Walters and his stupid pick sixes.
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