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Coach Jeremy's--"OMFL WEEK 3 Power Rankings"

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jeremy, May 16, 2010.

  1. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    Coach Jeremy's--"OMFL WEEK 3 Power Rankings"

    These rankings only include results from Week 1 & Week 2's games.

    I pulled some of the stats off of Coach Frisk's speadsheet where some week 3 stats were included, so the stats may not be 100% accurate. But I ranked the teams before looking at stat lines and only included stats in my comments.

    Also guys, I am very familiar with alot of you coaches, so some of the rankings are my own personal opinion of you and your teams. Not necessarily 100% off of your teams performance thus far. Only 2 weeks in, is too small of a window to form conclusions so I used some of my personal experiences to fill in the blanks. This will work both ways as some Coaches I have never played.

    This is just for enjoyment and I hope I dont offend anyone as that is the farthest from my intentions. I might have taken a couple of shots at some owners but again its all tongue and cheek..:D

    I hope to continue this everyweek, so any feedback you have is appreciated.

    Hope you all enjoy!!!



    1-Jacksonville Jaguars
    2-New England Patriots
    3-Oakland Raiders
    4-Baltimore Ravens
    5-Indianapolis Colts
    6-Houston Texans
    7-San Diego Chargers
    8-Miami Dolphins
    9-Cincinnati Bengals
    10-Denver Broncos
    11-Tennessee Titans
    12-Kansas City Chiefs
    13-Pittsburgh Steelers
    14-Buffalo Bills
    15-New York Jets
    16-Cleveland Browns


    1-Philadelphia Eagles
    2-New Orleans Saints
    3-Detroit Lions
    4-Arizona Cardinals
    5-Dallas Cowboys
    6-Atlanta Falcons
    7-New York Giants
    8-Washington Redskins
    9-Minnesota Vikings
    10-Chicago Bears
    11-San Francisco 49ers-
    12-St. Louis Rams
    13-Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    14-Carolina Panthers
    15-Green Bay Packers
    16-Seattle Seahawks


    1-Jacksonville Jaguars(2-0)- Two huge divisional wins in the first two weeks of the season over solid Titans & Colts squads convinced me that the Jags deserve this ranking. The question is, can Coach Dunlap keep his team playing at this level? This team also bolsters the OMFL's #4 & #3 ranked offense and defense respectively.

    2-New England Patriots(2-0)- The "KINGS" of the the regular season and the "JOKERS" of the post season.Can Coach Gaddy guide this immensely talented squad into its first OMFL Bowl? Starting 2-0 will help.

    3-Philadelphia Eagles(2-0)- Coach Vishal made history this past offseason as he signed SS Kenny Phillips to the biggest contract in OMFL history. One can only assume he believes that "Defense wins championships." Through 2 Weeks his Eagles have the 2nd ranked overall defense, #1 overall ranking for combined offense & defense and more importantly a 2-0 record.

    4-New Orleans Saints(2-0)- If we were to turn the OMFL into a quarter mile drag strip, Coach Nate's Saints would take the title. A team built on youth and speed, the Saints look to take the next step and make a run at the OMFL Bowl title. Big wins over the Texans and last year's NFC representative in the OMFL Bowl, the 49ers, the Saints have left the starting line in blazing fashion carrying the OMFL's #1 ranked overall offense with them.

    5-Oakland Raiders(2-0)- After a visit to the AFC Championship game, Coach Joseph has picked up where he left off with an undefeated start. Wins over struggling Packers and Jets teams couldnt allow me to rank these Raiders any higher.

    6-Detroit Lions(2-0)- Previous years, the only time the Detroit Lions were this high on a list, it was a draft order. Coach Moogle is making his own history in Detroit as his Lions stand alone atop the NFC North.

    7-Baltimore Ravens(2-0)- IMO, OMFL's most surprising team after two weeks. Coach Web opened the season with a major upset of the NFC's best team last year in the 49ers. Is it a matter of luck or just major improvement? The coming weeks hold that answer.

    8-Arizona Cardinals(2-0)- The Cardinals built on a strong finish last year with two wins to open Year 3. Only two weeks into the season the redbirds have a 2-game lead in their division.

    9-Dallas Cowboys(1-1)- Coach Waj has his Cowboys firing on all cylinders. If not for a 2nd half collapse in week 1 vs Lions, the Cowboys could easily be in the top 5 of these rankings. A week 2 dominating win over 2 time OMFL champ, yours truly, proves that the 'Boys are back!!

    10-Indianapolis Colts(1-1)- One of the most consistent teams and coaches in the OMFL, Coach Mustang and his Colts ran into a great Jaguars team in Week 2 and left with a 7 point loss. No doubt Coach Mustang will bounce back in week 3.

    11-Atlanta Falcons(2-0)- Michael "Burner" Turner has jumped out of the gates strong. He has carried his team to a 2-0 start as the Falcons lead the league in rushing yards and rushing TDs. If Coach Shuffman and his "Dirty Birds" can keep up this pace the NFC South division will quickly become a 2 team race as the Saints and the Falcons look to runaway early.

    12-Houston Texans(1-1)- On the throwing arm of Matt Shaub and his 410 passing ypg average, the Texans will look to make some noise in a competitive AFC South. Coach DJDUNN and his running game coordinator must find a way to improve on their #28 ranked rushing attack if they plan on being in the hunt in January.

    13-New York Giants(1-1)- Coach Cimmy came into NY with high hopes of continuing where a successful Coach Dean had left off. So far, the jury is still out. The Giants must find a way to improve in their pass defense as they have already surrendered 10 passing TDs, a league worst.

    14-Washington Redskins(1-1)- Coach Jeremy strolled into the nation's capitol still riding the high of his OMFL Bowl victory. That feeling was quickly crushed when the battle of "Cowboys vs Indians" took place. The Skins better lose the bows and arrows and find a way to match the fire power of its opponents if Coach Jeremy has any aspirations of bringing his 3rd different team in 3 years to the promise land that is the OMFL Bowl.

    15-San Diego Chargers(2-0)- This ranking maybe a little low for an undefeated team but I am still not convinced that Coach Maij can keep this pace. If the Chargers passing games continues on its current track the Bolts might be a surprise team this year though. Philip Rivers is one of only 2 QBs without to have thrown an interception.

    16-Minnesota Vikings(1-1)- After a narrow week one win vs division rival Bears and a week 2 whopping at the hands of the Eagles, Coach Frisk will look to return to winning form in week 3. One huge positve thus far is the continued dominance in the ground game led by, in my opinion the OMFL's best player, "All-Day" Adrian Peterson. If AP can stay healthy the Vikings will be there in the end.

    17-Miami Dolphins(1-1)- Holding the OMFL's #2 overall offense the Dolphins will look to de-throne Coach Gaddy and his Pats and claim the AFC East crown. This will not be an easy task considering the Dolphins are near the basement in passing yards & passing TDs given up, an area Coach Gaddy knows alot about.

    18-Tennessee Titans(0-2)- Wow...Week 1 vs Jags & Week 2 vs Pats,#1 & #2 ranked teams in the OMFL. If Coach Ox would have won both those games his Titans would easliy be atop the power rankings. But thats not the case and Coach Ox must find a way to bounce back in week 3 and avoid an 0-3 start where in the mighty AFC that just might be the end to any playoff hopes.

    19-Chicago Bears(1-1)- Coach Christdan made some bold moves in the offseason that included trading the two staples of his defense for the right to the #1 overall draft pick. The Bears havent seemed to miss Urlacher nor Briggs as their defense is middle of the pack. Coach Christdan used that pick on WR Dion Grimes and he hasnt disappointed. Grimes has compiled 15 rec & 3 TDs already in this young season.

    20-San Francisco 49ers(0-2)- Oh how the mighty have fallen. One of the most dominant teams in the early stages of last year and eventually fighting its way into the OMFL Bowl, Coach Dritsch cant seem to find his previous winning ways. Nate Davis' league high 10 ints is a major problem that must be fixed for the Niners to repeat as NFC Champs and improve on their 0-2 start.

    21-Cincinatti Bengals(1-1)- Who has the OMFL's #1 ranked overall defense????? If you answered anyone other than the Bengals you would be wrong. The AFC North maybe totally up for grabs and if the Bengals keep up their defensive dominance they might be the team to beat in that division come January.

    22-Denver Broncos(1-1)- 2nd year QB Kelly James has come out slinging the ball all over the field tallying impressive passing yards stats. Only problem with a young QB throwing alot are the Ints. as Kelly has tallied 7 Ints in 2 games and a 1-1 record. Broncos run game has looked strong so if Kelly can not turn the ball over carelessy the Broncos may make a run at the AFC West.

    23-St Louis Rams(0-2)- The Rams 0-2 start can easily be explained. With the leagues worst ranked defense and QB Matt Cassell's inability to find the endzone through the air, the goose egg in the win column might not change quickly. But HB Stephen Jackson has returned to pro-bowl form and might just have to carry this Rams team on his back.

    24-Kansas City Chiefs(1-1)- The future looks bleak for the Chiefs as their Head Coach Winuvas announced his resignation today. While one coach was leaving, rumors are swirling about a current OMFL coach that may be interested in saying goodbye to the rainy NW for the dryer air that is KC. Nothing has been confirmed yet but the new coach must address KC's passing game or lack thereof. The Chiefs' #31 overall ranking in that department is a major crutch.

    25-Tamp Bay Buccaneers(0-2)- We all know of QB Ben Rothlisberger's legal problems. Sources have leaked info from sealed court testimony that "BIG" Ben can now be called "Itty-Bitty" Ben..........................
    On a serious note, if Coach Pittrocks doesnt get his team fixed and fixed soon his NFC South title hopes my be dashed faster than Rothlisberger can unzip his fly.............

    26-Carolina Panthers(0-2)- The Panthers have disappointed early this season. They have surrendered 75 pts in 2 games. This cant happen especially to a team known for its dominant defense. Another stat line that explains the 0-2 start is the struggles the Panthers offense has had at converting 3rd downs. The Panthers offense has converted a dismal 18% of its 3rd down attempts. For any team to have a successful year this is one stat line that they must excel in.

    27-Pittsburgh Steelers(1-1)- Maybe still reeling from the departure of their Coach who led them to the OMFL Bowl trophy, the Steelers have disappointed thus far. While they do have one win, it was over a struggling Browns team by 3 points in week 1. Coach Savaunte followed up his week 1 win, with a poor performance, getting blown out by division rival Bengals. If the Steelers want a higher ranking, they are going to have to show me more on the field.

    28-Buffalo Bills(0-2)- In this day and age in the OMFL, if a team wants to be successful they must be able to play defense and run the ball. Well, if Coach Scikotic is looking for reasons why his team his winless thus far, its probably because he fields the leagues worst rushing attack. Only tallying 77 yards on the ground this year the Bills have become a one dimensional team. This must change in week 3 as they are already 2 games in the hole in the AFC East race.

    29-Green Bay Packers(0-2)- I was totally shocked when I was looking at standings and saw Coach Jethro's Packer's 0-2 and bringing up the rear in the NFC North.After a strong showing in Week 1 vs Raiders, the Packers got shut-out and blown-out the next week vs the Bears. I expect to see a major bounce back from Jethro in Week 3.

    30-New York Jets(0-2)- Ahh, the loveable J-E-T-S...Jets..Jets..Jets..94 points is what Coach Dave's defense has allowed in its first two games. If the Jets want climb out of their familiar home at the bottom of the AFC East they will have to solve thier defensive woes fast!!

    31-Cleveland Browns(0-2)- Ranked near the bottom of the league in both offense and defense, Coach Ajute must find some positive in his team's 0-2 start.

    32-Seattle Seahawks(0-2)- Another team that just refuses to play defense having given up 90+ points in 2 weeks. Coach Tank has been rumored to be seriously interested in the newly vacated Chiefs job. I would run too after looking at those stat lines.
  2. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Love it Jeremy. We'll see if I deserve that #1 spot after my rematch with Ox in Week 4. The good news for me, win or lose, is that 3 of my toughest games will be out of the way early.
  3. Moogle06

    Moogle06 Walk On

    Oct 13, 2009
    Good job Jeremy
  4. Emmdotfrisk

    Emmdotfrisk Working half days on my days off.

    Oct 8, 2009
    good stuff jeremy!
  5. klaximilian

    klaximilian Walk On

    Apr 14, 2010
    Aren't we in Week 4?

    Agreed, I need to start pounding the ball, if my line will hold up.
  6. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    These rankings only took Week 1 and 2 games into account.
  7. maij17

    maij17 PSN: MAIJ17

    Oct 8, 2009
    you jinxed me Jeremy, not nice, lol.
  8. TRudethaDude

    TRudethaDude Walk On

    Jul 8, 2009
    good work. i look forward to climbing the ranks.
  9. BOM86

    BOM86 Walk On

    Mar 6, 2010
    Me too :rolleyes:


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