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Coach Thompson: "We wanted this for Raider Nation!!"

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by Triple111's, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. Triple111's

    Triple111's Walk On

    Jan 26, 2015
    Coming into the 2020 season it's been plenty buzz around Raider Nation regarding the revamped team and expectations.

    With the addition of high personality FA Jersey sales of newly aquire B. Orakpo and M. Crabtree have increased merchandising profits. Not to forget out Team Captain K. Mack along with star CB Reade Franks and veteran resigned Sio Moore leading the way.

    Where relocation was a rumor and not enough funds to make major renovations the Raiders decided to spend 5 million rehabbing the parking lot.

    We were happy to see opening game of 2020 was @ the Colusium. The the schedule set the League blessed the Raiders with the Kick off game of 2020 facing the Dolphins.

    The Raiders decided to pay homage to Jack Tatum, Jake the Snake and John Madden by coming out in our Retro 76' home Uniforms.

    Receiving the open Kick off the Raiders went on and opening 8 play drive to the Dolphins 13 yard line. 3rd and 6 the slant was called. Crabtree was open and Glennon found him for 7 yards. In traffic Crabtree couldn't hold on. Raiders kick a FG.

    Dolphins first drive ended on a 3 and out with a sack by aqured DT Pat Mills. Raiders go on another lengthy drive to result in 3 points. Raiders lead 6-0 at the end of the 1st.

    on its 2nd possession RG3 complete a big 3rd and 17 to Calvin Johnson for a 1st down. On the next play aqured CB Captain Munnerlyn gets his first int of the season.

    FA pick up Bryce Brown breaks a 2nd 7 for 60 yards oof tackle. With 1st and goal from the 4 the Dolphins defense held fast. 4th and 1goal from the 1 Doug Martin bullied his way into the end zone with his knew found power back short yard he roll. Raiders 13-0.

    With the Dolphins needin to put points on the board they put toget her their best drive of the game to score a TD.

    Receiving the 1st half kick off Raiders knew they couldn't take their foot off the gas. Finding A. Brown on a 54 yard completion the Raiders strike again going up 20-7.

    Raiders throw a pic with 35 secs left resulting in a FG opportunity for the Dolphins but the 38 yard FG ended up wide right to end the half 20-7 Raiders.

    Reciting the 2nd half kick off with RG3 having 3 Int in the 1st half the Dolphins turned to their rookie power back with a ground and pound 1st drive of the 2nd half.

    The drive stalled in Raiders territory withe Reade Franks catching an int.

    The Raiders mix in Bryce Brown and Diug Martin to go on a 13 play drive with 9 rushes and Doug Martin got his 2nd TD. With the score 26-7 the Raiders go for 2 and we're stopped.

    Knowing the score and time left the Raiders defense of line pinned their ears back and DBS played tight man to man ball. As a result newly signed Orakpo gets his first sack of the season and takes the 26-lead into the 4th quarter.

    Using the working combination of Brown and Martin Brown takes a 19 yard scamper for a TD. His day was done with 16 carries for 131 yards and a TD.

    With nothing put passing as an option the trend continued and Captain Murrleyn got his 2nd pick of the game.(Well worth the money spent in FA)

    With the game in hand the Raiders kneel and run out the last 1:47 of the game.


    Bryce Brown 16 carries-131 TD

    Doug Martin 9 carries-34 yards 2 TD

    R Carrington and M. Barkley combined for 26 yards with 3 carries each.

    M. Glennon 102.6 passers-by rating and 1 TD 1 int

    A. Brown 5 catches -130 TD

    Raiders defense had 5 t/0 and allowed a QB rating of 32.2 with only giving up 137 total rushing yards.

    The FANS celebrated with $1 beers our next home game and free Tacos for scoring over 30 points.

    Great start to the season. Next up the Patriots.

    Good game Nasir
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  2. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Love the write up, Q! Congrats on the win and keep up the good work!

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