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Coaches Corner: Makinpropel

Discussion in 'The Tradition' started by Mogriffjr, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Mogriffjr

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    Feb 10, 2009
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    Hello T1. I'll be doing our series of coaches corner's to get to know the coaches a bit more.

    At first it was just to get to know the new guys coming into T1 but I felt it was just as important for us to know the new coaches as it was for the new coaches to know the old contingent of T1.

    First part of our Coaches Corner takes us down to the Peach state to learn more about Georgia's new head man, makinpropel.

    Makinpropel was recently hired as the Georgia coach, taking over for riptides. A lot of people in Athens questioned the hire of this young coach but so far, he's been impressive in the few games he's been coaching.

    Thank you for sitting down with me makinpropel. Tell us a bit about yourself.
    ---Hey, no problem, I'm still a young guy, favorite school while growing up has always been Nebraska, but when Georgia came calling, there is no way I would be able to turn that type of tradition and talent down.

    Georgia has all the makings to make a title run. What do you feel you can add to this team that can boost it to the level fans of the Bulldogs want it to be?

    ---This team is a long ways from talking about the title, we're just taking it one day at a time. I think I can bring back the tradition and talent needed to bring this home stadium back to life, and make this team competitors for years to come. The teams I coach will look a lot like the Georiga teams of old.

    A lot of fans in Athens questioned the hire of you because of your age. To combat that, tell us why your age is an advantage. Also tell us what kind of coach are you? Can you adapt to a certain roster or do you have a set offensive/defensive gameplan which you believe is the key to success?
    ---I can bring energy and enthusiasm to this team, and it is easier to recruit to the players when the guy recruiting you is interested in the same stuff, and is easy to get along with. Georgia players look at me like a friend, but still hold respect. It just makes the team seem like a family. I am usually a pound it down the other team's throat, run 1st, pass 2nd kind of team. This season though, with a top 3 QB in Aaron Murray, I had to adapt to a more passing oriented offense, so I have proven we can adapt.

    Who are some players that you feel will be the cornerstones of this team for the next 3-4 years?
    If there was one position tied to the success of a makinpropel coached team, what would that position be and why?
    ---We are a very experienced group of guys, but I think David Green will come in and dominate soon. MLB Kyle Russel will come in soon, and will hold down the fort for the next 3 years. Freshman Will Olliver will come in next year and get the start at QB, so we're hoping he can progress this season and offseason. The one position we need is a good RG. I like to run to the right, and it is either in the 0 or 2 hole, right off the guard. He also needs to be able to pull on tosses, and counters.

    With this conference aligment and talk of superconferences being bantered about, what's your stance on this?
    ---I don't like this super conference stuff much, maybe I just don't like change. I guess if people come to the SEC, we'll welcome them with open arms, but then smack them in the mouth.

    What are some gameplay improvements you would like to see with the NCAA franchise? Do you think EA is close to making this game as sim as possible?
    ---All I want is a clean release and a less glitchy as possible. I think the game plays pretty solid, but all the extra stuff that keeps going on is a real turn-off to the game.

    Last but not least, you have the floor makinpropel. I'll leave this time to let you say what you feel about anything.
    ---I'm new here, I'm not trying to make enemies. Good luck to you all! Go Bulldogs!

    Thank you and it's been a pleasure.

    From sitting down with Coach makinpropel, it looks like this was a match made in heaven. I think the fans and alumni will fall in love with his personality and his demeanor on the gridiron. He's very active around the community and has so far shown a knack for putting team in the right positions to make the best play. More importantly, Georgia has shown some grit, being able to nudge past some tough opponents. The future is bright in Athens.

    Also guys if there are any questions you have and want to be answered by our coaches here at T1, please PM me your questions! Thank you and be sure to check in for our next installment of Coaches' Corner
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    Feb 10, 2009
    Lovin this! Nice!
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    Oct 26, 2009
    Very sweet MoG!!
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    Feb 10, 2009
    ^^^^ This is good shit Mo.
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