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Coaches Corner - Mid-Season Self Appraisals

Discussion in 'Heisman Hopefuls' started by CTfromDC, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. CTfromDC

    CTfromDC Where my money?

    Mar 15, 2012
    Thought it would be be interesting for everyone who is able to post a mock interview of themselves evaluating their mid-season status, recruiting, where they see the team at the end of the tunnel,

    Coaches Corner sits down and discusses successes and failure with Coach CTfromDC....

    ESPN Analyst Bonnie Bernstein sits down for an exclusive with Coach CTfromDC

    Bonnie : Thanks for your time Coach, lets get to the question on many folks minds, what's going on?!

    Coach CT : Thanks for having me... Truthfully, I could point the finger at different people, but I won't...I will just say that we all haven't lived up to the hype that was set for the program. Me in particular...Gotta do a better job of playcalling and giving our guys a chance to be competitive.

    Bonnie : Alright Coach, that was politically correct of you, now tell us whats REALLY going on! You all started the season ranked #9, now you are out of the top 25, still listed as #27, but still, thats gotta be tough...

    Coach CT : Haha, that's the nuts and bolts of it! I'm working on it! I'm used to pro-style offense, but the option and hurry up offenses of today day seem to be giving us fits. Overall, I would say that our Defense has played the best of all three phases, though. I mean just look at the footage from last week against BC. They actually only scored on our 1st unit twice, the other points, well, that was all poor decisions from the QB which hasn't done our D or team any favors...

    Bonnie : There's the bus I was looking for, so its Boyd? Is that why he sat the second half against Boston College?

    Coach CT : You got me! Tahj has been turnover prone, which I was definitely not expecting. Although he is third amongst QB's in yards thru the air, he tends to try to do too much. Had to make a change. Give us a spark, change can be good.

    Bonnie : How'd he take it?

    Coach CT : How would you? He didn't want to sit, but for the good of the team, he took the benching like man. He and I came into the season thinking that this would be his finest hour, maybe a run at the Heisman, but, his league leading 24 INTS, YES, 24! Just aint cuttin it...

    Bonnie : Yikes! I feel you, So Kelly has the keys for the remainder of the season?

    Coach CT : I'm taking it game to game...Chad came in cold in the second half of that BC game, rattled and all, and led us down the field to tie the game at 28 after or D held them to a three and out. He played exceptional for a freshmen. He settled down nicely into the 4th, and kept the Offense movin...I was impressed.

    Bonnie : True...True...Looks like you got some stallions at receiver and tight end that will help him along the way.

    Coach CT : You damn right, thoroughbreds! Sammy is having a monster season at wideout, and is complimented nicely by the Freshmen G Hop on the other side, hell of a duo on the outside. Charone Peake has moved to the slot while Sam aka "Big Coop" has ate opposing defenses alive in the middle and up the seams. So yeah, we will be straight. Add Roddy McDowell out of the backfield, and the pieces are all there.

    Bonnie : Any recruits for the 2014-2015 season of note?

    Coach CT : Yes Maam, we have some studs, fresh off the top 150 ESPNU list on the verge of commitment. Matter of fact, Sheldon Johnson just signed, he will back up Chad next season, excellent QB, we are lucky to have him. We only had 14 scholarships to offer this year. Edward Butler, Adam Wilson, and Paul Smith will be game changers for us too.

    Bonnie : Okay, so you were quoted as saying, that you would finish 9-3 this year, still realistic?

    Coach CT : My Rex Ryan days are over babes, We still have FSU and Miami, both undefeated and the class off the ACC at the moment. Good news is, we finally get to play at home! Do you realize that we only had one home game so far? The guys are itching to get in front of that Memorial Stadium crowd. Five of our last six are at home, the next five actually, then we close on the road at South Carolina against the Ole' Ball Coach and that D led by Clowney, arguably the #1 pick in the draft next season. Should be fun times, we are looking forward to it!

    Bonnie : Welp, Good luck Coach, much success, we will be watching.

    Coach CT : Thanks, We still here, and aint going nowhere! Stay tuned!
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  2. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009

    ESPN Analyst Michael Wilbon sits down with coach new Ohio State coach Anthony Ferrone

    Wilbon: What was your reaction when you were hired for this position?

    Ferrone: I was born and raised in the state of Ohio, and grew up a Buckeyes' fan. This is my dream job... also a big fan of the paycheck.

    Wilbon: What was the biggest challenge when you first took on the job?

    Ferrone: Going from high school level to the collegiate ranks was a big shift. In high school you are lucky to have one or two superstars, but at a big time collegiate program every kid thinks he is a superstar. Some of these kids have been on TV since they were in ninth grade.

    Wilbon: You opened the season with top 5 SEC school Georgia; what was it like facing that level program in your first game?

    Ferrone: Mark Richt has built a great program and the Bulldogs have a very good squad. Thankfully Urban Meyer left us a lot of talent and we were able to win a critical game on the road.

    Wilbon: Things did not go as well in week 2, what did Virginia Tech do that caused problems for your squad?

    Ferrone: On the offensive side we made too many mistakes. Braxton threw some interceptions and this led to good field position for the Hokies. The hurry up spread offense run by the Hokies and Logan Thomas gave us fits.

    Wilbon: Your team has won four straight games since the week 2 loss, have you righted the ship?

    Ferrone: It is too early to say at this point. We haven't faced many challenges since the VT game. I am not discounting Northwestern and Auburn but these are not top caliber schools at this point. The game against Maryland was way more difficult than we expected.

    Wilbon: In order to finish strong, what are some areas the team needs to improve?

    Ferrone: We need to limit mistakes and that starts at the quarterback position. Braxton is the leader on the offense and one of the greatest weapons in college football, but he has been picked off 14 times in 7 games. He also fumbled the ball 5 times including a scoop and score in the Maryland game. The defensive line also needs to improve its play and create more pressure on the quarterback.

    Wilbon: What are your expectations for the remainder of the season?

    Ferrone: The schedule toughens up starting in week 10 so we will need to get serious. The team entered the season with high expectations so we are hoping to match those expectations.

    Wilbon: One last question, how have your fared in your first recruiting season?

    Ferrone: We have not signed any players at this point but we are not worried. We have a lot of strong players lined up and this should be a strong class. It is too early to talk about the specific players.

    Wilbon: Thank you for sitting down with me coach and best of luck the rest of the season.
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