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Coaching backgrounds

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by slim, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. slim

    slim Walk On

    Aug 29, 2010
    The coaching rumor thread had me thinking about a new idea that might add a little bit to our dynasty. Coaching backgrounds. It doesn't have to be in depth but I know S&G and I are both big UF fans so maybe we create a fictional coaches' bio about coaching under Spurrier or Meyer and how we landed the position we are now. I know there are a few bama guys out there so it would be interesting to hear their coaching influences....I dunno, just throwing it out there.

  2. slim

    slim Walk On

    Aug 29, 2010
    for example here's Muschamp's bio:

    Coaching assignments
    Present: Florida head coach
    2008-2010: Texas (Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers)
    2006-07: Auburn (Defensive Coordinator/Secondary)
    2005: Miami Dolphins (Assistant Head Coach for Defense)
    2002-04: LSU (Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers)
    2001: LSU (Linebackers)
    2000: Valdosta State (Defensive Coordinator)
    1999: Eastern Kentucky (Secondary)
    1998: West Georgia (Secondary)
    1995-96: Auburn (Graduate Assistant)

    Hometown: Rome, Ga.
    High school: Darlington in Rome, Ga.
    College: Georgia, 1994
    Master's degree: Auburn, 1996
    Years in coaching: 15
    Wife: Carol
    Children: Jackson, Whit
  3. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    Coach BamaGrad's Profile

    Hometown: Montgomery,Alabama
    High school:Calvary Christian School (CCS) Baton Rouge,La
    Years in coaching: 5 in High School, Currently Bama's Headman since 06.
    Children: 4- Cameron, BrandonRoss or BR, Andrew or Drew, and Bryant or Little B.

    Coming from Montgomery,Ala aka Au Territiory, Bamagrad stapled his Team to Alabama. Following Coach Bryant's career he wanted to duplicate many of Bryant's ways into his own life. His life quote is "Many times you are going to have yr back against the Wall, Get used to it". This was the Rallying Cry for CoachBama as he had many hardships in his life, starting from being short and always picked on by the bigger kids, Football became his way to prove to the big kids he belonged. Starting from "Soft Tackle Football to Hard Tackle football" (with no pads). Bamagrad then played YMCA Rec Ball Then took to Soccer (til he had his nose Broken) & then to Baseball. But Football was always the one sport he wanted to succeed in. Then a Move to La gave him that chance as he played JV Football for the Southeast Cougars. He played CB and QB. He played CB all 3 yrs and started his 7th grade yr when the Starter broke his Collarbone and He went in and finished the yr. The Team went 6-3, 4-1 when Bama took over. Then He started his 8th grade yr all the games leading his team to a record of 8-1. Then Went to a Small private school called CCS. Where under legendary Coach Andy Pierce Bama played CB for his 1st 2 yrs at CCS. Then when Graduation Hit, Bamagrad took over the playcalling at QB. He broke all the Passing and rushing records for a QB at the School and Celebrated 3 state titles and 1 runner up in Nationals in Tenn. Then Bamagrad Got accepted at Alabama(after being Denied at Au) and got his degrees in Business. Then after Graduating UA, Bama went back to his High School to Take over as Defensive Cordinator at the School. Under Bama in 5 Yrs The CCS Eagles had the #1 defense in the region. and The Eagles also won 3 state titles in 5 yrs during his reign as Def Cord.
    Then in 2001, Bamagrad went back to Alabama and worked under Dennis Fran as his Recruiting Director. Then after Dennis split for Texas A&M, Shula worked Bama in as the Def-line Coach from 2003-2005. Then The Big Break Came as Bama let go of Shula (as he wanted to go back to the NFL) and after a Major Search the Committee decided to Take a Chance on Bamagrad as the Head Coach at Bama. with having to rebuilt Bama again, CB said this "More of the Challenge the Better, Nothing is ever easy". In 2006 CB had a Challenge right off by trying to get the players to buy into his system that led to a 6-7 record and a Independence Bowl Loss. Then in 07 The 1st half of the yr was going great until the Textbookgate when CB suspended 5 players before the Tenn game. The Year finished at 7-6 and a Independence Bowl Victory over Colorado. Then in 08 Bama got a Big Man in T-Cody, the 365 lb DT. and it propelled Bama to a 12-2 record and Losses to UF in the SEC Champ gm and to Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Then in 09 named Unfinished Business Bama ran the Table and Won not only the SEC Crown from UF, But the BCS National Title. Then in 2010 came many changes New QB and New Defense, Still led to a 11-2 record, but missed out on the Champ gm by 1 game to Ark. Then Bama beat a Scrappy A&M squad at the Capital one Bowl. Then in 2011, More Changes New QB and New RB and New Defense with some Veteran leadership. some early losses derailed the National title picture, but Bama made it to the SEC Champ Gm Vs UF only to Lose 20-0, Then Beat Texas in the Capital One Bowl again to finish the Year 10-4.

    Coach assignments
    CCS-Defensive Cordinator 96-2000
    Alabama-Recruiting Director 2001-2002
    Alabama-Defensive Line Coach 2003-2005
    Alabama Head Coach- 2006-??

    under CoachBama came 1 coach That is Coaching Today. UaGrad90 was his Special Teams Coach from 2009-2010. Then Took the Head Job at Arkansas and Now is the Current Coach at Washington.

    Coaching influences- Paul "Bear" Bryant, Gene Stallings.
  4. slim

    slim Walk On

    Aug 29, 2010
    Hometown: Orlando, Florida
    College: University of Florida

    Coach Slim grew up in Florida where football is king. From a young age Slim was awestruck by the swagger of the Florida Gators and their legendary coach Stephen Orr Spurrier. Coach Slim said "A lot of times they beat times before the first play was even run. Their swag and confidence were contagious." After playing 2 years of varsity football Coach Slim attended the University of Florida where he had a chance to work with the football staff and learn from the likes of then defensive coordinator Bob Stoops and Steve Spurrier. "I credit both my offensive and defensive approaches to those guys. Stoopsie loves to bring pressure and make big plays. Spurrier...man that guy really is the Evil Genius! His playcalling revolutionized the SEC in the 90s." After working as a GA Coach Slim was promoted to QBs coach and then Co offensive coordinator at Georgia Tech where he coached under Chan Gailey. Then Slim's first big break...Jeff Tedford walked out on Cal midseason. Unable to land a big name coach in the middle of the season, Cal took a chance on Slim. Coach Slim led Cal to a 3-1 record before bolting for Oregon take over as their head ball coach after 1 season. "Oregon is a great place and the spread was already in place. I tried to run the pro style that Cal was suited for and it was just a bad fit. Pac 12 football is a little different than the SEC I'm used to but I'm learning to love it. We're hoping to bring some of that SEC nastiness and speed to Eugene. We're making big strides but we're not quite there yet."

    Coach Assignments
    UF - Graduate Assistant
    GT - QB Coach/Co-offensive coordinator
    Cal - Head Coach
    Oregon - Head Coach

    Coaching influences - Steve Spurrier, Urban Meyer, Bob Stoops
  5. Eyeke

    Eyeke Swashbuckler

    Feb 28, 2011
    Hometown: Vernal, Utah
    College: Utah State

    Coach Eyeke grew up in a small town in Eastern Utah, where he was a three sport athlete and two time All-State in football as an option QB. Lacking in height and elite arm strength, Eyeke only received offers from junior colleges, where conversion to linebacker seemed like the only way to get on the field. With his heart set on playing QB, Eyeke took a verbal offer for a future scholarship to walk on at Utah State, rehab his ankle and put on some weight. After one year in Logan, Eyeke decided he liked playing computer games more than rehab, so he approached Coach Dennehy about working with the A/V group making gameplan films. After two years of grunt work, a chance meeting with Larry Coker at a coaching clinic led to a job as Tight End coach at Miami, starting in 2003.

    Coach Eyeke was responsible for the development of such great college players as Kellen Winslow II, Greg Olsen and recruited Jimmy Graham before leaving the team when Randy Shannon took over in 2007. Eyeke was most noted for his constant outbursts in coach meetings to insist that his tight ends "Must get their's."

    Coach Eyeke loaded his bassett hound, laptop and one suitcase into his car and headed north up I-95 to Foxboro, where he camped outside Bill Belichik's office until the Patriots offered him a job as scouting director/RB coach. Learning from Belichik's genius, Eyeke has learned to make the best of whatever players he's given and make a gameplan to compliment his strengths and hide his weaknesses. Eyeke worked closely with Josh McDaniels to make the high powered 2007 Patriots offense click, focusing mainly on teaching his backs to block in open space. The shocking loss in Super Bowl XLII led Eyeke to crave a return to the college game, but only as a head coach. Eyeke met with Coach Belichik and received permission to constantly whore himself to every BCS program.

    In 2009, Eyeke moved from RB to Tight End coach, while keeping his scouting position to maintain his ties with college coaches.

    Following Joe Paterno's shocking death in midseason.. Athletic Director Tim Curley took a chance and offered a relatively unproven coach the chance to prove himself at a major program. Impressed by Eyeke's interview where a 5 year plan to turn Bland State into the top program in the country, a five year deal was inked before Paterno was in the ground.

    It was difficult for Eyeke to leave the Patriots, after their blowout win in Super Bowl XLVI saw Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowki share Super Bowl MVP honors.
    He is bringing a coaching staff including the following:

    OC: Eyeke himself | in true Belichik form
    QB Coach: Tim Tebow | after failing out in Denver and being cut after the 2011 season. Tim still serves as a Jockey model and is an amazing recruiting tool
    RB: Ki-Jana Carter | found in a gutter in Mechanicsburg PA
    TE: Ben Coates | After a prolific career in New England, Ben was always hanging around the locker room and became fast friends with Eyeke. Will be the most important coach by 2014
    OL: Jimmy Ray Stephens | After being Danny Wuerffel's high school coach, then O-Line coach for Spurrier's Gators, Jimmy really struggled at Tennessee. After a few years at MTSU he's ready to return to the big time
    WR: Ike Hillard | With a name like Ike, this was a no brainer. Great possession receiver who insists he will bring a toughness to Penn State receivers that has been lacking

    DC: Tedy Bruschi | after domestic violence accusations led to his termination at ESPN, Tedy is looking for a chance to teach the LBs at LBU and put a Belichik hybrid 3-4 defense in.
    DL: Courtney Brown | Top pick in draft, amazing Penn State defender. Ready for a chance to teach the skills he struggled to perform
    LB/Strength and Conditioning: Andy Katzenmoyer | After a neck injury ended his pro career, Andy started a personal training studio in Ohio. Dying for a chance to get back into the game
    DB: Ty Law | Knows Big 10, Belichik's defense and how to show up in big games.

    Special Teams: Louie Aguiar | Amazing punter/kicker from Utah State. Former NFL All Pro

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