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Coaching Interviews

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by sonn, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. sonn

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    May 22, 2011
    After a delay on the writer's part. Here is the first of a series of coaching interviews with those in the Redshirts OD. First up is this season's most contentious coach Coach Screwthebcs of Alabama. Screw won the national championship his first year while with Ohio State but shockingly decided to move to the SEC in the following offseason.

    Coming into the Alabama head coach's office was a little strange as there seemed to be an abnormal amount of heart pictures around the office. Without further ado let's get to the interview.

    1. How would you say your season has gone so far? What's been the highlight of this season?

    Great. After beating DNF and Arky, its nearly all downhill. This weeks game at Florida will be Bama's play in game to the CCG for the 2nd straight year.

    2. How has recruiting gone so far? Any guys you missed out on that you really wanted?

    Very good. I'll probably lose the #1 ATH (TOO YOUR ASS), AND the #1 C. I also missed a great FS this year to DNF that is a huge need for me.

    (Ed note: The above athlete committed to Alabama 2 weeks later)

    3. What's been the biggest difference between the B1G and SEC? Any challenges you had at OSU that you don't have at Bama or vice versa?

    Bama definitely has easier pitches. I have about 6 A or A+ pitches...OSU only had like 3 any given year. So i don't have to try too hard in that regard. Also, DNF is much tougher than AJ and Trey, (laughs).

    4. You've been the most successful coach in the OD so far appearing in 2 national championships with 2
    different teams. What's the secret to your success?

    Good question...i really think it has to do with my balanced offense. I run out of the Iform but can also pass out of it just as well as from shotgun. I think its hard for defenses to key on what I'm going to do. I also, run man coverage 60-70% of the time b/c i feel that zones leave holes that are too big for QBs to pass into.

    5. How has the switch to the 4-3 been?

    Amazing. the 3-4 sucks (laughs). I do miss the 4-2-5 nickle with LBers as DEs tho.

    6. What's the biggest hurdle to reaching the NC once again?

    DNF and Zac this year. Next year I expect every game to be against a top 25 school, i hope PA gives me that challenge.

    (Ed note: Alabama fell in the SEC Conference Championship game 31-21 to eventual National Championship winners South Carolina)

    7. Any teams that you haven't played yet that you want to face next season?

    Jesse for sure, and Raj and Josh.

    8. You've been arguably the most controversial coach this year, why is that?

    (Laughs loudly) I wish I knew. I don't mean to be. I think my "whining" and "sore loser" is misunderstood. I try to just let things go as much as i can. But my crap talking i think can be taken too personally around here. I mean no harm to anyone. I really like everybody in the OD.

    9. Any backups that you expect big things from next season?

    Hmmmm. Dee Hart at RB. Right now I have SR,JR,SO,FR at RB...so each new senior will get to tote the rock. I expect no slow down next year with him. TE Daryl Lane was my #1 recruit last year at 80 OVR so I expect him to be a force blocking and catching next year. Safety is going to be very weak next year. So new freshman and the current freshman being reshirted will make or break the secondary for us next year. Jon Vincent, who could've been my scrambler at QB this year got put at FS for the need and he has good coverage skills.

    10. Anyone you want to call out?

    PA! for hating me for no reason! I'm just a funloving guy, and i feel like what I say gets taken too seriously. I rly like our commish and thinks he does a great job. I don't like being in the doghouse though!

    Thanks for answering the questions Screw.

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