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Coaching Progress

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bamagrad, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. bamagrad

    bamagrad Back to Back British Amateur Champion

    Jun 11, 2009
    =============== Army Black Knights (5-6) ===============
    Last week, Army won 41-10 against New Mexico State (1-9).
    This week, the Black Knights are idle.
    After Blowing the Doors open on NMST, The Cadets or Black Knights have a 2 gm winning streak going and Hopes for a Bowl Bid with a Win against Rival Navy. With the Hopes of playing for the Commander-In-Chiefs Trophy shot (Air Force won it again) Army Hopes to play the spoiler role Vs Navy. CoachHack hopes his Offense is ready for the Navy Defense as the 2 Schools run similar offenses. Could be a Low scoring game unless Robo-Steel takes over in the passing game. CoachHack is at 63% JS and is looking at a possible Goal Fail depending on the Navy Gm.
    =============== Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (4-7) ===============
    Last week, Louisiana Tech lost 27-17 against Nevada (7-3).
    This week, the Bulldogs will host New Mexico State (1-9).

    With the Season shot, CoachSalas and the Bulldogs hope for is respect as they close the season out vs NmSt. La.Tech can either Finish 5-7 or 4-8 on the yr. For CoachSalas its been a tough yr and is Looking at 2 possible Goal fails, if the defense doesn't force any fumbles in their next game or CS could be seeing red as he still has his seasonal goals still to come next yr. Course he still has 2 more yrs on his deal so hopefully he can steer the ship in the right direction. Good Thing the Fan Base in Ruston isn't as picky as the Fans in Baton Rouge. CS is currently at 50% JS.

    =============== Fresno State Bulldogs (5-5) ===============
    Last week, Fresno State won 42-35 against Hawai'i (7-3).
    This week, the Bulldogs will host San Jose State (0-11).
    With a even record so far, the Bulldogs have a Chance at a Bowl Shot with a win vs San Jose St as they Need this to Continue their Season. So far CoachTaylor got a bonus for beating a higher ranked team, and needs all the help he needs to raise his score higher. right now is on the rope for a possible Goal Fail for not winning 8 gms in one season. but with all the other goals still in tact its looking good for CoachTaylor. Still needs more consistant play from the passing game, i'm sure in the off-season CT will iron this out. CT is currently at 58% JS with 2 more yrs on his deal.

    =============== Marshall Thundering Herd (4-7) ===============
    Last week, Marshall lost 20-10 against Memphis (5-6).
    This week, the Thundering Herd will host ECU (6-5).
    Well this Season hasn't gone exactly as CoachVols had hoped as Marshall has just struggled under the Holiday regime. OC Vols hoped for a better performance then he's gotten this yr as the Herd is only averaging 14 pnts a gm. That is not going to win u many games. Looking at a Goal Fail, CoachVols hopes for a great recruiting class and a better season next yr. CV is currently at 55% JS.
    =============== North Texas Mean Green (2-9) ===============
    Last week, North Texas lost 42-31 against Western Kentucky (5-6).
    This week, the Mean Green are idle.
    In one end CoachBob brings in a steller recruiting class, the other end is they can forget this season all together as the Mean Green has looked like the Puss Green all yr. with the possible 3 goal fails for this season. CoachBob could be seeing red by next season and will need a fantastic season for Coach Bob to save his job. another 2-9 yr and not making yr goals could spell the end for CoachBob at North Texas. Hopefully he has other options for teams in case NT doesn't work out. CB is currently at 56% JS. will drop due to not making the win 8,6, & 4 games in one season goal.
    =============== Temple Owls (7-4) ===============
    Last week, Temple lost 48-16 against Notre Dame (6-5).
    This week, the Owls will host Kent State (7-4).
    You would think all is well in Philly, Temple is already Bowl eligble and is finishing out the season. But all is not well for CoachRembert as he is the only user in red this yr. Goals for the season have been completed, but very little movement on the board for his success. Going into his contract yr CR will need another strong season in order to be looked at for offers or get an extension from Temple. course getting the penalty for losing to a lower ranked team hurts and CR will need to finish strong to up the score.

    =============== Ohio Bobcats (7-4) ===============
    Last week, Ohio won 31-30 against Bowling Green (4-7).
    This week, the Bobcats will host #20 Miami University (10-1).
    1 win away from finishing his last one season goal, CoachRadio is looking for his Bobcats to pull the upset over MiaU to get their 8th win and to keep CR from getting the dreaded Goal fail. CR currently at 53%.
    =============== Colorado State Rams (5-5) ===============
    Last week, Colorado State lost 27-20 against TCU (7-4).
    This week, the Rams will host Air Force (8-3).

    What can u say for CoachWebb, .500 record right now. defense is playing well, and no penalties or bonus to up his score. right now the rams hope for win vs AF to gain a Bowl Bid and continue their season. or it could be a long winter for the rams. CoachWebb is 50% JS.

    =============== Troy Trojans (6-4) ===============
    Last week, Troy lost 34-20 against Florida Atlantic (4-6).
    This week, the Trojans travel to Bowling Green to face the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (5-6).
    The Trojans were dealt a tough blow losing to Fau and CP gets the dreaded losing to a lower ranked team penalty to drop his score to 69%. with most of the goals completed for the season, The Trojans hope to finish strong and hopefully Fau loses in order for Troy to win the Sun Belt Title. Next weeks game in Ark will decide that Fate for Troy.
    =============== Southern Miss Golden Eagles (9-2) ===============
    Last week, Southern Miss won 41-7 against UAB (0-10).
    This week, the Golden Eagles will host Memphis (5-6).
    Coach Forever has blown the doors open and is sitting in the Green for this 1st season. who ever thought that S.Miss would be at 9 wins this yr. specially with a New Offense to work with. But Cf proves again he is the master of the offense. With 3 yrs left, It will not be a long stay as the offers will come calling. CF is currently at 85% job security.

    =============== San Diego State Aztecs (6-4) ===============
    Last week, San Diego State lost 45-9 against Boise State (10-0).
    This week, the Aztecs travel to Las Vegas to face the UNLV Rebels (2-8).

    With the Aztecs looking at a possible 7 win season, the Aztecs are already Bowl eligble and looking for more. needing 2 more wins to complete his last one season goal, CoachGonzalas needs a strong finish to raise his score more. plus prepare for the possible bolting of Hillman to the Draft. CoachGonzalas is 64% Job security.
    =============== Rice Owls (2-9) ===============
    Last week, Rice lost 37-14 against Tulane (4-6).
    This week, the Owls travel to Dallas to face the SMU Mustangs (7-4).
    You can say this yr has been rough for CoachCim has the Owls have been overmatched and underperformed all yr. with only 2 wins this is not what CoachCim would've thought his 1st season as DC would be. looking at 2 possible goal fails, CoachCim needs a strong yr all around for his contract yr in order to stick around in Houston. CoachCim is 56% job security.
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  2. HackGolfer

    HackGolfer Administrator

    Jun 22, 2009
    Another great read! If you don't mind me making a suggestion, what if you kept this all in one thread so that if we wanted to scroll back after a few seasons in, we can remember how we were doing?
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