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Coach's Corner - Senior Year

Discussion in '4th Horseman' started by Wyrmreaver, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    GMONEY 15
    qclassic 22
    Wilfiger PSU 38

    So here we are, heading into our fifth season. Five of the coaches in our league have remained loyal to their original teams and stuck out 4 seasons with varying degrees of success.

    So, for those coaches (Gmoney, Jamie, 5/5, Abominatrix and myself) I wanted to talk a little about "senior year"

    On your roster you have (up to) 3 types of seniors
    • JUCO players you recruited
    • (RS)Seniors who were true freshman when you took over and have stuck it out with you
    • "true" Seniors who were products of your very first recruiting class.
    I am not really concerned with JUCO guys, but I'd love to hear about the other guys. What have those 5th year guys and true seniors meant to your team, how have they contributed, what is their role this season. I'll get mine up in the next couple days, accessing my roster from the website once we get past players leaving.
    The other 5 coaches are mercenaries or haven't been in the OD for the duration...... I'd love to see a quick rundown of what heppened at each stop for the mercs, is your current job your last stop or is there still a dream job out there somewhere?
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  2. Selvy9

    Selvy9 Walk On

    Dec 22, 2011
    North to South, West to East; the long road home.

    Season 1 – led Minnesota to Big 10 title and first Rose Bowl win since 1962, finished season with 11-3 record. This was always going to be a stepping stone for bigger things though, as the Gophers would struggle to win recruits in the loaded Big 10.

    Season 2 – Led Oklahoma State to a 12-1 record as the Cowboys’ defensive coordinator. It wasn't long into the season, though, and the itch to get back on the sidelines as a head coach was already starting to irritate. Following OSU’s lone loss to Texas where the offense failed to contribute and there was nothing I could do about it, it was clear that not being in total control was no longer an option.

    Season 3 – First season with Stanford, and struggled a bit against the better opposition. A blowout loss to Cal was just a sign of things to come.

    Season 4 – So close, yet so far again, as it was big bad Cal that handed Stanford its only loss of the season. With the Bears having all the appearances of a dynasty forming, it was decision time. Try one more time to make a run, or jump ship and look elsewhere for another addition to the trophy cabinet?

    Season 5 –decision made. As a University of Florida alum and huge Gator fan, this was probably the only job offer that would have made me leave Stanford. The Cardinal had a relatively young team last season, and they were all coming back for one more run at Cal. But when Jeremy Foley and the Gators came knocking with an offer in hand, I had to take it. This will be my last job and I look forward to finishing my career where it began. Gainesville, I’ve missed ya!
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  3. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011

    Army has only eight seniors on the roster heading into this season. Three of the eight are 5th year players who were recruited by a different coach back when this was a fleXbox One team with its glory years firmly in the rear view mirror. The other 5 are players that have managed to stay on this team as the talent of subsequent recruiting classes caused attrition in their ranks.

    (RS)SR Hayden Tippett - HB: Hayden was a big kid looking at being a fleXbox One fullback when we arrived. After a redshirt and a position swap, he found himself buried on the depth chart. This kid kept working though and got better every year until he could finally crack the lineup. Last season as the backup, Hayden served as a change of pace and short yardage back. The big fella (5-11, 244) played very well, gaining 659 yards on over 7 yards per attempt with 8 TDs. This season he looks to be the starter, though the team is likely to once again employ a HB by committee.

    (RS)SR Quentin Lawrence - C: Sat the benth for 4 seasons and will now get a chance to start for this team

    (RS)SR Jake Witucki - LG: Like Lawrence, sat the bench for a while, but Jake started as a junior. He struggled at times in protection (7 sacks allowed) but seems to have improved significantly enough to keep his job.

    SR Drew Lester - TE: Drew actually started as a freshman, finishing the year with 19 catches. He has slowly moved down the depth chart and is now just a run blocker in some heavy formations and listed as the #3 TE on the depth chart.

    SR Derrick Brown - FB: Derrick is a four year starter at an inglorious and underused position. He has paved the way for some impressive runners in his day and will have one last chance to do just that.

    SR John Bennett - SS: John is a 4 year starter in the secondary. Though statistically a bit lackluster, John has been a force for this team, when he's been healthy. Bennett is a legitimate pro prospect and is arguably the best defensive player on this team.

    SRs JR Childress and Jason Beverly: These guys are the teams punter and kicker. Both are 4 year starters.
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  4. Abominatrix

    Abominatrix Walk On

    Jun 6, 2011
    I'll bite - however, I only care about my recruits, the holdovers are just along for the ride!

    Sr Doug Tyson - LG: Tyson was brought in as 1 of 5 gems in Natrix's first class, but he was the only one ready to start from day 1. Known for his mean streak in the running game, Tyson has paved the way for a Heisman winner, and protected some outstanding QBs. He is the only player from Colorado on the roster, a testament to Natrix's ability to find gems in areas that aren't so highly scouted and recruited. This two-time National Championship starter is looking forward to cementing his legacy as one of the great California linemen.

    Sr Greg Mays - CB: Mays, one of two (!) New Hampshirites on the Cal roster, wasn't highly recruited out of high school (I know I was in a battle with some other user for him, but I completely forgot who it was) - but fought his way onto the field as a true freshman, mostly in special teams duty. His junior year was special, as he manned the oft-used nickel corner position the entire year, and he has finally moved to the outside alongside classmate and redshirt junior Dustin Brown. He's a typical Cover-2, boundary corner, with the ability to play physically at the LOS (and will likely be doing that the majority of the year in Natrix's Cover 2 scheme).

    Sr Mike Dorsey - DT: Dorsey also got to see game action his true freshman year as a rotational DT. He continued to rotate in throughout his career, but his job seemed to be in jeopardy with very talented freshmen coming off of redshirts. However, massive attrition at the DT spot necessitated his stepping up, and he now claims a starting spot in Cal's 4 down formations. Coming to Berkeley from Idaho was a big decision for him, but he craved the chance to play on a big stage, and the Bears will give him that opportunity this year. He will also play next to his classmate, redshirt junior Ryan "Hawaiian" Gaither.
  5. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    Probably me..... I am pretty sure I have lost out to Cal on a couple of recruits every season, I can't remember losing out to another user in a recruiting battle
  6. Jamie

    Jamie Walk On

    Mar 27, 2012

    HB: Ayo Smith; Needed a backup and eventual replacement to Akeem Daniels. Speed back, wasn't all that special as a freshman. Hardly saw the field and then came season two in which I recruited three backs that were better. Has seen time here and there but never the impact he maybe could have been.

    WR: George Miller; This team lacked speed when I got here. A lot of good players, just no speed. This kid came to us with 92 spd (97 now) but the hands of a 5th grade school girl. He has dropped some clutch plays over his career but he has made even more clutch plays, if that makes sense. Currently second on depth chart behind a true freshman.

    O-Linemen: Brad Rankin, Michael Parker, Scott Taylor, Tyler White, Isacc Roberson; 2 of the 5 started from day one and all but Michael Parker start now. Michael Parker doesn't because he is behind Rankin on the depth chart. All five have the same criteria I look for in O-Linemen. Great run blockers that can pass block effectively enough.


    RE: Lionel Gibson; I needed a pass rusher and got one in Lionel. Even though he has not gotten a whole lot of sacks, he has been a starter the whole time and has been amazing for this team.

    DT: Jon Burley; Has been nothing more than the third DT at any time here at NIU. Servicable at times though.

    MLB: Adam Bolden; A starter from the beginning and was able to learn from the great Jimmy Ward. Great speed and good instincts have made him a star for us.

    CB: Marcus Wilson; Team speed was sorely lacking especially at Corner. Wilson was the first over 90 spd corner I had. Has never been more than a slot corner though but has played well over his career.
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