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College Gameday Finall Week 11 2011

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by ClayRocks, Oct 20, 2010.

  1. ClayRocks

    ClayRocks Touch The Rock

    Sep 13, 2010

    Getting Crowded Atop the ACC Atlantic


    Quick Hits

    Boston College hands NC State thier first loss 37 - 35

    Auburn is burned at home by ACC Coastal leader Miami 21 - 35

    Arkansas squeaks by Miss St. with seconds on the clock 31 - 34

    Ole' Miss wins big at home vs. UGA 10 - 35

    Maryland keeps it rolling against Temple 17 - 34

    A heartbreaker in Winston-Salem against VT 37 - 31

    Vandy knocks off a good Kentucky team 15 - 31

    The Eagles swoop in a steal one from the Wolfpack.

    Vandy dominates Kentucky at home.

    A great win at home for Ole' Reb.

    What We Learned

    #1. NC State and Boston College are the the class of the ACC Atlantic this year.

    One of these two teams will no doubt be playing in Charlotte, NC for the ACC crown this year, we just don't know which one yet. The teams have practically identical records, with NC State having one more win in division play thus far this season. However, BC holds the tie breaker between the two schools with there win this week and if they are successful vs Maryland next week should make them Atlantic Champs.

    #2. Maryland keeps rolling, looking for a good bowl bid.

    The Terps are hoping to finish strong and are off to a fine start with a convincing win over Temple this week. This makes two weeks in a row that Maryland has put over 30 points and allowed 17 or less. Two tough games remian for the Terps, #6 (9 - 1) Boston College and on the road versus Vanderbuilt.

    #3. Vandy can play defense.

    After four consecutive weeks of giving up at least 24 points, the Commadors hold a good Kentucky team to only 15 points. The gasers and stadium-steps at practice must be paying off. Vandy is 5 -4 this season and hopes to become bowl elligible next week against Wake Forest, but they better bring that defense they found against Kentucky because this may be a tight game.

    Helmet Stickers


    Rece Davis
    Boston College CB Donnie Fletcher - 5 Tackles, 2 INT's
    “The two picks by Fletcher played a huge roll in our win today!”

    Lou Holtz
    Ole' Miss RB Rodney Scott - 20 - 175, 8.7 YPC, 1 TD
    “Rodney has great breakaway speed and the ability to take over a game.”

    Mark May
    Maryland RB Davin Meggett - 30 - 153, 5.1 YPC, 2 TD
    “This guy is our workhorse and he came to play today, to bad the outcome wasn't what we were hoping for.”

    One Bold Prediction
    #20 Auburn (7-3) over #5 Bama (9-1) at home.

    That wraps up this weeks edition of College Football Final, thanks for checking us out and see you next week after the final whistle blows!

  2. ClayRocks

    ClayRocks Touch The Rock

    Sep 13, 2010
    Sorry for all of the underlined text at the bottom. It wasn't there to start with, I went back into the post to edit something but the "advanced" option wasn't there. When I saved my changes, boom, underlined text all over the bottom. Hope everyone likes it. I hope to include some actual game pics and video in the future.
  3. gowazzucougs

    gowazzucougs WSU is better than UCLA

    Jul 18, 2010
    It looks good, sorry everyone for no CGD for this week, I had to spend all Monday in Seattle
  4. Timpegoose

    Timpegoose Walk On

    Jul 17, 2010
    Good stuff Clay. Its nice to see this back again. A way I check to see what is going to be underlined/bolded or whatever is to change back to the old style editor where you can see the actual code. If you click the button in the top right corner of the post editor you can switch back and forth.

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